Before and After Guest Bedroom

Before and After Guest Bedroom


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Here’s a little throwback Thursday.

I’m not sure if a little throwback on a Thursday should make you a little wistful.

But this one does.

This is the before.  This room was the twins’ room when they were younger.  This is the room of tea parties and stuffed animal boarding school and fancy hats and dance parties and stories that never ended.  Before they moved upstairs and ditched the monograms and chose even brighter colors and painted murals on their walls.

The room was a little sad when they left.

After all, who doesn’t love a fancy hat and a tea party with choreography.

But now?

It’s repainted and restyled and redone….

…and ready for guests.

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Twelve Creative Christmas Finds from Target Dollar Spot

Twelve Creative Christmas Finds from Target Dollar Spot



This is not a sponsored post.

It’s actually more of a public service announcement.

This weekend I went to the Target Dollar Spot hoping to pick up a few things to add to my Christmas decor.

Just a few.

But the bins were so full of amazing, cute, clever ideas to use for decorating, to use for crafts and to use for wrapping gifts that I couldn’t keep them all to myself.

I had to share.

And when I pushed my full cart through the check-out line, I told my husband not to worry…

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Blue and White and Red Christmas Decor (and a Giveaway)

Blue and White and Red Christmas Decor (and a Giveaway)


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If you happened to be in a one-horse open sleigh and you took a left at Tennessee, past the chicken barn, past the cows chewing their cud in the pasture, past the gas station with the most amazing pizza and turned left at the barn with all the hay bales, at the end of a winding country road….

….you’d see the farmhouse with its twinkle lights on.

And if you tied up your horse to the hitching post.

And trudged through the snow.

And knocked on the door.

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The Most Important Lesson of All

The Most Important Lesson of All


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Teaching life lessons to the next generation is hard.

You begin with the standards.

Be kind to others.

Open the door for your mother.

Be nice to your sister.  Hold your fork properly.  Don’t wear white after Labor Day.Continue reading

Easy Tip for Maximizing Your Rug Budget

Easy Tip for Maximizing Your Rug Budget

Living Room Decor

Yesterday I watched my zillionth tiny house show.  I can’t get enough.  I tell myself no more tiny house shows and then I end up sticking around to see where they hide the toaster or how big the bathroom is or the ingenious way they turn a bed into a couch and turn a couch into an entertainment center.

It’s addicting.

Last night the tiny house was amazing.  It was a luxury tiny house.  It had shiplap and farmhouse lighting and extra counter space.  I was kind of all about it.  I thought I could live there.  I could be a tiny house person.

And then I saw the loft.

And the bed.

You had to climb a ladder to get to this loft and crawl into bed in a space with a ceiling height of 2.5 inches.  I’d never make it.  I’d wake up in the middle of the night and forget I was in a tiny house and bump my head.

And that tiny space in that loft in that tiny house with its tiny roof?

It’s exactly like my rug budget.

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The Pride That Went Before the Fall

The Pride That Went Before the Fall

front room rug

If you are new here, let me introduce you.

This is my living room.

It’s showing off right now.  It’s been clean for about five minutes and it got a new rug and some new pillows and it kind of thinks it’s all that.

But you know what they say about pride.

It goeth before a fall.

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It Was Almost Like a Movie

It Was Almost Like a Movie

Blue Chairs in Meadow

I’m married to my best friend.

He understands me and laughs with me and shops at Habitat for Humanity for chairs with me and has eyes that twinkle and when I ask him if we can move the chairs that were just painted into the middle of the back yard to photograph them….

….he doesn’t even bat an eye.

And when I dance around the yard with my camera and point to the sunlight streaming over the grass because it’s the golden hour and the light is perfect and get so excited because I probably won’t even have to edit the photos…

….he smiles and nods encouragingly.

Even though he has absolutely no idea what I’m talking about.

Because that’s what best friends do.Continue reading

Back Porch Makeover With Blue and White

Back Porch Makeover With Blue and White


twin with flowers

Yesterday I came across a picture of the cutest face in the entire universe back in the day when I used to take pictures of people, not furniture.

I had to post it.

Not just to show you that tiny, sweet face.

Or those adorable clenched hands.

Or those super long amazing tights attempting to pass themselves off as footwear.

I’m simply posting the picture here to ask you if it looks like she is about to roll her eyes at me….

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