One Of the Most Brilliant Decisions I’ve Ever Made

One Of the Most Brilliant Decisions I’ve Ever Made

laundry room

About four years ago I made a brilliant decision.


Amazingly, wonderfully, incredibly brilliant.

One of those decisions where you’re not really sure how or why you made it or even what inspired you, but you pat yourself on the back every day that you did.

A decision that literally changed the course of my life and added hours to my day and made me want to write a book to tell others about it and put it on a billboard surrounded by twinkling lights and take out an ad on page two of the New York Times.

The decision?

Teaching my children to do their own laundry.Continue reading

The Tour of the House That Photographed Itself

The Tour of the House That Photographed Itself

pumpkin display outdoor

This is the story of the house that photographed itself.

A house so unique.

So creatively built and decorated.

So full of one-of-a kind ideas and beautiful  light fixtures and furniture with a story and hand-painted curtains and chalkboard barn doors and ceilings that take your breathe away….

….that I really had almost nothing to do with these pictures.

I simply put the camera on a tri-pod and clicked.

The house did all the rest.Continue reading

Stained Deer Head DIY

Stained Deer Head DIY

stained deer head diy project

If you only knew all the projects that I thought up in my head….

….that never work out.


Does that ever happen to anyone else?  Am I the only one?

I think I have a 95% almost-make-it-but-not-quite-because-what-was-I-thinking rate.

But sometimes all the stars align and the cherubs sing and tiny bluebirds fly by in a crystal blue sky and a project jumps perfectly from my brain into fruition.

And sometimes it turns out even better than I imagined.

Here’s one that did.Continue reading