State Pumpkin Project

State Pumpkin Project


State Pumpkin Project Fall

Please tell me that you live in a state.

A state that has pumpkins.

And white and black paint.

And vinyl.

Because those are the very best kind of states.



And if you do…..this is your lucky day.

Your lucky pumpkin-having-black-and-white-paint-available-vinyl-making state day.

Count your blessings and start singing your state song.


State Pumpkin


State Pumpkin Project


A state


White paint

Black paint


Orange Pumpkin

1.  Live in a state.

A state you are proud of.

A state where your neighbors say…..that is some state.

Buy a pumpkin in that state.

I bought a real pumpkin because my state has amazing prices on real pumpkins.

The choice is really up to you…..

…..and your state.


White Pumpkin

Step 2:  Paint your pumpkin white.

Or whatever color you choose.

Let dry.

Wait 24 hours so your paint has a chance to set.

You want it to be completely dry before you apply the vinyl.

If not, your Kentucky may look like Arkansas.


Vinyl State


3.  Print out your state on vinyl.

I have a vinyl cutter named Greta.

She is amazing.  She helped me make this project and this project.


But just in case you don’t live next to an amazing vinyl cutter in Kentucky….

I found this great tutorial on how to use contact paper in your Cricut.

And if vinyl’s not your thing….you could trace the outline of your state with carbon paper onto the pumpkin and then fill in the image with paint.


State Outline
Step 4:  Put the vinyl onto the pumpkin.

I made sure to score all the edges to make sure paint didn’t get under the outline.

Make sure you find the flattest side of the pumpkin to ensure the vinyl lays down properly.


State Pumpkin Project


Step 5:  Paint the inside of the state outline.

Peel off.

Let dry.

Add a red star on the state where you live.

Place your pumpkin outside your front door.


And know.

Know that you and your pumpkin are lucky to live in a state…..

…..just like yours 🙂


PS  Edited to add:  We are an equal-opportunity geographic region project blog.   This project has been extended to include provinces, as well as regions, countries and continents.  

Thank you for your support.

PPS  Greta told me she would make states for anyone who wanted them.  Click here for your very own vinyl cutter.

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  1. Oh good, you already made my Kentucky state pumpkin for me. That was so nice of you and I will be watching my mailbox for a large package. I have to make my own??? But I love yours!!! SIGH!!! Thanks for the great tutorial. It’s one that even I can follow 🙂


  2. Um, yes please! Just bought my cheap pumpkins yesterday with something like this in mind… tell Greta I’ll be in touch. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  3. Of course if you live in a state like Texas – there will be almost more state than most pumpkins – oh no wait a minute – things are bigger and better- so there will be oodles of pumpkins that can handle a state like Texas – fun project especially for a teacher and her students – calling all Moms: here is a great teacher gift!!

  4. And I thought she made it for me???? Although, the star is in the wrong place…..east, Kari, waaaaaay east! 🙂 Thanks for the giggle this morning, I might even get this project done before Christmas!

  5. Good morning KariAnne.
    Made coffee and sat down to read blogs. Clicked on yours as I knew I’d be guaranteed a good morning giggle, and I was!! 🙂 Luv the black and white! That’s a fresh take on a pumpkin! Mine would have to be a faux one though… Florida, humidity, rain and real pumpkins = fast rot :-/
    Have a wonderful day!!
    ((HUGS)), Gee

  6. Very nice! My state is weirdly parallelogram-ish, and unless we had a rectangle-shaped pumpkin, we would think it was just some kind of drunken stripe. I think this projects works better with more interesting shaped states. Maybe I should move?

  7. If I had a Greta next to me I would totally abuse the fact she has a vinyl cutter. And our state has no white pumpkins that I can find, but we do have spray paint and dryer vent.


  8. Love it. Although, our state’s motto is, “Illinois, Where Our Governors Make Our License Plates.”

    Then again, we are also the “Land of Lincoln” so, I could paint that underneath and that would totally erase the bad juju Rod and George left us. haha I think a trip to Eric’s Pumpkin Patch is now in order.

    Have a great day!

  9. Dear Greta…I need the State of North Carolina Vinyl….:)

    Kari, as always you rock on the vinyl projects….love your gorgeous pumpkins….No projects this weekend, as I spent it with my very special “little pumpkin”…..Have a wonderful Kentucky day!!

  10. Brilliant!

    I was lying in bed reading this on my phone this morning when my 4 year old son came and snuggled in beside me. He loves playing Stack The States on my iPad so when he saw your pumpkin he grabbed my phone and said, “Hey! I know this state! It’s the state above us and above Tennessee, and it’s the state Granddaddy was boring (born). It must be….. (insert long pause) …. New Hampshire!” LOL!

    Love this project! Love ALL your state projects. I need one of those vinyl thingies for The Great State of Alabama!

  11. What a great project KariAnne! Love it! Showing this one to the hubby so he can figure a way to make me a cut out of NY!

  12. Very nice. If I were to make this it needs to be a faux pumpkin, a real one would rot in a day lol. I live in Thailand and the temps are still above 100F here so……… Bt it still is very cute 🙂

    Greetings from Marian

  13. KariAnne, you know I follow and really like your blog as i have told you in person. You are always fun to be with. I am soooooo partial to white so can’t help but love most of your posts. But of course I like the road side remakes too! Wishing all of the Woods a fabulous Fall….bloggedyanne…

  14. Clever! It looks pretty terrific all right!

  15. I was in panic mode!! I do not have a state! My pulse was racing, my palms getting sweaty, and then……ahhh, your disclaimer. Provinces included. All is right with the world again. My pumpkins shall be adorned with Provincial goodness. ps in love with the damask pumpkin cutie too-did you buy as is, or do this yourself? pps my Mom just scored me the exact milk glass vase, and as soon as I saw it, I thought of you =)

  16. Really adorable state pumpkin and great tutorial, Karianne!

  17. Can I get a vinyl cutout of the Jersey Shore cast to go with my state?

  18. Hmmm what is the state you live in is not the state that occupies the hearts of you and your family? Greta? What do I do? Maybe I should consult Greta’s cousin on this. I am sure she might have an answer….

    Have a wonderful day enjoying the delicious fall weather!

  19. GIRL!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!! Yay for Kentucky!

  20. What a great idea! Greta is a great resource too; thanks for sharing her blog. Love you Kentucky pumpkin! Looks amazing!

  21. great idea and Kentucky is a state on our retirement Bucket list….My hub’s grandfather was a horse trainer for draft Kentucky
    Me yeap I will do with a Texas on one side and a So.Dak on the other side…I have lived half my life in both….

  22. So glad to read the equal opportunity announcement at the end. I was wondering how I could have such a pumpkin on my porch when I live in a province, not a state. 🙂 So cute!

  23. Love the black & white colour scheme, the black & white paisley is gorgeous!! And I love the state on your pumpkin!
    Debbie 🙂

  24. Pa has loads of pumpkins..great idea

  25. That is really cute Karianne! I’ve been seeing painted pumpkin ideas around – thinking it’s time to get some pumpkins and get the paint out!

  26. So glad you opened this up to a more global audience! although I am hung up on the fact that you all have state songs… I never knew that. We don’t have province/territory songs up here, guess we let the ball drop on that one! I’m still laughing at the Illinois comment about governors making licence plates – that made me spit my coffee out! still laughing…

    Enjoy your new state pumpkin! I’m sure your governor would love you to send one to him! (or her)


  27. That is very cool KariAnne, I love both pumpkins.

  28. Cute project. Everyone should have a pumpkin with their state on it.


  29. I pinned it!
    I feel like I always leave comments for you saying that! 🙂

    I’ve seen a couple of these floating around, so I’ve got to do it!

  30. Paint a little red heart way up in the highest point of the Commonwealth of KY. That is where my heart lies, where I grew up.

  31. I’ll take a Virginia pumpkin, please! Thanks a BUNCH … I’ll be waiting for it. 🙂 Your pumpkin looks awesome … love the vignette you created with it, too! You never cease to amaze!

  32. That is way cute! What a unique way to decorate a pumpkin! LOVE!!

  33. Super cool idea!

  34. Umm, Kari – i don’t want to embarrass you or anything but your Kentucky is showing! Super cute, love it! Take care, Laura

  35. What is it with pumpkin posts this is the third one I have read this morning…………………lol what a cool project me when I think pumpkin I think of a nice yummy baked veggie………….lol

  36. Love that Greta! I think I may need to order me a state of IL … and maybe Jersey too …



  37. Kari! You have got to stop with the KY projects…you have put me into overdrive over here! I actually posted a pillow that I made this weekend using your canvas idea! I also gave you a shout out…love ya girl!

  38. This is awesome! I am not much for fall decor because I don’t really care for fall colors much, BUT I love black and white! The state is just the right touch! Thanks for sharing!

  39. What a fun idea! Dang I wish I lived in a state with a cool shape like Kentucky. Nope I live in big boxy Utah….I wouldn’t even need a vinyl cutter for that, just a pair of scissors. The only state that would be worse is Colorado, just a big rectangle. That does it I’m moving to Ohio simply because it would look good on a pumpkin. Thanks for sharing this awesome idea!!

  40. Great look, KariAnne. You are so lucky to have your very own Greta.

    You better not move around much or you will no longer be in Kentucky.♥

  41. You are too much! I just love it!!!! How completely creative! And your pictures, oh my goodness. LOVE.

  42. That is so cute! I love it! What an awesome idea KariAnne!