Get Your Surprised Face Ready

Get Your Surprised Face Ready

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Remember when were younger and your parents bought you presents for Christmas in June and hid them away until December 25 and one day when you opened the drawers in the spare bedroom looking for an umbrella and you accidentally discovered them?

There they would be, simply minding their own business tucked away in over-sized sacks.

And you would want more than anything to take a peek inside those bags.

Just a peek.

But you wanted to make the nice list, so you shut the drawer and walked away and tried to be good, but then you paused for a moment and turned around and opened the drawer one more time….

….and started practicing your surprised face for Christmas morning. 🙂Continue reading

How To:  Mercury Glass Pumpkin

How To: Mercury Glass Pumpkin


I really think that when I look back on my life…..I will decide that yesterday was the perfect day in the country.

It was crisp and cool with just a hint of fall in the air.

The swirling leaves hinted at their incredible autumn colors.

The clouds drifted lazily overhead and the sun beams danced across the back pasture.

It was truly beautiful.

So beautiful that I decided to overlook the fact that cows are my next-door-neighbors and there is not a drive-through fountain diet coke or a stop light in the entire county and or a Target within 75 miles…..and instead…..

……rejoice that I live in the country.Continue reading