Scrabble Tile Christmas Tree

Scrabble Tile Christmas Tree


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Last week I wrote a to be continued….

….and I never even knew it.

Blame it on Christmas brain.

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My Handmade Ornament Christmas Tree

My Handmade Ornament Christmas Tree


This post was written in collaboration with Puleo, International, Inc.


Just when I thought I couldn’t adore you anymore.

You went and inspired me again.

If you are into a handmade Christmas or want a few ideas on handmade gifts or cry a little with joy over these amazing ornament stories.  You have to read the comments on this post and this post.

So when Puleo, a maker of great Christmas trees and garlands and wreaths sold to stores here and internationally, asked me to decorate one of their trees and photograph to be used in social media promotion–I knew that I knew that I knew….

….I was totally going vintage and handmade.Continue reading




Merry Christmas pillow

Random thoughts on an almost December morning:

1. Yesterday was the 25th.  As in one month until Christmas.  As in yikes.  As in that spells i-m-n-o-t-r-e-a-d-y.

2. Poldark was trying to redeem himself last night.  I liked him slightly better.  But did you see that look Elizabeth gave him.  Please girl.  Get off your high horse.

3. To help me get over Poldark, I have Gilmore Girls cued up and ready to go.  If you have watched any of it, I’d love to hear your take on it.

4. And I literally cannot even with all the fun stuff I have planned for Christmas.

I may have to post a few more days than normal just to fit it all in.

Get the hot chocolate ready. 🙂

PS  If you need a little inspiration to tide you over through the weekend–here’s my tour from last year.

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The Farmhouse That Twinkled

The Farmhouse That Twinkled

Christmas at night Living Room

I’m not really an over-thinker.

Or a look-before-you-leaper.

I’m more of a blurter.

And an open-mouth-insert-footer.

And a what-was-I-thinking-and-why-did-I-say-thater.

If my life were embroidered on a pillow it would say….

…..”It is better to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

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Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Kitchen

Christmas Decorating Ideas for the Kitchen


Christmas table decorating ideas

Hello cold, wintry December morning.

The day ahead is full to the brim of activity and spilling over with to-do lists.

And what’s on the list?  Are you curious?

Here’s my mini list of what my December day brought to me (and a little Christmas decorating in the kitchen).Continue reading

12 Creative Christmas Tree Ideas (and a Giveaway)

12 Creative Christmas Tree Ideas (and a Giveaway)



There’s nothing better than hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and joy to the world playing on the radio….

….and decorating a Christmas tree.

It’s the best.

That is why I have loved every minute of the Balsam Hill’s 12 Blogger’s of Christmas.

 12 bloggers + 12 trees = Total Christmas inspiration.


We thought it would be fun to give you one more peak at each tree and then we want to give YOU a chance to decorate your own Balsam Hill Tree!

We are offering…..

$1800 worth of Balsam Hill Gift Cards!!!

The grand prize winner will receive a $500 gift card
Second place a $300 gift card and
TEN third place winners will receive $100 gift cardsContinue reading