The Year of Handmade

The Year of Handmade


Twelve years ago we started with the handmade gifts.

It was born of necessity.  There were brothers and sisters and dads and moms and cousins and grandmas and nieces and nephews who gathered around the Christmas tree every year.

And none of us were millionaires.

Not even close.

It helps that we are all a little competitive, my siblings and I.  We all wanted to be the best.  We all wanted to make Santa proud.  So there were gifts of lampshades made from my father’s old slides and bowls carved from fallen trees and entire books created from old love letters and a thistle created from the first 750 words from my blog.

So today, on the last day of November with December knocking at the door, I thought I would share some of my favorite ideas for a handmade Christmas.  Some are easy.  Some are a little harder.

But all are hand-crafted.


Handmade from the heart.
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How to Make a Leather Mason Jar Mug

How to Make a Leather Mason Jar Mug

How to Make A Mason Jar Mug

Yesterday I fell in love with a word.

Aren’t words funny like that?  You’re making an all day trip to Target and buying enough organizational supplies from the dollar section to organize a small country (seriously cutest organizational supplies ever) and having an amazing hair day and all of a sudden you hear a word….

….and fall in love.

And the word?



Isn’t that the most wonderful, amazing, incredible word?

When you say it just rolls off your tongue.

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Ice Box Cake in a Jar (Revisited)

Ice Box Cake in a Jar (Revisited)

Ice Box Cake In a Jar

When I was younger my granny used to make this dessert called Icebox Cake.

It was my favorite.

Like stand in the kitchen and watch and sigh and giggle and try to stick my fingers in the whipped cream and wipe the bowl clean kind of favorite.

Lately, I’ve been trying to start a few traditions around here and I thought it would be the perfect first day of after school snack.  I would make it and have it chilled and ready and covered with whipped cream and tiny chocolate chips. And when everyone got off the bus I would greet them at the door and they’d snack and I’d hear all the middle school gossip.

And in my new tradition day dream I would be having the perfect hair day….

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Paint Projects

Paint Projects

Art House

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Mason Jar Light

Mason Jar Light

mason jar project


Okay.  So today is supposed to be the day that I show off a really easy project with Kelly and Linda and Andrea and Karah.Continue reading