Summer Decorating On the Back Porch

Summer Decorating On the Back Porch


This post is sponsored by Martha Stewart Living Home Decorator’s Collection.

Back Porch Decor

In Kentucky we have a saying that if you don’t like the weather….

….just blink.

It’s so true.

Around here the weather can change on a dime.

One minute you are sitting on your back porch in the most amazing set of indoor/outdoor chairs listening to the crickets and drinking sweet tea and discussing if hamburgers taste better on a charcoal grill and if pink lemonade goes better with french fries than orange popsicles.

And then you blink.

Back Porch Storm

And this happens.

The temperature drops 14 degrees and the wind begins to bluster and the dark clouds roll in and your hair starts to blow and your bobby pin clatters to the porch floor.

And you grab your tea and your conversation and head for the hills.

That’s the weather in Kentucky.

Back Porch Table Decorating

I wish it always the view from the back porch always looked like this.

Back Porch Decorated For Summer

Back Door decorating ideas

Or this.

Decorating the Back Porch

Back Porch Coffee Table

Or even this.

Back Porch Seating Area

Apples on the Back Porch in Milkglass

I wish the sun was always shining.

I wish the sky was always blue and the dining set was always ready for supper and the apples were freshly washed and the laundry was on the line and the crickets were chirping and the cows were making hay.

Just kidding.


Cows don’t really make hay.

Back Porch Chair

Back Porch Decorating Ideas

But as much as I love sweet tea and a back porch and conversation and a sunny summer day….

 …..there are days when I’m happy for the rain.

And the wind billowing through the trees.

And the thunder and the lightning.

And for all the storms and tempests and cloudy days….

….that help me appreciate every single ray of that wonderful, glorious sunshine. 🙂

Back Porch Rain

PS  Just in case you thought I was kidding about the weather….

….yesterday this showed up when I blinked.  🙂

Martha Stewart Hutch

I want to give a giant shout out to Home Decorator’s Collection for sponsoring this post.

And Martha Stewart for these great entertaining tips.

And I adore this furniture.


The quality and durability is amazing, every single detail is amazing and it’s held up to every single blink of the weather.

I’m also all about the new line of black craft furniture they just released.

You can check it out here.

Thank you for supporting brands that support Thistlewood Farms and you can check out my disclosure policy for more information.

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  1. Your porch is beautiful, Karianne…and I love all of the wonderful furniture!

  2. Barbara Bussey :

    This is why you have those beautiful green fields! Here in California, we could really use that down pour…or more! And it’s wonderful that the outdoor furniture is so weather resistant. Gorgeous!

  3. Nan, Odessa, DE :

    BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT, I want to purchase the round, low white table and the birdhouse!

    Who sells that?

    Enjoy your daily post, keep them coming.

  4. I do love a good rainy day every now and then!!! Good for all things green!!! 🙂 … and I so can relate… we say that about the summer weather in Florida as well !!!!! lolol
    (and btw…. the porch is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Now….How about a glass of that sweet tea with a slice of lime!!) 🙂

  5. Karianne,
    Love the swirl of the trees in the one photo, the rain sluicing down in the next. Everything very lovely!

  6. That ornament on the door is awwwwesome!

  7. Love your post and your doe decoration! Where can I find a similar one?

  8. That’s door not doe! Lol

  9. Thank you for not complaining about the weather interruptions:. Continue to enjoy the rain: Stand outside and put your head back with your mouth open for those of us in California who are parched. In California you can “always” be out without any fear of weather interruptions. However, there is not much to look at outside. My front lawn is wood chips and my back lawn is brown “grass.” I enjoyed just being able to enjoy your back porch vicariously.

  10. Awww, so pretty!! There a saying that goes
    “Make your porch a part of your home, and
    it will make you a part of the world!” : )

  11. Oh my! Just gorgeous furniture! Your sense of style is amazing. I love the image of the rain. I wish our hot and humid weather would change as quickly as your Kentucky weather does!

  12. Michelle Rudis :

    It has been sweltering hot here in South Texas, without a single drop of rain for I don’t know how many days. In fact, it’s so dang hot and humid here that the mascara from my top and bottom lashes glued my eyes shut when I tried blinking in a new forecast like you Kentuckians. Love the post and pics, as always, KariAnne, and the furniture looks so cozy and comfy. Have a wonderful day, friend!

  13. Love all of your posts! As a Kentucky native, I can’t help but say, “The sun shines bright on my old Kentucky Home.”

  14. There is a saying in Florida about the weather too. I forget exactly how it goes but it’s something to the effect of “If you don’t like the hot weather, tough”. 🙂 Loving HDC these days. They are rocking out amazing stuff. Thanks for the eye candy KariAnne!

  15. Tish Foster :

    So soothing on the back porch:) Nothing more peaceful:))) Love your post you and wonderful!

  16. Michigan has the same exact saying. Our weather can turn around on a dime, too. I really miss our large deck and screen porch at our other house because we could sit there and enjoy the rain and/or storms and listen to those crickets and tree frogs and smell the summer air. So happy for our cottage.

  17. ok Ms. KariAnne…. It’s GORGEOUS! Looks like a magazine ad. Then it rains on the pillows, rugs, and umbrella. Now what? It rained for about 2 plus weeks here in St. Louis – off and on.
    So what does a person do when all that “stuff” gets soaked? I have brick patio – not a wood deck.
    I’m always so conflicted when it comes to outdoor stuff.

  18. I like the idea of cows making hay — it really stretches the imagination. I’ve always been partial to porches. Nothing screams summer as sitting on a porch just observing, listening and just capturing the moment. And Kentucky weather just spills over into Indiana. Yesterday it was so hot you could fry bacon on the patio — and NOT on the grill. Today it is beautiful with no humidity. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Your furniture is beautiful — and I even like the rain. Have a great day!! Sending big hugs!

  19. Your porch is absolutely gorgeous, but I am curious. I have a wooden deck as well ( not covered) and I read somewhere that outdoor rugs are not good for it, because they hold water? Does yours dry quickly? Honestly, same question for the outdoor cushions. Like some other comments, I am struggling on deciding if using ‘fabric/rugs’ on a wooden deck, with no protection from the rain is worth the investment. I live in Florida, if its not sauna hot, its pouring…DAILY

  20. Such a peaceful and lovely spot for relaxing. You have such a wonderful way with words to make your readers feel as if they are visiting you. Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. Beautiful porch and I loved hearing the crickets last night from your Periscope!

  22. Your back porch is beautiful….what a lovely view with or without rain. We in California would love a rain shower like that….maybe just maybe the winter will be a wet one for us. ☺

  23. It is SO unusual for us to still be so GREEN at the end of July! We’re usually a little brittle and faded – the grass, that is, not US! 😉

    Beautiful pics – even the rainy one!

  24. I LOVE a good stormy day! I feel like when it’s raining and miserable out that it give me license to just do nothing but read and relax. There have been times where I’m enjoying a good storm and a good book and then it gets nice out all the sudden and I get annoyed. I feel like when it’s beautiful out and you’re not outside, doing something, that you’re wasting the day. But with a good storm….it’s guilt-free!

    Love the porch!

  25. Karianne, My father would have loved your cows as he (a farmer in the Northern climes) had to ‘make hay while the sun shines’. Your cows would have made him very happy since they could do all the work :-).
    Really, really like the chair, umbrella, table, etc. They look classic yet durable and comfy.
    don’t you wish we could send some of our rain to our California friends?

  26. The weather’s the same here in North Mississippi, but we have had so many dry summers that I dance outside when it rains, unless its lightening of course. Ready for fall ya’ll, who’s with me.

  27. I am in love with the first picture–the gorgeous furniture, the lovely serene weather, the lush greenery…be still my heart!!!

    In Nebraska we say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes.” It must take longer than a blink to generate tornadoes and hail this summer…

  28. I know what you mean. There are certain times of the year, mainly early summer, when I look out over my back yard and the sun is streaming though the trees, and the grass is the most lush and green, and I think how incredibly lucky I am to be alive to appreciate nature and all her beauty. Have a lovely day Karianne !

  29. Your porch is so inviting! Here in Florida we are having rain every day and I would love to share some of it with our California friends. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  30. Your back porch is beautiful Karianne! That ornament on the door is so fabulous! Lovely pics too!
    Have a great rest of the week!

  31. Karianne, your back porch and back yard look beautiful. That patio set looks so welcoming, even your outside coffee table is decorated!!! Everything looks amazing as always. Would love to sit out there and have some sweet tea and listen to those crickets with you:) hope you have a fun weekend planned. Take care, Tara

  32. really really like Martha Stewart just-about-everything, love you and your delightful, sensitive, and abiding blog, and covet that bird house. Is there a source?

  33. Hi Karianne, I love it when you take us outside.
    You have such a fantastic yard and view. Lovely porch and photos.

  34. That furniture is beautiful, and I love your outdoor space!

  35. The furniture is beautiful….wish we had more of your rain here!….and must say that I do love the Craft Room furniture by Martha Stewart/Home Decorators….at this time, my granddaughter has called it her own!….Beautiful furniture, beautiful deck!!

  36. Donna Marie :

    I’m from Southern Indiana and I say, if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes. Little did I know that Nebraska had the saying first! This year we have had an over abundance of rain, as it has made record rainfall amounts in June. It has rained almost every day in July so everything looks beautiful for the end of July!!!

  37. Hi KariAnne, Your porch is beautiful and I adore the furniture. It has rained here in central Florida every day for three weeks. I would love to see Sunshine again.

  38. I will have to warn my niece about Kentucky weather…she is moving down there this weekend…knowing good people like yourself inhabit the state makes me feel a little better about her going.

    Rain or shine, you have the loveliest patio…the deck floor is to die for…just beyond gorgeous! And that is some very sturdy and beautiful looking outdoor furniture, too! And yet another standout for me is that unique driftwood bowl…you have a knack for finding the most amazing items to feather your nest!

  39. I know what you mean about Kentucky weather. I spent many weekends visiting family on sunny back porches only to have drastic weather changes ruin a good conversation in an instant. On another note, love those chairs! Martha Stewart collections are always so beautiful. Have a great weekend!

  40. Your back deck area is beautiful.

    I would absolutely be doing cheers if I looked out the window and saw rain right now. It’s a hot tamale here in Texas!!

  41. In Michigan, we say, “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes”. 🙂 I am about 10 miles inland from Lake Michigan and we could also have a saying “If you don’t like the weather, drive to the lake” because it can be very different depending on what direction the wind is blowing off of the lake. The temps can vary 15 degrees and the lake may be foggy while it’s a sunny day inland. Crazy.

    Of COURSE hamburgers taste better on a charcoal grill! And pink lemonade goes with pretty much anything, in my book.

  42. Haha, Kentucky and Texas must be kin because we say that too…unless it’s Summer then it’s more of the same. Insanely hot here but hoping for rain today. Slim chance but the clouds are piling up so here’s hoping!
    Oh my goodness! I just love your rug on the porch! It’s beautiful! I’d love to sit and drink iced tea out there with you. We’d have a great time, I’m sure!
    Happy weekend, friend. Enjoy your Summer shower for me.


  43. Beautiful porch and all the wonderful furniture. Also loved the front door decoration. Do you remember anything about the information on it? Thank you.

  44. … Hi KarriAnne…..
    I love this post….. the weather is something we can’t avoid… it affects most things we do….
    Your porch is beautiful and the views are gorgeous.. I love the trees…
    I don’t leave my cushions on the outdoor chairs because the dog would just make them ‘furry’…
    Have a great day… and when the weather’s right… ‘don’t blink’ …..
    Hugs… barb xxx

  45. I want your back porch!!!! I have a gorgeous courtyard right off my kitchen that SOMEDAY I am picturing a beautiful pergola with comfy seating!!! Where is your outdoor seating from??? I clicked on the collection you have posted but I didn’t see it in there (although I am so desperate to know I spent 1/4 of a second looking so that could be it too;-)

  46. Oh wow! Your back porch is so inspiring and absolutely perfect! I recently painted my deck, and I’m already bored with it. Go figure, right? However, your checkered pattern porch has reminded me that I can still add a little bit spunk to it, and add that much need personality that I desire. Thanks again for your rockstar style 🙂

  47. Your porch is beautiful. You always have the prettiest photos!

  48. I am soooo in love with your patio. This set is AMAZING!!! Totally pinning this for my patio makeover.

    Seng, lifestyle & home decor blogger