The Tour of the House That Photographed Itself

The Tour of the House That Photographed Itself

pumpkin display outdoor

This is the story of the house that photographed itself.

A house so unique.

So creatively built and decorated.

So full of one-of-a kind ideas and beautiful  light fixtures and furniture with a story and hand-painted curtains and chalkboard barn doors and ceilings that take your breathe away….

….that I really had almost nothing to do with these pictures.

I simply put the camera on a tri-pod and clicked.

The house did all the rest.Continue reading

Decorating With Barn Wood

Decorating With Barn Wood

barn wood ladder decorating ideas

If you live in the country….

… probably know someone with an old barn.

Or someone who is about to tear down a barn.

Or someone who has stacks of barn wood or barn doors or barn ladders or barn troughs…..

…..just lying around.

Usually next to the spare washing machine parts.

barn wood ladder

In our county….any one who is ever trying to get rid of something calls us.

Usually it’s something no one else wants….like old windows or old doors or barn ladders or spools or old tires.

Except me.

Or maybe some of you.

Good thing I’m the only one in this conversation who lives here. 🙂Continue reading

Striped Canvas Art :  She Sent Me What Party?

Striped Canvas Art : She Sent Me What Party?



Hello from “She Sent Me What?” headquarters.

I’m participating in a fun challenge….where a group of bloggers all purchased thrift store finds and sent them to each other.  We were supposed to think outside the box and create a project and style it in our homes.

My project journey looked a little like this:

1.  Get item in mail.

2.  Exclaim with great joy when I spy the amazing tea towel with it’s intricate hand sewn stitchery.

3.  Come up with a one-of-a-kind totally over the top idea for the tea towel.

4.  Project crash and burn.

5. *sigh*

6.  Watch the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion Part 1 to clear my head and search for inspiration.

7.  Realize the housewives all have more problems and make-up and sequins than I could ever dream of in my entire life.

8. Pour myself a cup of inspiration.

9.  Come up with nothing.

10.  Make this canvas.


I’ll go ahead and save you the trouble and say it for you…..

…this project is a total bless your heart.Continue reading

Barn Wood Projects

Barn Wood Projects

I live in the country.

I might have mentioned that before.

A few 100 times.

And where I live….we really don’t have drive-through diet cokes or Target or movie theaters or fast-food restaurants or four-lane roads…..

…..or stop lights.

Except the kind that blink yellow.

But does all of that even matter?


Because we have something so much better.


Old-broken-down-about-to-fall-over-truly-vintage-make-you-think-of-little-house-on-the-prairie barns.Continue reading