Southern Country House Tour

Southern Country House Tour



Dear wonderful, incredible, hilarious Laura,

You and your home are amazing.


You had me at the winding gravel country road.


I can see you right now…..shaking your head and rolling your eyes at me and trying to point out some place where you forgot to paint a tiny spot or where you want to get new chairs or a different fabric or transplant flowers.


It won’t work.

You can point out anything you want.

You and your amazing self will never change my mind.


Because I’m not listening to you trying to convince me you are not amazing.

I’m staring in awe at your winding hallway and your arched doorways and your stacks of white dishes lining the hutch.

And your ceiling molding that is six inches wide.


And then I’m wondering where you got that lampshade and is it fabric or printed and why didn’t I think of mixing a clock with silver frames?

And could I make a lampshade like that?

And would it look as cute as yours?

And why did I never really think of the whole gray/purple/silver combination?


I’m wondering what the color of stain is that you used on the floors.

And how incredible to have a door that leads to the back porch.

And that slip covered furniture truly makes a room.


The thing is my creative friend…I know you are not even trying to be amazing.

You can’t help it.

It just comes naturally.

You are simply being….you.

Wonderful.  Incredible.  Creative.  Visionary.  You.


You are creating a home for your family.

An oasis.

A place full of love and laughter and joy.

Where books are read and scrabble games are played and the donkeys roam the pasture and homemade ice cream is always served.


Where on a soft summer’s night you can catch fire flies and walk barefoot through the grass and listen to the chirping of the crickets.

Where family and friends gather to celebrate.

Where the low hum of conversation sprinkles across the hills and over the pond…and when you look up into the night sky….

….you can count the stars.


Thank you, Laura.

Thank you for the lunch.

Thank you for nodding yes when I opened the front door and took one look and ran for my camera and tripod.

Thank you for allowing me to photograph the oasis you created at the end of a winding country road.

But most of all….thank you for creating a home that is full of joy and wonder and serenity….

….and a whole lot of amazing. 🙂

PS  Sorry I was late….but thanks for saving the chicken salad just for me. 🙂

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  1. okay…did you have to include my wonky green umbrella??????So glad that you were able to come over. thanks for sharing . hugs

    • Laura:

      You have a BEAUTIFUL home!

      Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • BECAUSE you mentioned your wonky umbrella, I had to scroll back and look. If ya don’t mention it … most of us will never notice … and if we DO notice, we will like you even more because pretty much everybody has something wonky in their home. 🙂 Yours, by the way, is indeed gorgeous.

    • Laura, your house is AMAZING (except that wonky umbrella) ha ha kidding, like Kris, I had to scroll back up to look as my jaw was firmly dropped at all the beautiful pictures of your beautiful home. Thank you Laura for letting Karianne show us a peek inside this inspiring and beautiful oasis!

  2. Gorgeous home! Gorgeous lady, inside and out! XO! Rebecca

  3. KariAnne, I can see why you were taken with Laura’s beautiful home. And, you must have thrilled her soul with these stunning photos and incredible post.

  4. Karianne,
    Thank you for the glamour tour of this lovely peaceful home!

  5. Not only did I miss a delicious lunch… and meeting my favorite bloggers…. I missed a GORGEOUS home!!!! Thanks, KariAnne for sharing Laura’s home.
    Meeting you was one of the brightest memories of Haven! As you say… YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR… and the nicest one I know!

  6. Thanks for sharing Laura’s beautiful home. How fun to have lunch together!

  7. And I am so glad I was able to be right there with you and your shots are wonderful and cute cute post.

  8. Such a beautiful home and I love how you wrote about…..truly endearing and heartfelt. Thanks so much for sharing it.


  9. This home is completely and utterly amazing! WOW!!!! TFS!!! : ) hugs…

  10. Great post!!! From what I hear, You were a HUGE hit at Haven!!! Congrats!

  11. Yeah, Laura and Karianne! You guys are a perfect match for each other. Beautiful homes and beautiful ladies!

  12. Thanks for taking us to lunch with you. Gorgeous home…sparkling conversation I’m sure…and chicken salad….lucky gal! 😉

  13. Laura is one of favorite people EVER and her home is amazing! So sorry I missed out on the lunch, but thanks for the eye candy. 😉
    xo Heidi

  14. I’m a little disappointed. When ever Laura gives her own home tour we get to see her ass. (Your other readers need to stop at Laura’s to see her ass. She’s got a donkey ya’ll, a real live one}.
    Smart-Ass Bliss

  15. How gorgeous….what a soothing home!

  16. Such a beautiful post. You really captured the essence of her home as well as your appreciation for her kindness. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Laura is an amazing friend – and who doesn’t love a gal that has her own donkey!

  18. KariAnne, thanks for sharing Laura’s lovely home! She has lots of inspiring ideas! What a beautiful story and post!

  19. Very pretty home. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Absolutely beautiful! I’m the same way when walking into a new home. I try to notice everything and always end of thinking “why didn’t I think of that?” Thanks so much for sharing Laura’s gorgeous home!

  21. I had the joy and pleasure of visiting Laura’s gorgeous home…it is all that you say it is…full of warmth, love, and so much creativity…Laura is truly a warm and loving person…and her personality shows throughout her home and not to mention beautiful gardens!!!!…

  22. Yowza! That’s a beautiful home.

    I love all the windows. And the white. And the patio/deck. And even the wonky green umbrella.

    Wonky is good, don’t you know? It adds CHARACTER to a home.

    Our house is wonderful, don’t get me wrong. My wife and I love it. But it’s SO DARK sometimes. All that real wood. Stained dark. And no windows that face east or west.

    But this isn’t about me, is it? : – )

    Thanks for sharing! Beautiful home. Beautiful photos.

    All the best,

  23. Ok! I think I have to move in : )

  24. You had me at that lampshade! I’m depending on you, Karianne, to pass on whatever you learned about that!

    Laura, your house is beautiful. Truly an oasis!!

  25. Oh KariAnne you have such a way with words, I LOVE to read your blog, you are simply inspiring!!! I agree with you Laura@Top This Top That has a beautiful home, I discovered her a bit ago and have been smitten ever since. 😀

  26. Hi KariAnne

    Love your blog!! Do you know the color grey she used on her walls’ I am looking for a pale grey like that for mine.

    Linda Marsh

  27. Laura your home is sooo very lovely! I am happy for you to have such a beautiful haven to enjoy with your family. I am wildly jealous though…that you had Karianne over for lunch!! Karianne, let it be known you have a standing invitation to come to my house, eat lunch, sip diet coke, laugh, pet Emmett, meet my family and more…any time ANY time!! Ok, just so you know! Laura you are certainly welcome too! Have a wonderful day ladies!

  28. Laura has such a beautiful home and great style. Thanks for sharing this with us!!


  29. Kari Ann, thanks so much for sharing this fabulous, gorgeous home! You 2 are like 2 peas in a pod: beautiful, creative, inspiring, talented…..I could go on and on! I love everything she has done. I wish so much I had been at that lunch, talk about star struck!!! You BOTH rock!!!!!!!! XO

  30. Wow, what a gorgeous place! Thanks for the tour of this warm and lovely home 🙂


  31. Love the entire tour, wonky umbrella and all 😉 The raised bed at the entryway was one of my fav elements!! That, and the living room. So gorgeous!!!!

  32. What a beautiful home tour of a lovely lady by a lovely lady! You two rock my world, let me tell ya! Always inspirational and just down right, true blue, lovely women…inside and out! What a blessing to have one showcase the other! Blessings to you both!~~Ang

  33. What a lovely home! I can’t believe on my “visit” to leave a note for Karianne that I gained insight into not one but two incredible women. Karianne, you were fabulous at Haven. And thank you both for so graciously sharing your homes and hearts.

  34. That is truly a welcoming home. So warm and inviting!

    Thanks for featuring it!

    Annie XO

  35. Haha!!! When you told me weeks ago that you had Laura in your Bullseye, I KNEW you were right on track! She has been hiding under a rock, a proverbial diamond in the rough, too humble to show the world her awesome design accomplishments in her own home! (We knew you were hiding something Ms. Laura!! wink). Gorgeous, just simply gorgeous. To be honest, I’m a tad jealous that Thistlewood was able to sip sweet tea & eat chicken salad without me! (I think a trip back down is in order very soon!!!)

  36. Ahhhh…you BOTH have gorgeous homes and I love how you both have similar tastes yet different homes!! I love the burlap at the bottom of those tall drapes and the entry and how clutter free it all is. Does she wear red lipstick too???

  37. Not sure what I’m more jealous of … that you were invited to visit Laura’s amazing home. Or that you got to spend time with the amazing Laura. In her amazing home!


  38. Julia @ Cuckoo4Design :


  39. Such a pretty home!! Love all the details.

  40. Absolutely beautiful home and yes, so welcoming and warm. Would love to have been there!


  41. I’m a little confusaed ha! (so whats new?) Isnt she now moving? Or am I getting her mixed up wih another blogger?

    • I’m sorry. I figured it out – I was confusing her with ”This that, & Life’ blog. I’m losing my mind.

  42. Thank you so much for sharing Laura’s beautiful home and your wonderful post. I so enjoyed it!

  43. I’m so glad that I got to meet Laura at the beginning of the summer!
    She’s the real deal, and her house is, indeed, GORGEOUS.

    so glad that you guys have formed a friendship through blogging….it’s crazy how it happens, right?

  44. Pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing her with us.

  45. love her, love her home love her wonky umbrella 🙂

  46. Beautiful home! Love so many things but the dark hutch full of white dishes…LOVE!
    Thanks so much for the tour…