Easy Last Minute Ornament Gift Idea (and a Fun Video)

Easy Last Minute Ornament Gift Idea (and a Fun Video)

monogram ornament

Remember the time that you created a simple personalized ornament for a segment on television in Nashville?

You were ready.

You had the cutest necklace and spent hours curling your hair and wore the best shade of red lipstick.

You and the project were going to be amazing.

A ratings blockbuster.

All over Nashville people would put down their coffee cups and stop whatever they were doing to watch incredulously as you created a monogrammed ornament project in minutes.Continue reading

12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas



I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I hope you were much smarter me and remembered you had to allow time to defrost your turkey.

Lots of time.

Like days and days and days.

Good thing the smiling friendly news anchors on Good Morning America reminded me….

….just in time to order the turkey from Cracker Barrel.

It was delicious. 🙂Continue reading

How To Make a Star Ornament

How To Make a Star Ornament

Family Room Farmhouse Christmas

Do you know that I write my post in my head when I’m working on a project?

And I have an entire conversation before I’m even finished.

About how easy this project was.

And how cute it would look on your tree.

And did you have any extra popsicle sticks I could borrow?  Because Wal-Mart is 32 minutes away……and I’ve already been there seven times this week.Continue reading

“Spring” Snowflake Ornament

“Spring” Snowflake Ornament


In my house there is a room where all the unfinished projects go.

Actually…..there is a room, two drawers, five cabinets, one closet bin and a footstool.

Full of projects waiting for an ending.Continue reading