DIY Chalkboard Menu

DIY Chalkboard Menu

chalkboard menu diy project how to

My three (or four depending if we are getting technical and counting contractions) least favorite words in the English language are….

….what’s for dinner.

I should know that it’s coming.

I should be prepared.

I should anticipate and plan and think ahead and have a stocked refrigerator and something cooking on the stove.

And yet, every night around 5:00 when the little birds in the nest start chirping and asking what we are having for dinner….

….I look around surprised.

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Sing

Sometimes You Just Gotta Sing

Christmas tree butler's pantry

There’s a radio station here that plays 24/seven Christmas music.

The other 340 days of the year it’s all about Adele and Sam Smith and Meghan Trainor and Ed Sheeran, but for 25 glorious, wonderful, incredible days it plays nothing but Christmas all the day long.

There’s old Christmas and new Christmas and silent nights and weary worlds rejoicing and reindeer paws and yuletide carols being sung by the fire and rocking around the tree.

And those are the 25 days days I tune in…..

….slightly off key and at the top of my lungs.Continue reading

Have You Ever Used a Photography Umbrella?

Have You Ever Used a Photography Umbrella?

Photography Tip

Today is fancy day at Thistlewood Farms because….

…..we got photography umbrellas in the mail.

Have you ever used a photography umbrella before?

Oh good.

Me, either.

I’ve seen them before on other websites and I’ve noticed other bloggers using them but I was always skeptical.  Could a simple umbrella that aims light into a space and allows you to photograph a space without natural light really be that helpful?

And the answer?

A resounding all capital, fifty exclamation point YES!!!!Continue reading

The Best Decorating Tip I Thought I Invented

The Best Decorating Tip I Thought I Invented


butler's pantry

Today my friend Heather from Decor Fix asked me to share one of my simplest decorating tips.

And because I’m a little in awe of Heather.


(I mean wait until you see her style).

And beca
use I have a tip that I totally thought I kind of invented.

I said yes.Continue reading

Five Before and After Room Makeovers

Five Before and After Room Makeovers


I can’t believe I’m saying this….

….we are starting on round two of the house decorating.

Are you surprised?

Are you rolling your eyes?

Are you sighing?

Are you thinking….I mean…isn’t she decorating the gatehouse and didn’t she just start a burlap blog and isn’t she about to travel to Alabama for a show with her stamped spoons and the entire contents of her attic?Continue reading

Simple Plate Display Rack

Simple Plate Display Rack


See that plate display rack on the second shelf of the butler’s pantry?

If you squinted your eyes and turned your head slightly to the right….doesn’t it look built-in?

Or fancy.

Or custom.

It’s not.

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The Butlers Pantry:  Flooring For Under $100

The Butlers Pantry: Flooring For Under $100


I’m not really sure what this room in our farmhouse was used for before we moved in.

It had white walls and faux brick floor.

And a deep freezer.

And an electrical panel.

And a hot water heater and some random bits of extraneous sawdust that came with the house.

Completely free of charge.Continue reading

Before and After Butler’s Pantry

Before and After Butler’s Pantry


This butler's pantry is a great change from the tired look it used to have!

In the six months that I have been writing this blog.

I’ve learned a lot.

I’ve learned that I love my eyebrows and grass seed doesn’t really grow in Kentucky in the middle of the summer and that vintage shutters are hard to find even with 400 miles of yard sale and that burlap ribbons on a mantel are an exclamation point project.

And about 5,214 other useful pieces of information.Continue reading