The Pages of Our Lives

The Pages of Our Lives


A couple of years ago for Christmas, my sister, Whitney, took all my grandmother and grandfather’s love letters and made them into a book.

It was called Letters from Box 54.

There, in print, were all the everyday, the simple, the overlooked and the ordinary of our grandparent’s lives.

But in those moments–shared from letters written long ago with paper and ink, you could catch a glimpse of the overwhelming, incredible, amazing love they shared for each other….

…and see the extraordinary written in every line.

We all loved the book so much that we begged her for more history.  “Make a family tree,” we’d say. “History would come alive under your watch,” we’d encourage.  “You are the perfect family-treeer.  No one could make a family tree like you,” we’d implore.

But to no avail.

She would smile and laugh roll her eyes and shake her head and explain that family trees were a challenge she didn’t really want to take on.

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Easy Christmas Handmade Gift and Decor Ideas

Easy Christmas Handmade Gift and Decor Ideas


There are days when I am all about myself and my handmade projects.

And then?

I visit my sister, Whitney.

A couple of weeks ago when I was home for Thanksgiving, I went to a show that Whitney was asked to be a part of put on by ETSY.  I didn’t get a chance to peek at the items she had in her booth before she left the show.

Good thing.

They would have never left the house.

Seriously, ya’ll.  I know she’s my sister and as a blogger I’m supposed to be impartial and discerning and look at everything with a critical eye…

…but she literally made me want get a megaphone and shout from the rooftops that I was related to her.

So I bought one of almost everything she had and asked her if I could show all of you and tell how she made them just in case you needed a little extra handmade Christmas inspiration.

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