Thistlekeeping on a Monday

Thistlekeeping on a Monday


Random thoughts on a Monday morning:

1. The Oscars.  Oh nooooooooooo.  I felt so sorry for Warren Beatty.

2.  Thistlekeeping missed Saturday because I spent the weekend in Kansas.  You haven’t lived until you’ve driven through cornfields with the sun shining.

3.  I just found the coolest attachment for the top of a tripod.  It takes pictures from every angle you can imagine.  I think I’m ordering one this week.

4.  I cannot thank you enough for all the amazing recommendations for shows from last week.  If you are looking for a show with a British accent, check out all the recommendations in the comments here.

5.  Am I the only one all about Fixer Upper this season?  Just when I think they’ve thought of everything….

…I see an office like this one.

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Before and After Southern Fixer Upper

Before and After Southern Fixer Upper


disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Phantom Screens.

Southern Romance House Exterior

A long time ago in a land far away called Alabama (total aside:  don’t you love a story that starts like that) I met one of the most inspiring women on the planet.

And more importantly, I met her house.  You can read all about that here.  It’s been a journey of love and inspiration and joy and courage and now the house is finished (and I may have helped just the tiniest of bits along the way).

This is one of my favorite before and afters of all time.


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The Blue Lipstick Make-Over

The Blue Lipstick Make-Over

Painted Furniture Project

Yesterday when the sun was shining and the birds were chirping and I woke up my house without stepping in dog poop…..

….I woke up my table, too.

I walked into the front room, picked up an X-Box controller off of it and turned to fluff the pillows.

And I turned back again and stared at it.

It was pretty and simple and classic and minding its own business and a couple of fruit chew wrappers.

But what if I added a little red lipstick?

Or maybe blue. 🙂
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The Great Change-Up The Second Chapter

The Great Change-Up The Second Chapter

This is a sponsored post is brought to you by CREE LED light bulbs.

flowers decorating a mantel

Remember our intense and exciting discussion about the great change-up of 2015?

I was talking big.

Really big.

I was changing this room to that room and that room to this room….and so on.

And I did.

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I’ll Have a Blue Christmas

I’ll Have a Blue Christmas


blue and white Christmas Thistlewood

This weekend I fell head over heels in love….

….with Elvis Presley.

Seriously, y’all.

He is the bomb diggity.

Somehow I missed the whole Elvis thing growing up and by the time I arrived on the scene the original Elvis was a distant memory replaced by impersonators in white sequin suits with sky-high, greasy, pompadour hair-dos and tinted sunglasses jumping out of airplanes and always saying, “Thank you.  Thank you very much.”

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Coffee Crate Organizers and a Linky Party

Coffee Crate Organizers and a Linky Party


junkers united


Excuse me a moment while I hop up on my soapbox….

….and preach to myself.

Self….next time the valentines are on sale at Wal-Mart for 75% off….

… don’t need 20 of them.


Under no circumstances are you to rationalize the purchase by saying….we could use these as crafts or maybe we could donate extra to the class next year or maybe we could use extra stickers or any of the million and one other reasons you muttered to yourself….. as you added boxes and boxes and boxes of them to the cart.

Ditto for the boxes from the 75% off aisle at Hobby Lobby.

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I Wish I Had a Purple Room

I Wish I Had a Purple Room



Today I wish I had two blogs.

One where we could drink coffee and talk about the super bowl commercials and what we thought and how we all agree that the puppy and the Budweiser horse commercial completely stole the show.

And how I love John Stamos and his hair and his yogurt and all his Full House Friends.

And what was up with that spray tan Go Daddy ad that was completely and utterly random.

And then we would need a thirty minute discussion on the Seinfeld commercial that was totally Seinfeld….

…..and totally awkward.

I mean….really…..I think George was wearing make-up.

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It All Started Without a Tree Skirt

It All Started Without a Tree Skirt


photo credit:  RTM Connect

This is the very first photograph I ever put on my blog.

December 9, 2011.

And it isn’t even mine.

Well….it’s my library and my Christmas tree and my french doors leading out to my back porch and my chairs and my tufted ottoman and my photo-shopped fire.

But I didn’t take the picture.

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