Sing Your Heart

Sing Your Heart

I get e-mails all the time asking me how to say my name.

And how to pronounce it and how to spell it and if there’s are any capitals in it.

It’s a challenge….I know.

I completely understand.

I’ve been challenged all my life with it.

And all those challenges all started with Norwegian movie spectacular, “Windjammer”……

…..and a little song called, “Kari Waits For Me.”



On the off-chance that you’re not familiar with the movie Windjammer and that world-famous song…..the lyrics go like this:


Kari waits for me at home

Oh Kari waits for me

I see her standing  there beside the restless sea.

Kari waits for me at home

‘tho I must sail the sea.

I’m a sailor born to roam while Kari waits for me.


Blow ye trade winds fill the sails

Oh blow ye trade winds blow.

Blow thro’ those stormy gales

As homeward we will go.

Homeward to the snow-capped mountains 

Rising from the sea

Homeward to the land I love

Where Kari waits for me.


book paper flowers


My father named me after “Kari Waits For Me” and he sang it to me my entire life.

I would perch at his feet and he would pull out his guitar and softly strum the words.

And in a lilting voice he would sing my song.

He would sing about Kari and her sailor and far-off lands and the ever-blowing trade winds.

It was my favorite song in the whole world.

Ever….in the history of ever.

Dining Room Spirng


When I got married I stood in the reception hall in a beautiful white dress with overly beaded shoes and plenty of red lipstick…..listening to my father sing “Kari Waits For Me.”

He played his guitar and sang the song he had sung to me my entire life.

Our song.

And when he reached the second verse….all of a sudden….there was harmony.

Another voice joined in.

My new husband…..playing his guitar with his eyes sparkling and twinkling.

Singing my song.

Together my husband and my father sang and sang and sang to me.

And I stood there as the tears ran down my face.


Note card display


And then my father stopped singing and played a just few more notes…..before quietly fading off the stage.

Leaving only my husband…..singing my song.

The song from my father.

The song of my childhood.


The torch had been passed.

“Kari Waits For Me” started a new chapter.

A new life.

A new beginning.

Note card Song


For Christmas my brother found the notes to that song.

And he framed them and gave them to me.

Those precious, wonderful, incredible words of “Kari Waits For Me.”

The notes to the song……written by my father on that long-ago night.

When a father…..who loved a daughter…..guided her to a new chapter in her life.

And sang her his heart.

PS  You say my name like the word “car” with a long “e.”  No capitols needed. 🙂

PPS  Happy, joyful wonderful day to you.

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  1. Oh my gosh, what a sweet story! Tears came to my eyes at the wedding part. Love it. Thank you for sharing! I wish I had a great story like that about my name. 🙂

  2. Ok… I am such an emotional me.. and now I have tears in my eyes and running down my cheeks after reading that. How sweet. sniff… sniff…
    Never heard of the song, but luv the lyrics….
    Oh, the dining room is beautiful 🙂
    Off to dry my eyes, and go run errands.
    Happy Friday Pretty Lady!
    hugs, Gee

  3. I’m just gonna call you “sweetheart” right now, because this is the most precious thing I’ve ever heard. I have two married daughters and I can only imagine the deep emotion you must have experienced at that moment. and how amazingly thoughtful of your daddy to pass this on to your husband. This just brings tears to my eyes. Bless you heart, Kari

  4. That is the most beautiful post I have ever read. And maybe the best wedding story ever, too…. How wonderful to have had a father like yours, and then to have met your husband, who obviously shares the same wonderful spirit! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh Kari! I was loving that story about your father and then when I read about your husband singing it with your father….oh the waterworks started!!! What a BEAUTIFUL story! What a wonderful surprise! And how sweet to now have those words framed for you. I just love this!! (Oh, and I don’t think I have ever told you, but I love the way each of your posts has its own story – your writing style is just lovely!)

  6. Well, you made me cry…such a lovely story told so very well.

    You could frame this story for your children so they can pass it down to their children.

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ but first help me find some Kleenex.

    ~hugs, Mary Beth~

  7. That is amazing! For a father and a husband to collaborate on something so precious . . . well, I’m getting misty, too!!!!!! Bless you, have a happy Friday, and a happy weekend!!!

    Many hugs! 🙂

  8. What a sweet post..There couldn’t have been a dry eye at your wedding..WOW!!
    Interesting..I would have pronounced it care-e-anne

  9. if you don’t make me laugh you make me cry. what a sweet story.

  10. Oh…I knew your name came from some type of folklore…but this is such an amazing story…a one that you cannot hold back the tears!!….I can just see your dad singing the song and your hubby joining in…how so very awesome!!!….Love the story Kar!!…Have a wonderful weekend!!

  11. You can find a version of the song at – the original rendition that Dr. Mark loved. You are blessed.

  12. Ashley Johnson :

    Wow! That is an awesome
    Story!!! So I want to know how Kijsa got her name too now

  13. Oh my goodness what a special moment!! I love that your husband and father sang that to you together!! I will now go get a tissue and wipe my tear and have the most wonderful day full of love in my heart from your sweet sweet story!! And I need to look up that song- I don’t know it!!

  14. This is such a great story and you made me sentimental inside. You sound like your close to your dad like I am to mine. Thank you for sharing.


  15. I love the story of your dad singing and passing the torch. My dad would cite the limerick of “Sister Susie sitting by the seashore, sewing shirts for sailors…” When I was young and lost both my front teeth, I developed a lisp and this limerick was a way for my dad to help me through it. To the day he died, he always called me Sister Susie! It’s endearing these little gestures between a daughter and a father that come to mean so much. Have a great weekend, XOXO

  16. Since I have come to your blog home, this is my favorite story that you have shared. It brings good chills and tears of the wonderful sentiment behind your name. It also makes me feel I know you better even though we have never met. Thank you for sharing your story of your name and how the song was passed from your father to your husband. That is a treasure! I also had imagined your name pronounced as the Carrie like on Little House on the Prarie. I am glad to now know it’s real pronunciation. Again, it makes me feel like I know you better. Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

  17. WOW! We should each of us have such a story to tell.

  18. I don’t often comment on blogs but your lovely tale reminded me of my own childhood- firstborn grandchild, my papa would always bounce me on his knee singing “The Yellow Rose of Texas. ” you brought a tear to my eye! Thank you. Such a beautiful memory for you!

  19. From one Daddy’s girl to another…. WOW! What a wonderful story and it was surely a beautiful moment. Thanks for sharing. Maybe next time a disclaimer along the lines of “Kleneex Necessary” would be helpful. 🙂

    Oh, and my name came from an Ipana toothpaste commercial. Remeber the scene is Grease where the girls are at a slumber party and Jan is singing along with the beaver on the commerical, “Brush’em, brush’em, new Ipana toothpaste….” This story isn’t nearly as good as yours though. 🙂

  20. WOW! it sounds like a scene in a movie from a romantic chic flick! I am touched! How special a family you must have!


  21. Wonderfully…beautiful. k.

  22. OK, that’s a first. I got teary-eyed reading a blog. A hard-hearted English girl like me crying at 12:40 in the afternoon. That’s a first. 🙂

  23. What a beautiful story, thank you so much for sharing it this day.

  24. A chill…a good chill ran up my spine when I read how your husband joined in the song at your wedding. Precious!


  25. Candace Bertalan Horner :

    Oh my, what a story, so touching and sweet and I am crying at my desk!!!! What an incredible wedding memory you will always have, and how did they dream up that scenario!!

    My dad used to sing to me..

    “Candy….I call my sugar, Candy”….to me…… I can just hear him sing it……He’s been gone for almost five years.

    Oh boy…

    I hope no one walks in to my office until I get under control!!

  26. OMGoodness… I have tears streaming down my face. That was just beautiful. You are so very lucky to grow up with that bond between you & your father – cherish it always!

  27. My favorite blogger – you always make my day! I was named after a character in “Gone With the Wind”. Not nearly as memorable as your story – and of course no song. Raising my coffe cup in a toast and going back to reread your post. Have a wonderful weekend with your family.

  28. Oh my heart! What a precious story. I would love it if you shared some pictures of that wonderful day, if you don’t mind us peering in.

  29. Beautiful, beautiful story. Wow.
    Your dining room is gorgeously elegant!

  30. I think you get enjoyment seeing tears run down my cheeks, don’t you? That is so lovely and will serve as a beautiful reminder of him singing that song to you!

  31. That is your ‘share’ yet, girl! Totally teary-worthy. LOVE that your hubby and Dad sang together and then just your Hubby.

  32. That was supposed to say your BEST ‘share’ yet!

  33. What a lovely post, and how special that you have a song that’s for you. How special that must have been at your wedding–I’m sure not a dry eye in the house! I love your photos, and the paper flowers in the chippy wire containers especially. Have a great weekend, Karianne!

  34. What a beautiful story!! I shouldnt have read it here at work as I am not sniffling and wiping away a few tears. Thanks for sharing!

  35. Cynthia Toone Riley :

    I don’t know what I like better..your Dad and husband singing your song or the gift of your Dad’s notes, framed by your brother. What a loving and thoughtful family you have!

    As usual, your moving post is accompanied by beautiful pictures…where did you get the urns on the table…they are perfect with the paper flowers!

  36. That is the sweetest wedding story I think I’ve ever heard! You are so blessed to have that legacy!

  37. Wow! What a beautiful sweet memory and history to your name. I love it. 🙂

    I am the youngest daughter in my family. My parents had three. I, born Stephanie Jo, was called Stevie Joe by my dad until thankfully our brother arrived. Then I became Stephanie. 🙂

  38. What a beautiful story… and even more, what a beautiful legacy your father created just for you! My heart is melting!

  39. What a sweet story and beautiful photos.

  40. What a sweet, sweet story! I love it! From my eyes, your world seems just so perfect 🙂

  41. Linda Southworth :

    Its all been said in the previous comments…ditto! You are a joy Miss Karianne 🙂

  42. Sheryll & Critters. :


  43. Here I sit at work (I’m on lunch) with tears streaming down my face. This is really one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever heard. What a precious memory. thanks for sharing.

  44. That is such a sweet story Kari, and such a beautiful gift!

  45. That is the sweetest thing EVER. In the history of EVER. Thanks for sharing that amazing story with all of us.

  46. LOVE this story! Thank you for sharing. Yes, I’m crying, too. sigh….. I was named after a rooster! ha!!

  47. What an utterly beautiful story. I’m still wiping the tears away. How very lucky you are to have such a wonderful father and husband! I have the same, (but they didn’t either sing to me). I LOVE your Blog. I anxiously wait each day to see what we will discover today!

  48. Let me in by the schmaltz! 🙂 I mean, if they put this in a movie I would love it, but I would laugh at myself for crying. Hey! Maybe they will put it in a movie! Anyway, I love it. It’s good stuff. Thank you for sharing it. Please forgive me if this comes across as cynical or nasty. I hope you know me well enough to realize it’s just my shield coming up. <3

  49. Lucky, lucky girl……..a wonderful story for a wonderful family, what a treasure to pass on and what a keepsake! Made me cry!

  50. You always make me laugh…today you made me cry. The good cry that comes from being a woman that still loves her Daddy like she was still that little girl in his lap. The good cry that comes from being a momma of two little girls that love their Daddy beyond written or spoken word. Thank you.

    Holly McCampbell

  51. What a great story!!! LOVE it!!! Oh so sweet!!!! Thanks for sharing!! Hugs!!

  52. Chills and goosebumps! How wonderfully romantic and sweet!

  53. Oh my gosh – sweetest story ever. Great gobs of tears… It was such a pretty story, that I thought I was going to get to the end, and you were going to say… “no, not really.” LOL SO GLAD you REALLY had all that wonderfulness happen to you! ~Sally

  54. Oh, this was truly touching, Karianne…a full circle love story…you are blessed, girl. Thank you for sharing it with us…

  55. What a sweet memory and I’m so happy that you shared it with us! My husband and our daughter danced at her wedding reception to “Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison. It’s always been their special song.

  56. Oh crumbs! You’ve just done me in. What a lovely memory and a gorgeous thing to have for your kiddo.

  57. Beautiful! Joyous Wishes, Kari
    Hugs, Linda

  58. Oh, KariAnne. You have me sobbing now. You know I was a “Daddy’s Girl”, too. And, I adored my father. Even though I didn’t know your father, I know I would have adored him, too.♥

  59. I agree with everything above – this is one of your best posts ever (and that’s saying something!) What a treasure those handwritten notes are and what a thoughtful brother to gift them to you in such a special way. Thank you for sharing such a special memory with us today – I think the sun is shining just a bit brighter now!


  60. Heart. Melted.

  61. OK, now I’m totally crying too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is just the most beautiful story ever – in the history of ever – as you would say! LOVE IT! Thank you. 🙂

  62. oh my gosh~ That story made me cry – totally and completely. My husband sings “Brown Eyed Girl” to my daughter and she had her Quinceanera (Mexican coming out), they danced to that song and everyone in the room cried – I guess we will play it at her wedding too 🙂

  63. Teresa Guerrero Impson :
  64. Simply amazing. I agree with Colleen’s comment – my heart melted.

  65. Beautiful Kari!!! Thanks for sharing.

  66. Love the story…..what a neat thing to happen T your wedding too! Something you will never forget.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  67. What a BEAUTIFUL MOMENT that had to have been when your Dad and husband were singing and then your Dad just left your husband singing to you!! That is SUCH a TOUCHING story and to know how much both your Dad and husband love you!!

  68. Beautiful story from start to finish. First your daddy, then your husband and then your brother. What an awesome family. You either make me laugh or cry! Thank you for sharing it.

  69. OK, tears here! That’s the sweetest father/daughter wedding story I’ve ever heard. You have two very special men in your life, Kari Anne. And your name is beautiful. Thanks for sharing this dear story. And what makes it ever sweeter is the framed notes in your father’s handwriting. ~ Sarah

  70. A lovely post. I had to giggle about your name pronunciation…have you ever seen the movie short called “Jack-Jack Attack on The Incredibles DVD? You really, really should watch it! Can you tell I have young children?

  71. Sweet, sweet story…made me cry! Enjoy your weekend! 😉

  72. Sweet, sweet story and such precious memories.

  73. what a sweet sweet story kari anne (and i’m glad you gave your correct pronounciation of your name…i’ve been saying all wrong!)…when my first husband and i got married in 1973 he sang to me at our wedding….it was the sweetest thing anyone had ever done for me.

    did ya’ll get any snow yesterday? the northern part of alabama got quite a bit but here in montgomery we didn’t get any… today the sun is finally out!

    also, i wanted to thank you once again for helping me out with my little situation last month….you went the extra mile and i really appreciated it!

  74. Omg…this is the stuff of fairy tales. Corny to say? Probably, but truly.

    What wonderful memories, all of them. Your father singing that song to you throughout your life, the wedding duet, and the framed pieces of those memories.

    I wish I could have had a smidgen of that type of relationship w/ my own father. You are truly blessed. 🙂

    I know two other Kari’s, so your name wouldn’t have thrown me.

    I’ve only just wandered in to your blog. Nice to meet you!

  75. OK, I don’t even know where to start with this!! I reckon I ‘ll just jump right in…

    Is this not the most SWEETEST story you have ever heard???????!!! I mean, really, Good Luck topping this one!!!

    Now for a little whining…I wanna song!!! If you get a song, I wanna song too! OK, I’ve gotta go find me somebody to write me a song…

  76. So incredibly beautiful!


  77. Oh KariAnne that is just so SWEET! I’m assuming that even though I’ve been calling you KariAnne you must go my just Kari most of the time! And I’m so glad you told us how to say it – I was saying it ‘Carrie’. I like Kari so much better!!

  78. I love your stories but this has to be the sweetest one so far. As I was reading i could picture your father singing and then your husband joining in . It brought a tear to my eye.
    Thank you for sharing.
    And I have to say your family gives the best gifts. Love the hand written lyrics.

  79. Barb Schneider :

    I love and miss your sweet Dad. I love your sweet husband and yes you too.
    Wish you were down the street and around the corner so I could hug your neck.
    Thanks for sharing such precious memories with us.
    You are a blessing to me.
    Your friend.

  80. What a sweet, sweet story. (tears).
    And I would have never known that’s how you pronounce your name 🙂

  81. That was the sweetest story ever. If my daddy sang to me the people would beg him to please stop. 🙂 But I love him just the same!!!! Your brother is one talented and sentimental guy! How’s the closet coming? I was home sick for two days and am dying to see how it turns out!!!
    Have a great weekend friend.

  82. This might just be my favorite post of all! What a beautiful, precious gift …

    🙂 Linda

  83. Oh how beautiful…this post is so precious…as the moment must have been for you at your wedding. What lovely memories…and your brother was so thoughtful. And such a fitting post after our email, karianne!
    Debbie 🙂

  84. Oh Kari that is my favourite post of yours ever ! What a beautiful, enchanting tale of love and precious relationships. A wee little tear floated down my cheek as I read about your wedding. That is just soooooooo beautiful. Love like that is the greatest gift of all.
    I too named our daughter after a song and I too have sung it to her over the years. It is a song that I found from a cd that my father in law gave to my husband and I just knew that I had to name our unborn baby that same name ‘Ruby’ . My Ruby loves her name, I love her name and just in that itself creates a little bond of love.
    Family are the threads that bind us together.
    Love and blessings
    Melanie x

  85. What a sweet story. Thanks for sharing.
    On another topic, I have always loved the curtains in your dining room as shown above. Where did you purchase them?

  86. What a touching special story. Thank you for sharing. Oh it’s so touching!

  87. What a wonderful, sweet memory that your dad gave to you! No wonder you turned out to be such a special lady, Car-E. 🙂

  88. I am bawling my eyes out, that is one of the best things I have ever heard (read) in m y whole life.

    Oh my goodness.

    OK, now I must stop singing that old 60s song Carrie Anne by the Hollies that I sing EVERYTIME I read your blog.

    : – )


  89. Thanks a lot…I think you have all of Blogland crying now! 😉

    So your name is pronounced like “car”, then a long “e”…not “care” then a long “e”?

  90. PS

    MY life consisted of being sung the Beatles song “Michelle.”

    Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble………..

    Mai, oui!

    (And will always love that too.)

    But nothing special or touching like your story though!

  91. Unutterably sweet story. Thank you for sharing.

  92. I think I would really like your dad.


  93. “Sigh”… I smile. How beautiful.

  94. This is truly the sweetest story I’ve heard in a long time. How wonderful to be loved so much!

  95. Love your story.
    You made me remember my wedding when everyone sang “once in love with Amy”.
    You have such a gift to make people laugh, cry and appreciate.
    thank you,

  96. Ok…..usually I laugh and giggle while I’m reading your posts. But today….TODAY… have me crying like a little girl, Karianne. What an absolutely beautiful story, sweetie. You are so very very blessed!!! Thank you for sharing this special part of your life with us. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  97. My name is also Kari, but pronounced like “Care-e”. People are always pronouncing it “Car-e”! Its a fantastic name!

  98. Such a lovely memory Kari. You are truly blessed.

    Have a beautiful weekend.

    Linda at The French Hens Nest

  99. Jan from Michigan :

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! Someday please post pictures of your wedding day. Thank you for sharing. I must say this made my night!

  100. Pamela Christopher :

    What a lovely, sweet post. I also just had to shed a few tears of love. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with your readers.

  101. Lovely story. You are truly blessed!!

  102. What an amazing story! I just love it. And I love the framed song. What a memory to treasure!

  103. What an emotional beautiful story to share … melts hearts.

  104. Regena Fickes :

    If the spelling is wonky, I can’t see for the tears in my eyes. How beautiful! You always touch my heart, make me laugh or inspire! This is the most percious. Thank you.

  105. A beautiful, dear moment
    to hold onto
    forever : )

    xo Suzanne

  106. What a beautiful, bring a tear to the eye, story, Kari. Hugs, cindy

  107. O……….M………..g!
    That is the sweetest thing EVER! I just wish there was a video of that so I could watch and hear that song.
    Obviously a treasured moment for life.

  108. So very sweet!!! Beautiful dining room 🙂

  109. What a touching story! I love that your brother found those cards for you. Your family really has a way of giving very meaningful gifts. Happy Day to you!

  110. Oh honey, this is the sweetest, most wonderful story EVER!!! That moment at the wedding must have been awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! It also made me cry cause my Dad died when I was 4 years old. I always wished I had a dad and especially when I got married. To have him SING HIS HEART would have been indescribable. You are blessed…..2 men who adore you. God bless. XO, Pinky

  111. Simply beautiful!!!

  112. Kari, Thanks for taking us to that special moment. I really felt I was there. I said it before (about your sisters Christmas gift) and I’ll say it again- that you have such a very thoughtful and talented family. Now, a similar post for Kijsa’s name?

  113. Thank you so much for sharing this incredible post. What an amazing family you come from! What a terrific father and loving husband to have worked out the details of “handing Kari off from one loving man to another”. Fairy tales really do come true….


  114. Ooooh what a wonderful, lovely and tender story and so sweet how your name came to be. How your Father sang it to you and passed the torch to your Mr… so romantic! I don’t have a special name, but I do have a nickname, a name that has always meant so much to me, a name only my dear sweet parents called me and now that they have passed I never thought I’d ever hear it again. It’s a name that doesn’t mean anything, there’s no song behind it, no heritage or namesake with it, in fact it came from a lovely old man that lived in our neighborhood, that had 5 different dogs in the 18 years I knew him and they were all named Pepsi, so he wasn’t all that original or creative! Whatever the origin, there is no sweeter song, than the sound of the name your loved one’s call you! I will never hear my sweet parents call me it again, but every time I receive a comment or email from my beautiful blogger friends, I hear my special name…Pendra. Thanks for sharing your story, it was so beautiful!

  115. What a beautiful story! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  116. Well dear, this one made me cry. I too have a father who loves me dearly,though there is no song. Well there IS a song, but it was sung to me by my annoying freshman math teacher, who then proceeded to refer to e as “Madam Librarian” for the entire year. And I have refused to EVER see “The Music Man” on grounds of teenage mortification. But I like your sweet story better,so let’s go with that.

  117. Okay, I wiped away the tears and now can see the computer screen again. Thank you for sharing such a heartfelt sentiment. My father picked my name, Jeanette, when he was 9 years old. He passed away November 2010. Mom and I went through his papers…boxes, file cabinets, desks, closets {he kept everything} and found about 100 songs and poems, a few stories, and even cartoons he wrote. We knew about some of them, but many were a surprise. One was “Daughters three and a son”.

  118. What a story! I didn’t see that coming, and it made me bawl like a baby right here in front of the computer. God bless, Car-ee Anne!

  119. It is hard to find the right words that do this post justice, KariAnne. What a tremendous gift from your father…your husband and better than rubies or pearls. Tender and beautiful.

  120. What a beautiful story! A memory to treasure forever. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  121. Beautiful story, I love your dining room too!

  122. Now, I’m crying! What a wonderful story- how precious! I love the note cards that your brother found- a treasure! You are such a blessing to so many!

  123. You are precious! I love this sweet story of true love. Thanks for sharing.

  124. So sweet! What a beautiful and thoughtful gift too! I loved hearing the story of your name thank you for sharing!

  125. precious song….even more precious memory.

  126. oh what a sweet story! Saw you in diy lifestyle magazine – woot!

  127. Oh my gosh, LOVE this! I don’t even know you and it brought tears to my eyes.

  128. I was sitting here cruising through my favorite decorating sites, and now I’m crying! I want a song! What a special story, special song, special father, special husband, and special daughter. Awww….

  129. My father and I never had a good relationship and I haven’t spoken to him in five years. My consolation is that my husband is the kind of father to our boys that my father never was to me. This is a lovely story. You are blessed beyond words.

  130. Such a beautiful story…love and harmony.

  131. What a beautiful story- and such an incredibly thoughtful gift from your Brother.. he’s a keeper 🙂
    Isn’t it wonderful to have a sweet story about your Father to keep in your memory forever and also get to
    share it with all of your readers ? Our Dads just have NO idea how we love them ! Or the memories that they
    help to create…


  132. What a beautiful story, beautiful song, beautiful name. I too have a name that is not common. I was named after a dutch great aunt and although we never met I was always kind of grateful to be given such a unique name. People always say how do you spell it, and does it start with a S or a C. I love the spelling of my name and I love its history. Good to hear other people are attached to their name, their story. cheers from down under.

  133. Awwwww… that is the sweetest story. Put a big ol’ lump in my throat visualising your dad and new husband singing together. [sigh]

  134. What a beautiful story!! So sweet that your dad passed the torch down to your husband….and on your wedding day…how perfect! And how thoughtful your brother was to frame the lyrics for you! Thanks for sharing with us Karianne & thanks for for telling us how to pronounce your name….I’ve totally been saying it wrong!!

  135. Oh my gosh Kari, what a beautiful story!!

  136. Well, shut the front door! That is just way too sweet, Karianne! What a “love story” — beginning with your father and then continuing with your hubby! Wow!

  137. Oh my! You and your sweet story are responsible for a little puddle on my keyboard!

  138. Joy! Pure joy! What a wonderful daddy to sing it to you with love all those years and then to share his most precious treasure and *his* song to his most precious treasure with someone else. What an incredible blessing your father has been to you and your husband. I can only imagine the beauty of that moment, but it brings me to tears. Tears of sweet joy! Thank you, kari (as in car with a long e and no capital!!) anne, for sharing this treasured memory. {hugs}

  139. how wonderful when our Dads are our first love ! My dad sand to me although not a sentimental song, it is a lovely memory to hold on to just the same.

  140. Wow…Karianne….Wow.
    You know that your love stories are my favorite ones you write. And I can still remember several ones that are my favorites. But this one…wow. It just blows me away. Because this one , this one is about 2 love stories. It is about the 2 men in your life that loved you sooooo much. I can only imagine how much in return, you love them. I can only imagine what it must have been like to hear and see that love expressed so perfectly for you on your wedding day. What an amazing thing your Dad did by sharing his special song for you with you husband. He certainly sounds like an amazing man. And how wonderful for your husband to step up and show his love for you by sharing this moment with your Dad.
    They showed a great deal of love and respect for you, and for each other. What a lucky lucky girl…This is coming at a very special moment for me because our youngest daughter just became engaged, January 18. And as her specail guy came to the house fthe other night to ask her Dad for her hand in marriage I could see my husband’s eyes fill with tears as he shook the hand of the man that would become the “main guy” in our daughter’s life. I only hope that our daughter has chosen as wisely as you did, and that her dad can share his love for his daughter with the new man in her life. Thank you for giving me another happy cry. And thank you for sharing another one of your many love stories. You should write them all down in a book.

  141. KariAnne, this is the most beautiful story! I would have been a blubbering fool if anyone had done something so loving as what your dad and husband did at your wedding. Come to think of it-I’m a blubbering fool right now because I just read this! Thanks for sharing something so special!

  142. I saw this while I was out of town scrapbooking this weekend and wanted to wait until I could write on my desktop! I love this story. It’s a precious love story and priceless gift from both your father and your husband. My husband and I are singers and we actually sang to each other at our wedding. I had done Maria in West Side Story so he and I sang One Hand One Heart to each other.

    This past Valentine’s Day was our 25th wedding anniversary and he and my oldest daughter and niece planned and pulled off a surprise wedding anniversary vow renewal service. He kidnapped me and I opened my eyes in my daughter’s church, lit with candles and him telling me he’d marry me all over again. He had written our vows, my daughter bought me a white dress and bouquet, our friends were there and it was one of the most perfect nights of my life. Two of our children sang Steven Curtis Chapman’s song “I Will Be Here” to us and we had unity sand and the works, with a small reception afterwards. Yes, it was an amazing gift, much like the one you received. How precious is our God to love us so much this way.

    (You can read more about it here if you want. Thank you for sharing your story!
    Marty@Marty’s Musings

  143. an absultely beautiful story, My eyes are blurry from tears xo

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    P.S. I will now never forget how to say your name! 🙂

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  148. I knew that your name just had to be pronounced that way. Beautiful story, Karianne. Loved it and your name.

    Our eldest granddaughter’s name is Xantiana. She is 22 years old and a third degree TKD black belt. Before each tournament the first year or so, my daughter talked to the announcers at competitions, etc about the pronunciation of Xantiana’s name.:-) Until she was home schooled the same would be done at the beginning of each school year. I’ve tried to explain the pronunciation, many times, online. I don’t think I have been successful. We call her Xanti. It isn’t pronounced any way near how it is spelled.:-) When she was given her name, we all wondered if it would suit her. It does suit her, perfectly. All this, because a little girl made an appearance on Regis and Kathy Lee, one April morning in 1990, one month before Xantiana was born.

  149. Seriously girl, you have me crying over here! And of course I’m at work in the middle of my office blubbering like a baby. Oh, what a sweet story…

  150. Wonderful dad you have there! If that had happened to me I would have broken right in to a big UGLY sobbing cry – there at my own wedding. Thanks for the love story.

  151. Truly your best post ever sweet friend!

  152. This is such a sweet story. I got teary at the wedding part–because NO sweet story of a dad and his daughter on her wedding day doesn’t make me choke up. I cried the entire day after my wedding thinking about my daddy/daughter dance. I just love that your dad sang the song with your husband. Absolutely precious.

  153. Oh my goodness what a wonderful post! What a blessing that they sang that special song to you together.

  154. Your room is so pretty and peaceful… love the shapes and colors….

    hugs x

  155. This is so pretty. I am visiting you via Wow Us Wednesday and I would love for you to stop by 🙂

  156. What a sweet story….it’s amazing…got me all teary-eyed ! What a wonderful dad !

  157. What an absolutely beautiful story!!! And I, like all the others, am sitting here with tears running down my face! All I can say is wow!
    I’ve only been an email subscriber to you for about six months and there hasn’t been even one of the posts that I didn’t enjoy. Your style is funny, beautifully laid out and you say what you need to say with tongue firmly planted in your cheek.
    As for all us “Daddy’s girls”, you may have heard this saying before but in case you haven’t:
    A daughter is a daughter all her life;
    And a son is a son until he takes him a wife.
    You are so special,

  158. Kari, I’m such a sucker for these stories! You had me crying the minute I realized your dad was going to sing to you on you wedding day…HOW special to have his handwritten words to treasure!

  159. Awesome story and photo’s I must say!

  160. why no, i missed the blog regarding your name… so I of course I click the link, because my niece’s name is Carin (care-in) and we joke and call her Care-e-ann, because her middle name is Ann and the long story that goes with it… so now i’m sitting here in tears with your story because I can envision the passing of the torch(song) from your father to your husband and I can’t imagine anything, anything more emotional than that. thank you for another bright (but wet) beginning to my day… xo

  161. Wow..what a love story…father-daughter-husband…. I am late to this party…but I could not resist chiming in as I am probably the only one here who actually watched the “Windjammer” movie at least 10 times as a teenager… friends and I all had crushes on the cadets….AND “your song” was our favorite and we sang it day and night…. Thank you so much for sharing….

  162. ohmygosh! I have just signed up this week to your site and am IN LOVE with it! The way you write is truly a gift from above. I had been sitting here tonight reading the pancake story, the Lee press on nails, the first date– all of it had me smiling and giggling to myself. Then this, this sweet precious story of a lucky girl with an adoring father AND husband. Love it!

  163. Karieanne,
    We all have stories to tell, but YOU have a GIFT for storytelling. When you share things that have touched you deeply, your words transport us to the moment. We are there, standing beside you, listening to the guitars and voices singing. . . hearing and seeing the lights and monitors in the NICU. . . feeling the emotion of the moment . . .and our hearts are touched too. Thank you for sharing your beautiful, God-given heart and life with us.

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