I’m a Little Measuring Cup

I’m a Little Measuring Cup

decorating with collections

I’m on my second cup of coffee and humming and laughing to myself as I write this.  You see, when I was little I thought I could sing.

Like really, really sing.

Like call me an agent, I’m available for a record label type of singing.

I would sit in the back of my parents’ station wagon with the seat put down and my brothers and sisters as my audience and belt out song after song.

My repertoire was wide and varied.  I sang anything from Amazing Grace to I’m a Little Teapot with my own special twist….

….and choreography.

Bless my heart.

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Let’s Dish

Some people collect stamps.

Some people collect insects.

Some people collect 1960’s Italian glass decanters.

As for me, I am an avid, undying fan of vintage silverware.

I collect it all….

                       ….forks, spoons, soup ladles, servers, pickle forks, sugar spoons, iced teaspoons, meat forks, ice cream spoons and on and on.


I think each piece of silverware tells a story. 

Stories of dinner parties and ladies in flapper outfits, tinkling bells for the next course. 

Stories of dignitaries and newlyweds and special occasions.

And just like in days of old, I want my silver to tell its own stories…stories for my children and grandchildren.

And oh…..the stories my forks and spoons could tell….

….but enough about my silverware….  

                     …..tell your spoons and forks to visit me and we’ll dish 🙂

PS  What do you collect? 

PSS  Wishing you a Merry Christmas Happy New Year!