Over-sized Wood Typography Sign

Over-sized Wood Typography Sign


twins imagination room

I remember the day the twins were born.

I remember words like extremely premature and fetal distress and incubator and monitor and oxygen stats.

I remember watching their ballerina toes dance across the top of the cribs in the NICU.

I remember waiting and worrying and hoping and praying and calling the hospital every night to see if they had gained even the tiniest of grams.

And I remember the day we got the paper worth more than gold.Continue reading

Before and After Imagination Craft Room Redesign

Before and After Imagination Craft Room Redesign

craft room before and after

Today I’m going all Adele and telling you hello.

Remember when FrogTape challenged me to take an empty room and transform it with paint and color and $1000?

Cue the drums.

Cue the ticker tape parade.

Cue the pots and pans and wooden spoons in your kitchen.

Today is the day for a little before and after craft room amazingness.

Are you ready?  Have your party hat on?  Ready for choreography and dance moves?  Memorized all the verses to Eye of the Tiger?

Oh good.  Me, too. 🙂Continue reading

14 Things You Can Accomplish With an Imagination Room

14 Things You Can Accomplish With an Imagination Room

imagination room paint colors

When you are in seventh grade and you have an imagination room tucked into the corner of your house at the top of the stairs, the world is your oyster.

There’s nothing you can’t accomplish.

No place you can’t visit.

No dream you can’t achieve.

After all Dr. Seuss was right “You have brains in your head, You have feet in your shoes.  You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”

Oh, my seventh grade friend….

….the places you can go.Continue reading

The Best Piece of Furniture For a Small Space

The Best Piece of Furniture For a Small Space

gatehouse farmhouse

This is not a sponsored post.

Not even close.

This is an I-didn’t-have-a-lot-of-space-in-the-gatehouse-and-I-wanted-to-find-something-that-would-make-it-work-and-live-large-and-wait-until-you-see-what-I-discovered kind of post.

A just because post.

An I’m so excited I have to write it kind of post.

The kind of post where we have coffee and breakfast and tell each other how amazing our furniture is.

Oh good….you too?

I’ll go first. 🙂Continue reading

Chalkboard with Cork Board Frame

Chalkboard with Cork Board Frame


craft room organization

True fact:  I’m not an organizer….

….I just play one on the blog. 🙂

You see….when you write a blog….your rooms always look tidy and neat and organized and clean.

Not a thing out of place.

Of course they are.

Because they only have to be clean for a moment to take a picture and if you forget to dust or vacuum or wipe away the cobwebs….

….there’s always photo shop.  🙂

For example….when I went to photograph the craft room at the gatehouse it looked like this…..Continue reading

How to Make a Peg Board Box

How to Make a Peg Board Box



Every time I wrap a present I spend more time gathering up all the supplies and trying to remember to put them all back where they belong…..

….than time spent actually wrapping the gift.

I track down the scissors and the ribbon and the bags and the card and the tape and cart it to the table.

Then I wrap the gift and run out the door.

Because I’m late.



And in my rush I never return anything where it belongs and the supplies scatter to the four corners of the earth…..never to be found again.

Until now.

All the wrapping supplies have finally found a home.

Here’s how to make a peg board box and a gift wrapping station.Continue reading

Craft Room Organization

Craft Room Organization



Once upon a time there was a craft room.

Don’t you just love stories that start like that….

…..and end with happily ever after?

Stories about a gate house with a tanning bed room that was rescued from a castle tower….after it let down it’s long golden hair.

A tanning bed room transformed with craft room chairs and a craft room desk and a craft room chalk board and plenty of craft room organization.

And a plethora of old tanning bed electrical outlets.


Me, too.Continue reading

Built In Desk For the Craftroom

Built In Desk For the Craftroom



I know you are going to be surprised at this….but I have brilliant ideas every day.


I’m always thinking of them.

The challenge is…..97.25% of them don’t work out.

But every now and then….once in a blue moon….an idea comes along that actually works.

Like this idea for a built in desk.

And then….I totally amaze myself.

I amaze myself with an idea that is easier and simpler and looks better than I ever imagined.

This is the successful story of one of the 2.75% ideas that worked out.Continue reading