The House That Laughed in Colors

The House That Laughed in Colors


I first met my friend Edie online.

I didn’t have a blog yet.

It was just a far away dream.

I’d spend hours reading blogs and looking and sighing and hoping and wishing that one day I’d start a blog of my own.

And then right around Christmas several years ago, I read the most terrible news on Edie’s blog.  Her house had burned to the ground.

I couldn’t believe it.

My heart almost broke in two when I saw this.
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Before and After Geometric Hexagon Wall

Before and After Geometric Hexagon Wall

before room

So today is the day we have been waiting for with great anticipation for weeks.

We’ve been sitting on the edge of our seat and talking about it and rolling our eyes and crossing our fingers and toes and wondering when it would finally get here and what we should do to get ready.

We even had a count down.

T minus 45 hours and 16 minutes.

You’re probably thinking it’s this before and after room makeover.  And while the room looks amazing and I can’t even believe it turned out like it did and the geometric hexagon wall that we created from scratch takes my breath away.  But that’s so not even what I’m talking about.

We have been waiting for something even better.

The season premiere of Fuller House.

I know, right?

DJ, Stephanie, Kimmy and Uncle Jesse are in the house.

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How to Decorate With Color:  HGTV Smart Home

How to Decorate With Color: HGTV Smart Home



This week I spent an afternoon at the HGTV Smart House.

And I’m still dreaming about it.

During my tour…..I learned several things….

…..the least of which is that the house is truly smarter than I could ever hope to be.


There were remote control showers and remote control toilets and blinds that could be programmed to let themselves down and a dog door that opened up all by itself to let the dog out.


You can click here if you want to hear all about how smart it is.

But…..really….can we talk about the decorating?

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