Table Decorating Ideas On a Budget

Table Decorating Ideas On a Budget



We just got back from vacation yesterday.

Just our family….the entire first season of Duck Dynasty….and 900 miles of open road.

And somewhere around mile 726….my husband and I started talking about clever ideas to hide the flat screen television.

I told my husband that once on an old episode of Oprah…..she was on this over-the-top liquid diet and pulled in all that fat in a wagon into the studio and totally looked so amazing in these skin-tight blue jeans.

Sometime after that …..she gave a tour of her house.

And in her bedroom there was this cabinet when you pressed a button….the television slowly rose up from the center with a whirring sound that resembled an episode of the Jetson’s.


She just pressed a button and there was the television.

I can still hear the gasp of the audience.


It took me until mile 738 to explain all this to my husband.

10 miles of waving my hands around and random whirring sounds while I attempted to mimic the television slowly raising up….

….until he finally got it.

It was like a light bulb clicked on.

Then he started making suggestions of his own.

“Maybe we could make something like that,” he said excitedly.

“Or maybe we could have the television slowly lower itself out of the ceiling.”

Mile 739 flew by and thought to myself how lucky I was to be married to him.


A television coming down out of the ceiling?


I was so excited that I jumped up and down in my seat.


Mile 740 sped by as visions of televisions suspended from the ceiling and tables with hidden buttons danced around the car…..

….and then I faintly heard him say…..“No….wait….I have it.”

Expectantly I turned to him and waited.

Waited for a better idea than a ceiling television.

He paused.

He paused as if the idea was so amazing that it needed an introduction.

“We could take the television….and hang it on the wall….and…..and….

….put a frame around it.”

A frame around it?

Isn’t that so Pinterest 2012?

But he wasn’t done.  He continued.

“We could put a frame around it and hang venetian blinds in front of the frame…..

…..and lower and raise them when we wanted to watch television.”


Of course.

Budget decorating at its finest.

The whole venetian blinds in front of the television thing…..

….I bet the Jetson’s never thought of that. 🙂


For some much prettier budget decorating ideas….here’s a few tips and ideas for decorating a table on a budget.


1.  I made a center runner on the table from colorful cupcake liners.

It took a package to make it.

I just cut a diagonal line out of one side of the cupcake liner until it resembled Ms. PacMan.

Then I taped them together with washi tape.

Super cute runner for under $2.00.


2.  I just used bright colorful paper napkins to add pattern.

3.  Then I layered it with a pipe cleaner flower I made from pipe cleaners.

You could use as a place card holder.

4.  I mixed patterned paper plates with melamine plates to give a bright pop of color.


5.  The center runner on the table is just wrapping paper.

I love the graphic design and super easy clean-up.

6.  I found these fun tags in the gift aisle.  

It’s the perfect party game….each tag has a question printed on the back.

If your store doesn’t have them….you could just make your own from scrap-book paper.

Just in case you were wondering….

….my least favorite household chore is ironing.


7.  I also made the fun hanging decorations from the cupcake liners, too.

And then hung them from the chandelier along with more tags hanging from strings.


To make the decorations….I folded the cupcake liners in fourths.

Then I punched holes and threaded a pipe cleaner through and fluffed.

Each mini decoration cost about .20.

8.  I also draped ribbon I curled from the chandelier.

Table decorating ideas on a budget.

Easy and fun and perfect for a summer party.

Not nearly as exciting as a flat-screen venetian blind television project…

….but so much cuter 🙂

Looking for a more summer tablescape ideas….look no farther than these amazing friends of mine:

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We also have a Pinterest board with more summer tablescape inspiration. And, you can follow each of these ladies on Pinterest.

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PS  I have the most exciting news EVER!!!!!!  I am curating a Joss and Main sale that starts tomorrow, July 9 at 9:00pm.

Tuesday, July 9 at 9:00 pm

Joss and Main is an incredible site for members-only site that offers limited-time sales on the world’s best brands!

Wait until you see what I picked out….just for you!

Full to the brim of things that so many of you have asked about!

Here’s the link to sign up for a free Joss and Main account.

I can’t wait to see you Tuesday night!!!!!

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  1. Love the story of the TV! Your writing is flawless and entertaining as always and I love Joss and Main so I cannot wait to see what you picked!

  2. A very good morning to you even though for some strange reason the words…daughter Judy…Jane his wife…are being played over and over in my head at 5 am : ) any reason for that???? : ) I love the story about the TV…and the venetian blinds are CLASSIC!!!! The table setting is awesome…but the cupcake liner pom poms are over the top wonderful!!!! This is ONE happy table and the little questions are precious…I am with you…ironing is my least…YUCK! Thank you … for being you! Hugs and Love coming your way : )

  3. hee.he. At least you got something out of him, mine would have looked at me and blinked. I know he would be thinking–she has been reading those magazines again and searching the internet. What the heck is she talking about, its looks fine as is. I always get ‘it looks fine’. seriously! No vision skills = sad decorator and lots of pins on Pinterest 🙂

  4. Wonderful story about the television, hope you don’t have to have the blinds! The table is gorgeous and something my daughters would love for their birthday celebrations.

  5. So Pinterest 2012…’re funny! And since your hubby probably doesn’t use Pinterest, that was seriously an ingenious and creative idea to hide the tv (especially the venetian blinds part!!!) Your table looks so pretty, makes me want to have a party!!

  6. You are too funny and very creative. I love the cupcake table liner and those pom poms are super cute.
    I’m looking forward to your sale at Joss and Main. I can’t wait to see what you picked.

  7. KariAnne! Those table decorations on a budget are not only pocket book friendly but also genius! I would have never thought of using the baking cups to create a table runner and hanging décor. You may need to do more of a tutorial on that one. Such an amazing idea! I am thrilled that you are curating on Joss and Main tomorrow morning. I can hardly wait! 🙂

  8. I’m saving these ideas for my New Year’s Eve table. We have a party every year and try to make it really fun for our guests. These will be great tweaked for New Year’s. Thanks Kari!

  9. If you truly are interested in a disappearig TV, take an afternoon and peruse a few RV Dealers’ lots. Not all RVs have them, of course, but many of the newer ones do. Quite interesting also is the fact that some of them disappear into a fireplace…..yep, a fireplace. In an RV. Some of them even have TWO fireplaces. One upstairs, one downstairs. What? you didn’t know RVs had an upstairs and a downstairs??? Where have you all been??? LOL, seriously you gotta look at them. Great inspiration.

    Cute post today, Miz Karianne.

  10. But where are the mason jars … ?

    🙂 Linda

  11. Such a cute tablescape. I especially love what you did with the cupcake liners. Even though I don’t bake I’m always buying packages of cute liners just for creative ideas like this.

  12. Sheryll & Critters. :

    Wow, your table is spectacular. I love the colors and all the ideas. Wish I had an occasion to do such a beautiful table and someone to do such for. All of the table settings are great. So many to awwwh over and so little time…. sigh. And your husband’s idea so reminded me of Steve… he comes up with some very good stuff and some ‘huh’ stuff too.

  13. Sheryll & Critters. :

    Oh I can’t pick a least favorite chore. I think it is between ironing (Florida ya know) and cleaning kitty litter boxes.

  14. Sheryll & Critters. :

    One question and I will leave…. lol. How did you do the candles? I was thinking maybe very narrow curling ribbon and spray paint the bases?

  15. Your crafty brain just never takes a break, does it?

    I’m not judging. Just stating the facts ma’am.

    Looking forward to eleven o’clock.

    I promise to be a sponge and soak up all your bloggy wisdom.

  16. TV story is a good one! Hubby’s been talking about that for 20 years. I do have the tv in the armoire….that’s so 1993…so if you’ve got 2012, I’d say you are doing well! 😉

    Table is really cute too!! 😉

  17. Shutters, Darling. Shutters. 🙂

  18. Good morning! Always love waking up to your creative humor! Love the tablescape!! Looking forward to your Joss & Main sale! Have a great and blessed day!~~Angela

  19. That tablescape is so fun and festive!! Love your fresh ideas, Kari! Let me know how the TV Disguising Project turns out… :-). Can’t wait for your Joss & Main sale!
    xo Heidi

  20. VENETIAN BLINDS?????????????? Seriously??????????? That is hysterical, (don’t tell him I said that). Your table is SCRUMPTIOUS! Over the top clever, fun and colorful. Love it all. And you! XO, Pinky

  21. I always love traveling in a car with my husband. He is a captive audience then. We make some of our best plans (and sometimes the wildest) when traveling.

    Congrats on the Joss and Main event!

  22. I am laughing out loud at the blinds solution! Poor thing, they just can’t keep up with it all, can they?
    He gets an A+ for trying so hard !. I think you’ve got a keeper:)

  23. Great party decorating ideas on a budget, Karianne. See you tomorrow night at 9pm @ Joss and Main.

  24. Ironing for sure…UGH!!
    Sweet hubby…tell him to keep his day job. There is only on designer at TF…
    Fun table!
    Hope vacation was fun fun fun!!

  25. I love how festive it is and all of the color!!!! ….. and I love your stories every time!;)

  26. You’re my new hero! I love everything you do. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! XOXO

  27. Hi to All! I just wanted to thank you for your energy!! Of course I love you and your ideas and sense of humor every day, but your energy is a gift! It always gets me up off the chair and on with things!! Have a beautiful day, KariAnne!

  28. always such a great story! The table is adorable! love the cupcake liner runner! 😉

  29. Love the table and congrats on the J&M event!…and hope that we one day see your “Jetsonian TV” project…

  30. So totally adorable and you should totally make the “TV Window”! Can’t wait for your sale!!!!!

  31. Love your table decorations – they are great! Now the TV – I like the one that comes up from the table. I have seen a lot of them, but the picture one – no.
    Glad you had a super vacation – now it;s catch up time.
    Have a great week.

  32. What! You didn’t suggest an inexpensive poster in that TV frame 😉

  33. Loving your budget friendly table decor Karianne! And the road trip sounds VERY familiar 🙂

    xo, Tanya

  34. Love your decorations. I just finished doing a tablescape on a budget for my son’s wedding rehearsal.

  35. But…but….but…the venetian blind in front of the framed TV is MY husband’s idea. Well, he said a “Roman” shade so I guess that is different. LOL

    Men! (insert rolled eyes here) Gotta love ’em! xxoo

  36. I love these ideas, especially with the cupcake liners. They always get greesy when cooked with cupcakes and I always feel a little sad that their beauty isn’t on display to the extent I would like. I’d love to do a garland like this and matching cupcakes. Although, that might upset the earth’s gravitational field or something with all that cuteness.

    Also, I will say that we hung our TV on the wall that’s in front of a closet and put all the electronics in the closet with a repeater over the TV so we can still use the remotes. It is so perfect. Just a TV on a wall. No cords, no boxes, no frills, no cabinet. I made the focal point of the room the fireplace, so you don’t really notice the TV.

    Unless Duck Dynasty is on. And that’s a fact, Jack.

  37. Great story about the TV…my girlfriend has two of them. She has one on her kitchen island and the TV comes up out of the wood top but when it is down it looks like it is a finished cabinet along side of her granite. It is very cool. She also has a cabinet at the foot of her bed that the TV comes out of and they were not that expensive to do. Hope you had a great trip with the family. The table shown is so colorful and very pretty!


  38. LOL – now THAT guy is a keeper! These are such cute ideas — I am pinning these for sure as I just revised our household budget and believe me, there isn’t much “wiggle” room for extras so I know these ideas will come in handy!

  39. Must say… you got a lol out of me at “put a frame around it, and a BIG lol on the blinds 😉 Good luck with your sale tomorrow!!!!

  40. Karianne…. classic TV story! Even told the Mister and he got a huge kick out of it. Your table setting is darling!

  41. Love, love, love your decorations girl! You need someone to sponsor you a die cutting machine, I can only imagine what you would stir up with that! Make your own stencils too, oh my. Congrats on the Joss and Main, you are pretty Pinterest 2013 now for sure, ha ha. Have fun, you deserve the fame! ~Diane

  42. Actually, I love to iron, it’s so soothing and methodical. One of the best treats in the world? A freshly ironed, pressed pillowcase — smooth, warm, with nicely creased folds, smelling of clean linens. Mmmmmm. HOme-making can be a scrumptious thing to take pride in.

  43. This is so fun and full of inspiration Karianne! As usual you amaze me. I love the colors you chose and the hanging display is wonderful. 🙂

  44. Lots of fun ideas, and budget friendly, too. Loved your TV story. So funny!

  45. it’s time to party! can’t wait to see your J&M picks!

  46. Did you mask your disappointment for the venetian blind idea? Or did you do a “head thunk”…why didn’t I think of that? (slightly sarcastic) 🙂

    Fun table!

  47. LOVE the idea of using wrapping paper as a runner. So clever!!

    And Joss & Main?!?! Amazing!!

    Nice job, friend 🙂

  48. I feel your venetian blinds pain. Just when you think the hubs totally gets it and knows exactly what you are thinking, he will say something sooooo dumb! But think of all the money you saved with that adorable paper tablescape, you have probably saved enough for the emerging TV already!! I love what you did with the centerpiece, that is totally brilliant!

  49. You’ll have to let us know if you ever get the TV project off and in which direction! Fun!

  50. Love your table setting – what fun pops of color!! Congrats on your Joss and Maine sale too – you rock and I can’t wait to give you a big ol’ Canadian hug at Haven!! xo Heather

  51. Good Night.

    I’m very love with ideas of summer decoration with using paper. This ideas very fun and full of inspiration and also can saving some budget to decorate interior home living for summer.

    Thanks you.