The Top Ten Stories of 2016

The Top Ten Stories of 2016


Somehow, inadvertently, this has turned into the week of 2016.

It kind of happened all on its own.

First, there were the top ten projects of 2016.

Then there were the top ten before and afters of 2016.

But as much as I love decorating a room or making wood slice banners or stamping silver or making bookshelf decorations out of twigs in my yard….

….my heart always has been and always will be with the stories.

I had forgotten about most of them.  That’s why I write the blog because this is where the stories find a home.

Here is my heart.

Here are my choices for the top ten stories of 2016.

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Meet My Laundry Room (and a Giveaway)

Meet My Laundry Room (and a Giveaway)


This post is sponsored by LG Electronics.

laundry room

Meet my laundry room.

We’ve had some adventures, my laundry room and I.

There was the day I added too much soap and the floor and carpet were covered in bubbles.

There was the time someone threw a mud covered shirt into the room and it flung mud all over the walls.

There was the time a stinky sock got stuck behind the door and I thought I needed to call an exterminator.

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Bless My Heart

Bless My Heart


At the risk of stating the obvious….it’s been snowing here….


Ice and snow and sleet and gray skies everywhere.

But last week….before the snow and ice descended upon the beautiful rural Kentucky countryside….

….we had a few days of warm weather.

Warm….as in a day with temperatures that started with the number 4.

Warm enough to pretend you could wear short sleeves.

Warm enough to cut lemons for sweet tea.

Warm enough for batting practice and catching fly balls and running the bases….

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