Random thoughts on a drizzly Saturday morning:

1. Every Saturday I type the word Thistlekeeping at the top of this post and I smile.  So far I’ve typed it 134 times.  Here’s to 135.

2. I love a photo with a little bokeh.  See how the front part of the picture is blurry and the lemon is crisp?  That’s the best kind of bokeh.  It showed up with my 50 mm lens.

3. Have you ever noticed how just wearing yoga pants makes you feel skinnier?  Maybe it’s because when I put a pair on, my legs think there’s a chance of exercise.

4. I just saw pumpkins and fall decorations at a store and I wanted to scream out loud.  What is this? REALLY?  SERIOUSLY?  What about Father’s Day and Fourth of July and just general summer?

I really like pumpkins.  I promise, I do.  But I need some sweet tea before my hot chocolate.

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10 Outdoor Entertaining Ideas

10 Outdoor Entertaining Ideas


There are challenges to living in the country.

The closest Target is an hour away.

The electricity goes off on a regular basis when there are storms.

The cows moo when you’re trying to take a Facebook Live outside.

But all that fades.

All that disappears.

All that seems so insignificant when you sit at a table like this.

On behalf of the country….

….here are my top 10 outdoor entertaining ideas.Continue reading

A Tour of the House for Hope

A Tour of the House for Hope


I have written 1,315 posts on this blog.

Some of them funny.

Some of them not as funny as I thought they were.

Some of them introspective.

Some of them room befores and afters and furniture makeovers and DIY projects and the occasional post about hay bales and gas station pizza in the country.

But this post?  The one you are about to read?  Of all the more than thirteen hundred posts…

….this one is the longest.

I couldn’t help it.

The house for hope turned out that amazing. 🙂Continue reading

A Little Farmhouse Decorating With Friends

A Little Farmhouse Decorating With Friends


When my children were younger it wasn’t easy to decorate.

I had four little people under the age of six.

I’d add a pillow.

They’d un-pillow it.

I’d fold up blankets and put them in a basket.

They’d un-blanket it.

I’d stack books with metal spheres on the coffee table and they would un-coffee table it.

It always takes a little longer when you are decorating with friends.
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