One Fall Hutch Decorated (Almost) Four Ways

One Fall Hutch Decorated (Almost) Four Ways


If I ever won an academy award, I’d thank this hutch.

It’s been with me through four houses, the birth of four children, the discovery of Pinterest and seven different shades of red lipstick.  I discovered it years ago in the back of a garage covered with tools and dripping paint and random bits of train track.

Good thing I speak abandoned hutch.

I thought it might be fun to decorate it (almost) four different ways with a little step by step on how I falled it up.

I’ll wait for you to grab refreshment.


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Appreciate Yourself Day (and a Giveaway)

Appreciate Yourself Day (and a Giveaway)


This post is sponsored by Kathy Davis.

gray bedding

A few days ago I saw a picture of grilled chicken tossed with pasta and broccoli and tomatoes and topped with cilantro and bits of grated cheese styled on a plate that looked like summer with red and blue pattern and the tiniest of lemon wedges next to a glass of sweet tea.

It stopped me in my tracks.


I think I stared at the picture for ten minutes.

When was the last time I ate grilled chicken with cilantro?

When was the last time I put anything on a plate that looked like summer?

When was the last time I drank sweet tea from a glass that didn’t say Chick Fil-A on it?

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DIY Ombre Hexagon Wall

DIY Ombre Hexagon Wall

Before and after geometric hexagon wall

Remember when I posted the room with the hexagon wall?

And everyone asked me how I created the wall and I explained that I used paint and FrogTape and then you told me you might need a little more explanation than that.

Today’s the day.

And it involves math.

All those years ago when your geometry teacher was trying to explain area and circumference and the Pythagorean Theorem otherwise known as the fundamental relation between three sides of a right triangle and you rolled your eyes and wondered when you would ever use any of this stuff.

Welcome to the wonderful world of math disguised as a hexagon wall.

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Before and After Geometric Hexagon Wall

Before and After Geometric Hexagon Wall

before room

So today is the day we have been waiting for with great anticipation for weeks.

We’ve been sitting on the edge of our seat and talking about it and rolling our eyes and crossing our fingers and toes and wondering when it would finally get here and what we should do to get ready.

We even had a count down.

T minus 45 hours and 16 minutes.

You’re probably thinking it’s this before and after room makeover.  And while the room looks amazing and I can’t even believe it turned out like it did and the geometric hexagon wall that we created from scratch takes my breath away.  But that’s so not even what I’m talking about.

We have been waiting for something even better.

The season premiere of Fuller House.

I know, right?

DJ, Stephanie, Kimmy and Uncle Jesse are in the house.

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Before and After Bedroom Transformation and 2016 SW Color of the Year

Before and After Bedroom Transformation and 2016 SW Color of the Year

shutter wall before (1)

Don’t you love a post with a room that starts like this?

You know that it can only get better from here.

I’m so excited to be partnering with Sherwin-Williams today to showcase the 2016 color of the year in a room I designed for my daughter.

I think it’s one of my favorite transformations ever.

But before we get to the after and the new room and the color of the year and the ceiling to floor transformation….

….let’s take a look at where it all began.

This is what the room looked like when we bought the house complete with blue shag carpeting.

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Back Porch Decorating and an Exciting Announcement

Back Porch Decorating and an Exciting Announcement


Back Porch Bench

This past week I re-decorated the back porch.

I took down the black and white curtains and replaced the black and white rugs and recovered the black and white patterned pillows.

It was a labor of love.

And when I was finished and all that neutral and natural fibers and monograms and textures and calm and serenity and joy stared back at me….

….and I hugged myself.

Not just because the crickets were chirping.

Not just because drop cloths and monograms go perfectly with white chippy wood.

Not just because the ceiling fan was finally clean.

I hugged myself and the pillows on that back porch because I finally get to tell you what I’ve been waiting six long months to share.

Wait a minute.

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Ch Ch Ch Changes

Ch Ch Ch Changes

Painting Projects

Good morning sunshine.

Top of the morning to you.

I’m in the beautiful football loving state of Alabama today working on a historic show house and DIYing it all day today.  We are building a kitchen island and making a headboard out of a door and picture frames out of molding and I’m picking out furniture and incorporating it with a selection of antiques from the original owners and measuring and dreaming and planning and decorating.

And drinking coffee.

Lots and lots of coffee.

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How to Decorate With Neutrals

How to Decorate With Neutrals


how to decorate with neutrals

Whenever I speak at a conference or go to an event or meet people who read my blog in the produce section of Wal-Mart….

….they usually ask me one of four questions.

1.  Do I really wear red lipstick?

2.  Do children really live in a house with all that white furniture?

3.  How do I pronounce my name?

4.  Do I really like all the neutral colors in the house?

And the answer is yes, yes, yes and oh wait for it….yeeeeeeesssssssssss…..

….and here’s a little bit more explanation to all four questions.

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