How To Make a Folding Screen From Old Doors

How To Make a Folding Screen From Old Doors

Door Shelf Project

Have you been to a salvage yard or junk store lately?

They really like their stuff.

I mean really really like it.

I’ve seen stacks of windows and doors and architectural pieces left out in the rain and worn and tired and rusted with giant holes in them that look like they are destined for a life of gloom and misery…..

…..with a price tag higher than the Hope diamond.

I think they charge extra for chippy and rickety.Continue reading

How to Transform a Builder’s Door

How to Transform a Builder’s Door


how to transform a builder's door

Sometimes I send my husband sweet e-mails at work.

Full of encouragement and hearts and hands clapping a smiley faces.

And sometimes I get a conversation that starts like this:

Him:  “Why did you send me an e-mail that ended with a chin?”

Me:  (dumbfounded) “What?  A chin? I sent you a smiley face.”

Him:  “I know.  I saw that.  But the smiley face had a chin.”

Me:  (starting blankly)

Him:  (helpfully drawing it out on a piece of paper) “It looked like this.”

I laughed out loud.

I couldn’t help it.

Me:  (after I finally stopped laughing) “That’s a heart.”

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

And now….here’s how my heart and I transformed a builder’s door from ordinary to extraordinary.Continue reading

How to Build a Bench From a Door

How to Build a Bench From a Door


transform door into bench

Remember the time that a friend gave your mother a door?

Not just any door.

A beautiful, chippy, multi-painted layered door with an amazing patina and a story to tell.

And then my brother transformed the door into a bench for my mother’s front porch…..

….in one hour.


Sixty minutes.

Thirty six hundred seconds.

Exactly the time it takes me to curl my hair. Continue reading