Christmas Decorating in the Kitchen

Christmas Decorating in the Kitchen


I’m so happy you are here.


More happy than the time I found an entire congregation of tiny paper birds with glitter wings on sale after Christmas for .19 each.

And that’s happy with sprinkles on top.

Today is the day for Deck the Halls Christmas Home Tour–the kitchen edition.

If you stopped by from A Thoughtful Place it is super nice to meet you.

I’m KariAnne and I live in the middle of nowhere with a farmhouse as my best friend and….

…. I’d like to introduce you to my kitchen.

It got its floor polished just for you.

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DIY Felt and Leather Fall Garland

DIY Felt and Leather Fall Garland


DIY Felt and Leather Garland

I think I have Attention Project Disorder.

I literally have 1,785 projects going on in my brain at one time.

I can’t help it.  I go to Pinterest or flip through a magazine or read a book or just walk down the aisle at the craft store…

….and a project pops into my head.

I get so excited and figure out how I’m going to do it and push the other projects aside and dive into the project pool head first.

And then?

Before I ever finish it….

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DIY Magnolia Leaf Garland

DIY Magnolia Leaf Garland

diy magnolia leaf garland project

Our family spent yesterday playing “Would You Rather?”

Have you heard of it?

It’s a game (ours was an app on the phone) that asks you to decide between two things.

Like…..would you rather life a life without elbows or a life without knees?

Or would you rather have the flu for two days or a cold for two weeks?

Or would you rather be able to read a book or read a mind?

Or would you rather give up coffee or your phone?

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How to Make a  Book Page Garland (and Style a Mantel on a Budget)

How to Make a Book Page Garland (and Style a Mantel on a Budget)



Does anyone know what happened to September?

I think I blinked…..and missed it.


Yesterday I was grilling and applying sun screen and watching fireworks on the Fourth of July…..

….and today I’m putting on long sleeves and drinking hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and watching the Christmas decorations go on sale at Hobby Lobby.


And the thing is……I still have pages and pages (total pun intended) of fall projects to share.

So….I’m doubling up.

I’m showing how to make a book page garland…..and decorating the mantel on a budget.


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