Changes and a Bay Leaf Magnolia Evergreen Holly Garland

Changes and a Bay Leaf Magnolia Evergreen Holly Garland


Today I decorated the table in the dining room.

I added pumpkins and tinier pumpkins and a bay leaf garland and magnolia and evergreen and holly that covered the table and looked like fall….

….one last time.

I tucked the orange pillows on the chairs and fluffed the burlap curtains and straightened the dishes and swiped a cobweb off a woven, grapevine pumpkin.

And then?

Then I waved goodbye.Continue reading

Thistlekeeping on a Monday

Thistlekeeping on a Monday



Thistlekeeping on a Monday.

I know…right?

Sometimes life hands you a Monday and you just have to live on the edge.

Random thoughts on a cold Monday morning in the beautiful state of Kentucky.

1.  I missed Saturday Thistlekeeping because I was up at dark thirty helping with an all-day charity golf tournament.  It was so worth it because we reached our fundraising goal.

2.  I don’t want to give it away in case you haven’t watched Poldark yet, but I’m just going to put it on the table.  I knew it.

3.  I had the cutest idea for pumpkin cupcakes.  I bought a mini bundt pan and I was going to put two mini bundts together to make a pumpkin.  It didn’t work out.  The icing covered crumbs are still sitting on the counter.

4.  I’m working in the dining room today on a project idea that popped into my head in the middle of Poldark.

Fingers crossed it works out better than the cupcakes. 🙂Continue reading

Always Look For the Amazing

Always Look For the Amazing


Yesterday was a day for bad days.

Everything went wrong.

Nothing went right.

I stepped in dog poop when I wasn’t looking and over-curled my hair so I looked like a poodle and ran into a spider web outside and discovered a rotted pumpkin on the hutch in the kitchen.

I awkwardly wasn’t funny when I really thought I was going to be and five different times I opened my mouth….

….and inserted my foot.

I wanted to crawl back into bed, pull the covers over my poodle curls and start over.

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My 12 Favorite Things About Fall (and Coffee)

My 12 Favorite Things About Fall (and Coffee)


I love coffee.

I can’t help it.

It wakes me up.  It makes me smile.  It’s been through the rough times and the good times with me and never let me down.

When you pour that first cup of coffee and the steam rises and the smell drifts slowly across the room and you take a breath and reach for that first sip….

…all is right with the world.

So when Starbucks® reached out to me to photograph their Pumpkin Spice Latte and their new Fall Blend Roast it was as if all my coffee dreams came true.

I wanted to try and visually capture what the coffee tasted like for all of you, so I shopped at Target for supplies and found the cutest plates and mugs and yummy food….

….and snapped these pictures to the falling leaves outside.

I love these pictures almost as much as I love fall.


I’m sharing my 12 favorite things about the season.  So here’s my homage to fall and cozy and warm and a really good cup of Starbucks coffee.


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DIY Felt and Leather Fall Garland

DIY Felt and Leather Fall Garland


DIY Felt and Leather Garland

I think I have Attention Project Disorder.

I literally have 1,785 projects going on in my brain at one time.

I can’t help it.  I go to Pinterest or flip through a magazine or read a book or just walk down the aisle at the craft store…

….and a project pops into my head.

I get so excited and figure out how I’m going to do it and push the other projects aside and dive into the project pool head first.

And then?

Before I ever finish it….

….another project comes along.Continue reading

Wheat, Burlap, Fall and Magazines

Wheat, Burlap, Fall and Magazines


I’m extra falling it this year because a magazine is coming in just a few weeks to take pictures of the inside and outside of the house.

I can’t even believe I just typed that last sentence with a straight fingers.

I’m a little all over the place with it.

I vacillate between washing basketball uniforms and helping my son study for the PSAT with really big vocabulary words and forgetting all about the magazine…

…to staying up late at night trying to be extra fall-clever.Continue reading




jute pumpkins

I wanted to give a shout out to my guardian angel this morning.

Yesterday I drove to Wisconsin for a fabric trunk show.

I didn’t mind.  I like to drive.  I can think and plan and dream and have myself all to myself.

A couple of hours into the drive I noticed the tire panel.  It showed that one tire was getting lower and lower and lower.  Nothing to be alarmed about at first.  It wasn’t fast.  Just a little bit here and then there, but the number kept going down.

Then I got worried.

I called my husband.  I prayed.  I bit my lip.  I faithfully watched the numbers on the tire panel on the car until I got to the nearest tire store that my husband called for me.

I pulled in to the parking lot and got out of the car….

….and discovered a nail in the tire.

The whole tire has to be replaced they said.

I was so lucky they said.

I was so smart to have come right in they told me.


Good thing my guardian angel is used to working overtime. 🙂Continue reading

My Favorite Family Thanksgiving Tradition

My Favorite Family Thanksgiving Tradition


We are big on tradition in our family.

As in, watch what you do one year…

…because you may be doing it years and years hence.

Like the annual family football game.

And the perfect slice of cranberry bread.

And highs and lows of the year on Thanksgiving.

And a Thanksgiving dinner table full of everything from turkey to mashed potatoes to ham to freshly baked rolls.

But my favorite family Thanksgiving tradition?

Our thankful tree.Continue reading