Five Creative Pillow Projects

Five Creative Pillow Projects


When I rented my first house in college, I stayed awake nights decorating it in my head.

I should have been concentrating on Physics or Latin or World Civilization.

But I wasn’t.

I spent every waking hour designing rooms instead.

You could buy a cup of coffee now with my decorating budget, but I made it work.  I shopped yard sales and bought these random sheets and stapled them to the purple couch that came with the house and sewed giant pillows to cover all the other rented furniture in the house.

Somehow those pillows made everything seem like home.

If you are looking for a little refresh for your living room or family room or office or study or rented room with a purple couch….

….I have the perfect pillow project for you.Continue reading

What To Do With a Charm Pack

What To Do With a Charm Pack

charm pack projects

Can we begin with what is a charm pack?

Have you ever heard of them before?

They are charming.

Pun totally intended. 🙂

A charm pack is a small package of all the fabrics in a particular fabric line that measures about 5 inches by 5 inches that comes all tied together with twine.

Then you just add imagination.Continue reading

An Exciting Announcement and a Little Sweet Tea

An Exciting Announcement and a Little Sweet Tea


Sweet Tea Table Setting

Hello sunshine.

I have so much to tell you that I wish you could stop over for sweet tea and these yummy St. Patrick’s Day cookies with extra sprinkles I just got at the grocery store.

We have so many things to discuss.

Like that I just got a new coat of purple fingernail polish and I wanted to make a craft video, except I realized my hands were little and my fingers were really stubby and maybe I should hire a hand model instead.

Or that the daffodils are coming up all over the yard.

Or that Sunday night was sad television watching.  Masterpiece tried with a tribute to Downton Abbey, but it just wasn’t the same.  Now I’m counting the minutes until June and Poldark the second season.

Or that today is National Pi Day.  The 3.14 kind, not the one with the flaky crust.

Or that I’m about to launch my second fabric line.

And it’s all about the blue and white.Continue reading

That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles

That’s the Way the Cookie Crumbles

IMG_8720 (739x1024)

Having parties and worrying no one will show up is apparently a thing with me.

Maybe it’s because stuff happens at the last minute.

Maybe because everyone thinks everyone else will be there so they stay home and watch Downton Abbey.

Maybe it’s because of the Christmas shower that really wasn’t.

But I worry.

Every. Single. Time.

Except for this party.

This party I didn’t need to worry if anyone would show up because I had imported all my relatives to come…..

….with strict instructions to act like they didn’t know me.Continue reading

How to Decorate a Tree for Less and the Fabric Line is in Stores NOW

How to Decorate a Tree for Less and the Fabric Line is in Stores NOW

stockings and Christmas tree decorating

Remember Wonder Woman?

I think I was seven when I first saw her and her amazing headband.

She would stand with her hands on her hips looking totally amazing with her hair blowing in the wind and her cape streaming out behind her and she’d stare bad guys down and look them in the eye with all the disdain of someone who rocks four inch heel boots and a giant over-sized bronze belt.  Then, in a blink of an eye, she’d reach up and grab that headband and send it swirling across the stratosphere and knock that terrible no-good guy flat on his back.

I wanted to be her.

I wanted to have superpowers.

But more importantly……

….I really really really wanted that headband.Continue reading

The Little Fabric That Could

The Little Fabric That Could

simply eclectic table display

When I started this blog I didn’t really have a dream.

I was just a girl living in the middle of nowhere with a family and old farmhouse at the end of a winding road.

I started a blog to meet all of you.


I like home decor.  You like home decor.

I like DIY.  You like DIY.

I like stories.  You like stories.

Let’s be friends.

I never, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER in a million years dreamed (and even if you had told me I wouldn’t have believed it) that I would be standing in the middle of thousands of people at quilt market promoting a fabric line.


Ever.Continue reading

The Superhero of DIY Fabric Pumpkin Tutorials

The Superhero of DIY Fabric Pumpkin Tutorials

fabric pumpkins

To the untrained eye this simply looks like a post about fabric pumpkins.

But it’s not.

It’s a post about finding a solution to an obvious problem.

It’s about facing pumpkin adversity and coming out the victor.

It’s about trying, failing, getting up, dusting yourself and your pumpkin off….

….and getting back into the game.

Can you tell I’ve been watching a little football lately?

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Back Porch Decorating and an Exciting Announcement

Back Porch Decorating and an Exciting Announcement


Back Porch Bench

This past week I re-decorated the back porch.

I took down the black and white curtains and replaced the black and white rugs and recovered the black and white patterned pillows.

It was a labor of love.

And when I was finished and all that neutral and natural fibers and monograms and textures and calm and serenity and joy stared back at me….

….and I hugged myself.

Not just because the crickets were chirping.

Not just because drop cloths and monograms go perfectly with white chippy wood.

Not just because the ceiling fan was finally clean.

I hugged myself and the pillows on that back porch because I finally get to tell you what I’ve been waiting six long months to share.

Wait a minute.

I need a sip of coffee first for an announcement like this.Continue reading