Hand Lettering Layout Ideas and Two Free Months With Skillshare

Hand Lettering Layout Ideas and Two Free Months With Skillshare


disclosure:  this post is sponsored by Skillshare.

When I first started this blog there were so many things I didn’t know.

Like how to take pictures.

Or how to take pictures with a blurry background.

Or how to add an arrow to a photograph or title a picture or style a room for photos or how to paint a wooden sign…

…or how to hand letter.

And now, five years later and hours and hours and hours of practice….

….I’ve figured out most of those things by myself.

But every now and then I need a little professional help.

That’s when I’m glad I’m friends with Skillshare.  Skillshare is an awesome community full of more than 15,000 online classes on skills that are just waiting to be learned.  Classes on photography and crafting and creating and designing and blogging and so much more.

And now?

In super exciting news….

….you can try it for two months for FREE here or by entering the promo code THISTLE at checkout.Continue reading

Finding Joy In the Ordinary

Finding Joy In the Ordinary



I come from a family of homemade present makers.

Not your ordinary present makers…..but extraordinary-mind-boggling-one-of-a-kind-over-the-top-incredible makers of gifts.

Direct descendants from Santa and his elves.

There was the year my sister made lampshades for all of us…..from old slides all looped together with jump rings so that when you turned on the light…..the pictures lit up in miniature.

Or the year my brother hand-carved bowls from an oak tree that fell during a storm.

And the year my sister made this and my brother made this and then wrapped his presents in hand-printed wrapping paper with photographs of all of us wearing mullets…..

….even the dog.Continue reading