Halloween Front Door Decor:  Spider Web Door Mat

Halloween Front Door Decor: Spider Web Door Mat


easy diy project spider web door mat

I always wanted to be a hand model.

You know….the ones in the magazines holding dishwashing detergent or nail polish or a silver spoon.  They look so elegant and graceful and look like they spend the entire day playing the piano.

Except my hands are stubby.

And short.

They are always covered in spray paint or paint splatters or glitter.

That’s it.  Maybe I could be a DIY hand model…..

……because I wear Mod Podge really well. 🙂

(total aside:  please tell me you have been at Wal-Mart waving your hands around over in aisle seven and realized pieces of glitter were still stuck on with glue.  Oh good….let’s be friends.)Continue reading

Ice Skate Cookies From Ready-to-Bake Cookie Dough

Ice Skate Cookies From Ready-to-Bake Cookie Dough



A couple of weeks ago I was at the Chapel Market…..and the sun was shining in through these amazing windows and the boxes were unpacked and the tables were filled and I stood in the middle of the room….holding this incredible vintage sign and laughing and talking to a group of friends….when all of a sudden I stopped.

I put up my hands and (with my charm bracelet jingling)…..said….Can we just pause?

Can we take a moment?

I want to remember this….all of this.  I want to pause and appreciate and stop for a second…..so it can all sink in….

….and I won’t forget.

And my friends that were there….the ones who know me….paused and then sighed a little.as if to say….we love you karianne…..

….but do we always have to “take a moment?”Continue reading

Chicken Wire Christmas Tree

Chicken Wire Christmas Tree



The other day I was an at event and a reader approached me…..

….and we started talking.

Are you surprised?

I started telling a story (please tell me you are surprised again)….and laughing….

….and smiling and waving my hands and jingling my charm bracelet.

And right when I got to the part where I pulled off the foil wrapper…..another lady walked by…..listened for a moment…..and told me that in real life…

….I sounded just like my blog.

After she left…..the reader turned to me and said, ”She reads your blog, too?  Really?….

……and I thought it was just you and me.” 🙂


So today it’s just you and me…..and a cup of coffee.

Or hot tea.

Or Diet Coke.

Or raisin bagel with homemade apple butter on it.

With a tutorial for chicken wire Christmas trees….

…..and a pinning party.

Did I mention how happy I am…..that today….on this glorious wonderful fall day….when you have a million things to do and a million places to be….

…..you took time for a coffee break. 🙂

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Holiday Recipe Linky Party

Holiday Recipe Linky Party

I am so thankful you are here.


I was a little worried that no one would show up.

I was worried that I would be sitting here with the Cheetos and the cheese ball and the fruit and cheese tray…..listening to the Chipmunk Christmas CD.

I mean….I don’t mind a little “Right Down Santa Claus Lane” with Alvin and Simon and Theodore…..

…..but it’s so much better with you here. 🙂


One of my 2012 recipes that I would totally link at a holiday recipe link party.

For more of my recipes….check out my recipe tab.Continue reading

2012 Christmas Home Tour

2012 Christmas Home Tour



Welcome to the Christmas Home Tour!


Did you know it was me?

I am so happy that you are here for your next stop on the tour.

A big welcome to everyone visiting from Jen Rizzo and Dear Lillie.Continue reading