Three Coffee Table Display Ideas

Three Coffee Table Display Ideas


Can I tell you something?

But before I do, you have to promise to keep it between us.

You know, you, me and your coffee mug.

I finished the first book.

It’s called “So Close To Amazing.”  And it’s done and edited and I’ve seen the cover and it’s literally enough to make your heart dance across the floor.  I’ll be posting details in the upcoming months about the book and where to order it and the cutest promotion we are working on for the book.

And now?

I’ve just started on a second book.

This one is a different kind of book.  Just as amazing, but different.

I can’t share too many of the details yet, but there’s not anything exactly like it on the market right now.  It’s kind of a project book, kind of a how-to book, kind of an inspiration book, kind of a decorating book….

….with pages full to the brim and spilling over with ideas.Continue reading

10 Minute Twig and Boxwood Mantel

10 Minute Twig and Boxwood Mantel

Christmas mantel with boxwood

Today is my son’s sixteenth birthday.

I’m not really sure how that happened…..

…..especially because I just dropped him off for kindergarten.

And the best?

He’s taking his driving test this morning.

And me?

I’ll be the one sitting in the front seat wearing new yoga pants with a messy bun and a bobby pin trying to act like it’s another day in the neighborhood while white knuckling it and clutching the edge of the seat and inadvertently pressing a non-existent brake on the passengers’ side.

Good times for me and my messy bun.Continue reading

Boxwood Present Topper-12 Days of Christmas Day 5

Boxwood Present Topper-12 Days of Christmas Day 5


Boxwood Present Topper


Isn’t it amazing how the best ideas are the simplest?

Like the post-it.

Tiny pieces of paper…..with sticky on the back.Continue reading