Letting the Sunshine In

Letting the Sunshine In


disclosure:  this post is sponsored by Crane and Canopy

Yesterday I picked flowers in the rain.

Baskets and baskets of roses.

I had just finished shaking off the winter cobwebs and fluffing the pillows and changing the linens and refreshing the master bedroom for spring.

The day was stormy and the clouds were rolling in and it was dark as night…

…and I needed a little sunshine.

Sunshine that looked like this.

I just grabbed different pieces of milk glass and let the flowers arrange themselves.

(total aside:  I think I’m like the flower on the left–always sticking out in a crowd).

I picked the flowers to celebrate this new bedding that just showed up on my doorstep from Crane and Canopy.

It’s soft and sweet and luxurious–all rolled up in a layers of soft-washed Belgian linen.

Farmhouse in a box.

When I opened the box, the scent of lavender spilled into the room. The soft-washed linen duvet cover and shams were packaged in tissue and this tiny sachet.

Both the duvet cover and shams came with their own linen bag.

The set was pre-washed and folded and tied up with a string.

I couldn’t help it.  I hugged it because it smelled like spring and felt like it just came off the clothes line outside.

There is a two-inch hemstitch around the border of the duvet and shams and the linens are woven from pure Belgian flax.

It felt so soft.  Sometimes linen can feel a little rough, but not this linen.

Not this glorious, wonderful, amazing bedding.

It felt timeless and incredible and vintage…

…like it had been in the farmhouse forever.

Here’s to farmhouse in a box.

Here’s to kicking the winter cobwebs to the curb.

And here’s to celebrate vintage, timeless, enduring style and linen that smells like spring…

…and letting a little sunshine in. 🙂

disclosure:  this post was written in collaboration with Crane and Canopy.

All opinions are my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. Don’t you love packages, roses and awesome fresh smelling linens? It all screams spring and sunshine. Have a great day!

  2. love the roses! happy spring!

  3. The linens look luxurious! And the roses! And your whole room! Hope you have wonderful day!

  4. I just discovered Crane and Canopy this week! I am so happy to hear you had such a good experience with them. It is always easier to order from a company when a friend recommends them! Your bedroom is beautiful and the roses add the perfect touch! The rose sticking out of the crowd? She’s my favorite!

  5. I love surprise packages! It feels just like a birthday present and I bet your wonderfully smelling linens hugged you back. There is something about lavender that makes me relax and wipes everything out of my mind except images of lavender fields. Sending hugs, my friend!! Psst!! I have a sudden urge to go bounce on your bed — it looks so inviting.

  6. As my daylilies fight to surface (we had snow yesterday) I cannot wait to enjoy clipping flowers and bringing them in to our home. The bedding looks so so scrumptious. I see a cozy night with a good Hallmark movie in your future.

  7. I love, surprises, roses and sunshine, I also love rain! The bedding makes me think about making my bed!

  8. Today our weather makes me want to curl up in your new linens and not come back out. 😉 Well, maybe for food …..

  9. I see you removed the curtains from the corners of you bed! Was that for added sunshine too? Or did you do that earlier and I just didn’t notice because everything else was so gorgeous?! :0

    I’ve never received a package all wrapped up like that. And a lavender sachet too – Say Whaaat?! I think I’ll have to order from Crane and Canopy… hmm, maybe for Mother’s Day!

  10. When my eyes first gazed upon your lovely bedroom I sighed a big sign. A good sigh. One of those sighs you can’t control… the kind that just comes out. One look at your inviting space and my body and soul relaxed. Ahhhhh…..
    Thanks for that beautiful moment in the midst of a busy day, KariAnne. XO

  11. Oh my gosh, I know how much you are enjoying that bedding because I was fortunate enough to also do a post on Belgian Linen from Cultiver – http://www.mountainmamaonline.net/2017/02/creating-dream-bedroom.html – and I absolutely love, love, LOVE those sheets! They are on my bed right now and I nearly couldn’t get out of it this morning, I was so comfy! Your bedroom is gorgeous, love it so much.

  12. Stephanie Ray Brown :

    Oh my would love to find a surprise on my doorstep especially you! Love soft sheets and beds you can just sink in! Beautiful bedroom.

  13. You’re photos are wonderful.
    And your roses are lovely, too!

  14. Teresa Gonzales :

    We need some of that sunshine up here in Massachusetts! No roses yet, but looking at bringing some daffodils in to add some sunshine to the house. Your roses and new bedding look so comfortable and I can imagine how good they smell!

  15. Oh how wonderful!
    I’d like to hear about
    that night’s sleep!! : )


    KariAnne, so glad you found that wonderful package at your door! Your Master Bedroom looks lovely! The roses are so pretty!

    We won’t have anything blooming here for at least another month! How we are looking forward to warmer weather!


  17. Can I sleep in your bed?
    If not, I’ll settle for the source of your chairs at the end of the bed and those gorgeous pillows.

  18. I made my own linen duvet covers, from antique sheets. I have been buying them up, and sometimes, when I spy a stain or a flaw, the seller will just give me that sheet, if I’m buying a bunch of others. The perfect ones are for our vacation rentals. But I took pairs with small flaws, sewed them together, leaving an opening at the bottom, and voilà: basically free linen duvet covers. They feel SO GOOD.

  19. Beautiful bedding! And opening the lovely package must have been such fun…a feast for the senses!

  20. Everything is so lovely and elegant.

  21. Julie Briones :

    Okay… something is wrong here. I just ran out to my wee porch, and there was nothing. Fine, there was a icky old black ‘welcome’ mat (of which I need to replace with the perfect farmhouse mat that I haven’t found in my price range yet), but there was NOT any beautiful Belgian linen bedding waiting for ME to open and smell and hug. What’s up with that?!

    So happy for you and your hubby, and your lovely bright and airy bedroom! ENJOY!

  22. I love linen bedding! This looks wonderful. Enjoy.

  23. Pamela R LePage :

    The bedding looks awesome.. Love the flowers

  24. Very like with the red roses you put in the middle of the room. Looks very beautiful when the sun goes into the room .. thank you for these interesting ideas

  25. Beautiful roses! And beautiful bedding…I probably would have hugged it too 😉

  26. Such a peaceful and serene room. The roses add a lovely splash of color and a bit of romance.

  27. Stopping by from the BFF link up. Your bedroom is so pretty and peaceful. I love the touch of the roses. You’re right. They do add a little sunshine.

  28. I am in love with your bedroom. Can you transform mine?? #MerryMonday

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