My Handmade Ornament Christmas Tree

My Handmade Ornament Christmas Tree


This post was written in collaboration with Puleo, International, Inc.


Just when I thought I couldn’t adore you anymore.

You went and inspired me again.

If you are into a handmade Christmas or want a few ideas on handmade gifts or cry a little with joy over these amazing ornament stories.  You have to read the comments on this post and this post.

So when Puleo, a maker of great Christmas trees and garlands and wreaths sold to stores here and internationally, asked me to decorate one of their trees and photograph to be used in social media promotion–I knew that I knew that I knew….

….I was totally going vintage and handmade.Continue reading

Sometimes You Just Gotta Sing

Sometimes You Just Gotta Sing

Christmas tree butler's pantry

There’s a radio station here that plays 24/seven Christmas music.

The other 340 days of the year it’s all about Adele and Sam Smith and Meghan Trainor and Ed Sheeran, but for 25 glorious, wonderful, incredible days it plays nothing but Christmas all the day long.

There’s old Christmas and new Christmas and silent nights and weary worlds rejoicing and reindeer paws and yuletide carols being sung by the fire and rocking around the tree.

And those are the 25 days days I tune in…..

….slightly off key and at the top of my lungs.Continue reading

If I Were an Ornament….

If I Were an Ornament….



If I were an ornament….

….I’d want to be on Laura’s tree.


Right next to reindeer cow with the black and white striped collar.

(please take a moment to digest that sentence)

Have you wrapped your head around reindeer cow yet?

I’d perch up there in the evergreens amongst the chalkboard ornaments and the sharpie ornaments and random red ornaments that kind of look like tops I used to play with in second grade…..

….and I’d never leave.Continue reading

Christmas Tour 2013:  I’ll Have a Little Color With That

Christmas Tour 2013: I’ll Have a Little Color With That


Thistlewood farm 3

Color for Christmas.


With two scoops of whipped cream and extra sprinkles.

Are you ready to take the brightest Christmas tour on the planet?

I mean….seriously…  might be a little overwhelming.

You might want to pull up a cup of coffee….

….and put on a set of shades. 🙂


When we bought the gatehouse which was a former beauty shop in it’s previous much more exciting life….

….I was waiting for this day.


You see…I knew….that I knew….that I knew…..

… would be so much fun to decorate for Christmas.



I’ve never used bright colors when decorating for Christmas before.

Normally….over at the farmhouse….I am all about silver and gold and glitter and white.

I never met a neutral I didn’t like.



But here?  At the Gatehouse?



Umm….orange and pink together?


pink-and-blue-Christmas-dining room

But why stop at just orange and pink?

When you can add blue?

Wonderful, vibrant turquoise topped with glitter and glitz.



I was feeling so festive….I added party decorations.

Easy and inexpensive and full of color.

I added poms to the light fixture and a hot pink felt party runner to the table.


And stacked wrapping paper in a bin for pattern and color.


In the office I added a white tree with pompom trim left over from a pillow project and a giant bin of ornaments I got for half price.



Ribbons and trims I’m using to wrap packages…..also make fun decorations.

I keep them in the organizer in the office.

Until they are ready for their close-up.


In the living room area I mixed the pink with orange and black patterns.

The white fluffy rug is my absolute favorite.



I added another white tree in the living room.

This time with black and white and pink ornaments.

And decorated with packages tied up with snowflakes and string.


Quick wrapping tip.

Add foam snowflakes you can buy for .50 from the dollar store to the top of your package.

Love the white against the pink paper.


Even the windows have little pops of pink glitter.

I added a pink monogram to this project (how-to details to come).


Christmas at the Gatehouse is even more fun than I thought it was going to be.

I put on Christmas music and decorated and decorated and decorated.

Hot pink.

And black.

And orange.

And blue.

And just when I thought I had enough color…..

….I added some more.

And the beauty-shop-turned-gatehouse…..

…..smiled from ear to ear.


PS  For a little less color and a little more glitter and silver and farmhouse…..I’ll be posting projects from the main house later this week.


If you are visiting from The Inspired Room….welcome!

So happy to have you on the tour!

If not….stop by for a visit and plenty of Christmas inspiration!

Jeanne Oliver 4

And now for the next house on the tour.

Jeanne Oliver is up next with a vintage Christmas tour!

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