What You Can Make With a Piece of Floor

What You Can Make With a Piece of Floor


The year for Christmas, my sister gave me a piece of ordinary.

Something everyday.

Something simple.

Something underestimated.

Something we see and overlook and walk and stomp and dance and tiptoe and tread on every single day.

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DIY Fall Leaf Book Page Wreath

DIY Fall Leaf Book Page Wreath


The other day our golden retriever chewed up an encyclopedia.

Volume C to be exact.

I walked into the dining room and followed the trail of paper shreds to find him with his head between his paws and bits of Andrew Carnegie on his nose.

It was priceless.

I wanted to get mad, but he was so cute I couldn’t.

So I made lemonade from a torn and tattered encyclopedia instead.

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The Happiness Dare

The Happiness Dare


the happiness dare

I almost didn’t read this book.

My friend sent it to me and it arrived on a day when my hair looked amazing and I had just finished making twig spheres out of leftover sticks that had washed up in our driveway during the flash flood and I was wearing the summeriest red nail polish called Cajun Shrimp and in the most amazing of news….

….I made it to the twins’ orthodonist appointment on time.

I wasn’t sure I needed a book about happiness when I was already on a happiness marathon.

I remember opening up the package, looking at the super cute cover, turning to the first page and getting distracted when someone here asked me what a complex fraction was.  So I closed the cover, told myself I would get back to it later and take the happiness test that was in the back and did the next best thing to reading it….

….I decorated with it instead.

It sat on my coffee table for weeks helping the other books decorate the family room.

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So Close to Not Procrastinating

So Close to Not Procrastinating

pencils and flower

I’m almost half-way through writing the book.

(Just between us I cannot even believe I just typed that sentence).

It took me a couple of weeks to figure out a writing system, but once I did everything got so much easier.

Here’s my book writing system.

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Stepping Through the Elevator Door (And a REALLY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT)

Stepping Through the Elevator Door (And a REALLY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT)


Six days, two hours and thirty-seven minutes ago, I stood in a hotel outside of Chicago wearing red lipstick and a super cute outfit that involved the perfect combination of stripes and summer, frantically pressing the elevator button….

….and trembling in my new beaded sandals.

Nervously I pressed the lighted blinking button.

Again. And again. And again.

I think I read somewhere that when they design elevators, they maniacally add a feature where the elevator doesn’t arrive and the door doesn’t open when you’re late for something you really need to be on time for.

Even if you and your hair are looking super cute.

Even if you applied three tones of red lipstick to arrive at the perfect blend.

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How to Cover a Book

How to Cover a Book


I wanted it to work.  I mean–I’ve seen it done before.  I’ve seen how to cover a book on Pinterest (that statement alone should have guaranteed success).

After the project worked, I was going to post about it and hopefully you would leave rave reviews and wonderful comments telling me how you always wanted to make a project just like this.

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