Before and After Bedroom Reveal

Before and After Bedroom Reveal

1-pallet wood organizer

It’s that time of year again.

National Painting Week with Sherwin-Williams.

The week of the year where they select a handful of bloggers to redesign a room and make it their own with a little paint and a lot of imagination.  This year, I completely transformed a room upstairs that you’ve never seen before.

I know.

I get it.

I’m as surprised as you that it has taken this room as long as it has to show up on the blog.

But I think a few stinky socks got in the way. 🙂Continue reading

Best Tip for Putting On a Duvet Cover

Best Tip for Putting On a Duvet Cover



This is the duvet cover in the upstairs guest room.

I love duvet covers.

I loved them when I saw one long ago on an episode on HGTV where they featured a duvet cover on a bed and I thought to myself that it was genius and I wondered how you say duvet…..

….and where in the world can I get one?

It was right about the time I discovered sisal rugs.

Good times.Continue reading

I’ll Have a Blue Christmas

I’ll Have a Blue Christmas


blue and white Christmas Thistlewood

This weekend I fell head over heels in love….

….with Elvis Presley.

Seriously, y’all.

He is the bomb diggity.

Somehow I missed the whole Elvis thing growing up and by the time I arrived on the scene the original Elvis was a distant memory replaced by impersonators in white sequin suits with sky-high, greasy, pompadour hair-dos and tinted sunglasses jumping out of airplanes and always saying, “Thank you.  Thank you very much.”

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Room Reveal:  Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year

Room Reveal: Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year

Thanks so much to Sherwin-Williams for sponsoring this post and this incredibly fun partnership.

Office Thistlewood Farm

Have you ever watched the Academy Awards?

(I know…silly question…right?  Are you rolling  your eyes at me now?)

If you have then you’ve seen the part in the show where someone famous (and preferably George Clooney) stands up and reads off the names of the nominations in different categories to much fanfare, excitement and general hullabaloo.

The announcers make awkward banter with each other and show the pictures of the actors up for the award and the occasional random silhouette of the embarrassing nominee who can’t even take time off of filming in Rome to show up.

Then slowly a hush falls over the crowd.Continue reading

How to Build a Shutter Wall

How to Build a Shutter Wall

farmhouse guest bedroom

A long time ago in a land far away we created this wall in the upstairs guest bedroom tucked under the eves of the attic.

It is still one of the projects that people ask about and pin and send me e-mails full of questions on how to make it.

And I’ve never posted a tutorial on how to build a shutter wall.



Mostly because I just made it up as I went along.

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Blue and Yellow Farmhouse Bedroom

Blue and Yellow Farmhouse Bedroom


blue and yellow guest bedroom

Have you ever wondered where the name Thistlewood Farm comes from?

I know you will be totally surprised at this….

….but there’s a story. 

Are you rolling your eyes at me right now and nodding?

You knew it….right?

Because around here….it always begins and ends with once upon a time. 🙂Continue reading

Get the Look:  Blue and White Guest Bedroom

Get the Look: Blue and White Guest Bedroom

Disclosure: I was compensated by eBay and Style Coalition for this post. But all Collections and general opinions are 100% mine.


Everyone always asks me what my favorite room in my house is.

Hmmm….that’s a hard one.

They are all my favorite….for different times and different places and different reasons.

But if I was going to a desert island and I could only choose one to go along for the ride…..

….the guest bedroom would have its day in the sun.Continue reading

A Shutter Wall

A Shutter Wall



 Make a shutter wall

Did you ever wonder what happened to those shutters?

I mean….really.  It was kind of like a cliffhanger.

I was all about those shutters.


I talked about the shutters and the watermelon and the car hood.  And then I went on and on about how I wanted you to be there and how I was so excited when I found them and we were all talking about shutter projects and what we would do with shutters if we ever found them.


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