Hello Harp Design Company

Hello Harp Design Company

Harp Design Wall of Letters

Raise your hand if you’ve ever worn yoga pants and yesterday hair and spent a Saturday watching a Fixer Upper Marathon.

You, too?

And that is exactly why we are friends.

If you’ve watched Fixer Upper, there’s always a part in the show where Joanna is working on the kitchen or office or backyard and she decides that she needs this incredible one-of-a-kind-over-the-top desk or table or kitchen island or front door and she drives across town and walks into the shop of this amazing, creative carpenter and draws a sketch out of the design and he nods understandingly and then at the end of the episode the perfect piece of furniture shows up at the house.

This is that shop.

Clint’s shop.

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Words That Make You Go Hmmm

Words That Make You Go Hmmm

Words that make you go hmmmm

Every day we are adding words into the English language.

Trying to keep up with what people are saying and how they are saying it and what it all even means can be a little overwhelming.

Just ask Webster.

Here’s a few examples to try to work into your vocabulary if you want to sit at the cool table at lunch.

“On fleek” meaning on point, perfect.

As in “Girl….your eyebrows are amazing….they are so on fleek.”

“Obvi” meaning short for obvious.

As in “Your hair looks incredible.”


“Humblebrag” meaning trying to sound like you aren’t really all about yourself when the entire point of your statement is to point out how awesome you are in conversation.

As in “I think I need to get a hobby.  I just have too much time on my hands and I’m so organized and it’s totally embarrassing that my house is so perfect and picked up all the time.”

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How to Build a Pallet Wood Letter

How to Build a Pallet Wood Letter


distressed pallet wood letter

Remember the original Real Housewives of Orange County?

The one that started it all.

Remember Laurie and Jo and Jeana and Kimberly and of course….Vicki.

The show was fascinating and glamorous and they wore evening gowns to go shopping and diamond tiaras for lunch and ate at restaurants that looked like art galleries…..

…..and had shoe closets bigger than my living room.

Television at it’s finest.

And even though I wore sweatpants to go shopping and a black rubber band for lunch and adore Cracker Barrel and put my shoes in a big jumbled pile in the middle of my closet….

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The Top Ten Greatest Hits of a Marquee Letter

The Top Ten Greatest Hits of a Marquee Letter


the story of the almost Mayflower table

Last year our high school got a new marquee sign for the entrance.

It’s beautiful.

It’s electronic and fancy and blinks all the time and has graphics and dancing birds and the time and the temperature….

…..and announces everything you wanted to know and more.

But that is not even the best part.

The best part of the story is that when the new electronic marquee sign showed up in town….the old marquee and all its letters immediately became persona non-grata.

And Greta the vinyl maker who also happens to be Greta the marquee letter and number seller….

….called me and asked me if I wanted to buy a few of them.

Why….yes Greta.

As a matter of fact….

….yes I would.  🙂Continue reading

Trash to Treasure:  DIY Wood Block Letters

Trash to Treasure: DIY Wood Block Letters




Hey…guess what?

Be “leaf” in yourself…so you won’t “fall” behind.

(did I just hear you groan)

I hope not…because who doesn’t love “acorny” joke.

Even though sometimes they can be kind of “squirrly.”

Okay…okay….I’m done….

….except for this one (hee hee)

Happy almost fall and have a “gourd”eous day. 🙂Continue reading

How To Make a Pallet Wood Letter

How To Make a Pallet Wood Letter



You probably already know this….but I live in the country.

Like the middle-of-no-where-thirty-minutes-from-Wal-mart-no-stop-lights-in-the-county kind of country.

It’s beautiful.

And wonderful.

And makes you catch your breath sometimes.Continue reading

When Phones Had Cords

When Phones Had Cords


Art House

Remember when phones had cords?


When phones had cords and no one had heard of call waiting and televisions had three channels and text was something you read in a book and people talked face-to-face and cell phones were for billionaires who carried them around in giant cell phone suitcases.

And sometimes your television even had rabbit ears that your dad would put a piece of foil on to get better reception.


I’m raising four little people at the house who have only read about those pre-technology days in books or heard about it occasionally whenever I decide to climb up on my soapbox to remind them how lucky they are.

And I thought technology had triumphed.

Until the other day.Continue reading

Barn Wood Projects

Barn Wood Projects

I live in the country.

I might have mentioned that before.

A few 100 times.

And where I live….we really don’t have drive-through diet cokes or Target or movie theaters or fast-food restaurants or four-lane roads…..

…..or stop lights.

Except the kind that blink yellow.

But does all of that even matter?


Because we have something so much better.


Old-broken-down-about-to-fall-over-truly-vintage-make-you-think-of-little-house-on-the-prairie barns.Continue reading