Five Unique Book Page Projects

Five Unique Book Page Projects


Have you ever played the game of “Would You Rather?”

There’s an actual board game sold in stores with over 800 questions.


Or you could make up your own and enter into thought-provoking discussions with your family on a road trip.

Questions like:

Would you rather have a million dollars or a year of really good hair days?

Would you rather speak in front of 4,000 people or wear a frog costume for a month?

Would you rather have wisdom or would you rather have strength?

Would you rather have purple hair or purple toenails?

See how fun?

See how thought provoking?

And now here’s one more:  would you rather make projects or make projects?

Oh good.  Me, too.

Here are five unique book page projects to keep both of us busy. 🙂Continue reading

The Book That Turned Over a New Leaf

The Book That Turned Over a New Leaf

book-page-projects how to

I got a fit bit yesterday.

I know. I get it.  I can literally hear you saying to me, “Welcome to 2016.

The twins wanted to race me and I explained to them to just hand the award to me now because I run circles around them.  Today is my first day and I  already walked 1200 steps before I had my first cup of coffee.

My challenge isn’t stepping.  It’s slowing down and looking and thinking and making wise decisions before I take a step.

Need an illustration?

Oh good.

I was hoping you’d say that.

Once again, here’s a story about turning over a new leaf.

Literally. 🙂Continue reading

How to Make a  Book Page Garland (and Style a Mantel on a Budget)

How to Make a Book Page Garland (and Style a Mantel on a Budget)



Does anyone know what happened to September?

I think I blinked…..and missed it.


Yesterday I was grilling and applying sun screen and watching fireworks on the Fourth of July…..

….and today I’m putting on long sleeves and drinking hot chocolate with mini marshmallows and watching the Christmas decorations go on sale at Hobby Lobby.


And the thing is……I still have pages and pages (total pun intended) of fall projects to share.

So….I’m doubling up.

I’m showing how to make a book page garland…..and decorating the mantel on a budget.


Before October goes all double-digit on me. 🙂Continue reading