I knew the Olympics were coming.

I remember discussions and promos and pictures of rings and vague references to summer 2016.  But I had no idea they were next month until I watched the Olympic trials last night.  I turned on the television and there was Bob Costas who never looks any older and the Olympic swimming pool.

I couldn’t turn away.

Each of the swimmers perched on the edge of the pool had worked hour after hour and month after month and year after year for that moment.

And in an instant it was over.

Some were victorious and some not so much.

I think there’s something about watching someone’s dream come true right in front of your eyes that’s fascinating.

Rio 2016….

….I don’t want to miss a minute. 🙂

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Family Olympics and Three Easy Bandana Projects

Family Olympics and Three Easy Bandana Projects



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Bandana Table Runner Project

Yesterday was our first annual Family Olympic Day.  As in we decided it was annual after we finished.

Pictures to come.

We each chose an event and planned it and there was a score sheet and points and running and challenging and heavy competition.

I won the flower drawing heat and finished last in the weed pulling event.

It was a day full of sunshine and joy and fun and six people drenched from water balloons.

And we topped off the day with a cook-out and smores over the fire and a table decorated with bandanas.Continue reading



fourth garden view

Happy Fourth of July.

We are having an almost-turned-out-recipe picnic courtesy of Pinterest today.

You know.

The one where you pin everything you are going to make and the pictures all look amazing and you know this is going to be the Fourth of July for the record books.


Except your brownie stars are falling apart and your red jello layered dessert is sliding down the bowl and when you pour the white Sprite with the red fruit punch with the blue Gatorade and it supposed to layer and look red, white and blue and instead….

… toast our country with a big glass of purple.

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DIY Burlap Table Runner

DIY Burlap Table Runner

table runner diy project with burlap

When the new year rolls around and January 1 rolls out the red carpet….

…..some of my friends adopt a word of the year.

Have you every tried it?  Doesn’t that sound incredible and purposeful and a great way to start off the year with a little inspiration?


Except every year I began the challenge, I discovered that a year is a really long time to date a word.


January I’m totally in.  February I’m starting to lose steam.  And by March I’m so over it.

Ironically my word this year was “resolute.”


And we all see how that’s working out.  🙂Continue reading

O Beautiful For Heroes Proved

O Beautiful For Heroes Proved

photo 4

Have you ever sung all the verses of America the Beautiful?

It’s starts off with spacious skies and amber waves of grain and purple mountain majesties and fruited plain.


And poetic.

And majestic.

Lyrics that paint a descriptive picture of this beautiful country that we live in.

But what about the rest of the story?

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Fourth of July Dessert Ideas:  Cookie Crumble

Fourth of July Dessert Ideas: Cookie Crumble

If you are stopping by from My Sweet Savannah for the Fourth of July DIY party….welcome! 

I’m so glad you’re here!

fourth of july dessert cookie crumble dessert

This is not just a post about fourth of July dessert ideas full of red and white and blue topped off with blueberries and strawberries….

…it’s really about life handing you lemons.

And turning around and making lemonade.


And in life….when you have big Pinterest plans and you fall flat on your face and your cookie crumbles….

….you pick yourself up….dust yourself off….

….and make dessert.  🙂Continue reading