Simple Vase With Jute Twine Letters

Simple Vase With Jute Twine Letters


simple vase with jute twine letters

I have this theory.

It’s called the don’t-really-point-out-what-you-need-to-work-on-in-your-house-point-out-the-chandelier-instead theory.

You know.

When you invite someone over to your house and they ask for a tour and you walk them through the rooms and they are oohing and ahhing over your curtains and your pillows and the random piece of Paris art on the wall….

….and you point out the piece of crown molding you forgot to add.

And the tour comes to a screeching halt and everyone stops and stares at the gap in the crown molding that no one would ever have noticed until  you point it out.


Why do I do that?

Self….just point out the chandelier instead.


jute twine letter vase

So in the spirit of that theory, I’m not going to point out that I made this fun vase with jute wording.

I’m not going to point out that hello ended up looking like bello.  And that I wanted tell everyone hi and kind of ended up yelling instead.


Not a peep from me.

jute twine letter vase

Instead I’m going to draw your attention to the beautiful flowers from my yard.

And the old patina of the pool cue frame that I made.  (You can click here for the DIY).

And the faded glory of the chalkboard against the words of the vase.

That’s what I’m pointing out today. 🙂

Here’s how I made the vase.  It was easy and took about 30 minutes and would be PERFECT for a gift or wedding centerpiece or mantel decoration.

Elmer's Glue Project


Elmer’s glue

jute twine

glass vase

word printed out from computer

a theory

1.  Print out the word from your computer.

2.  Tuck piece of printed paper into a glass vase.

Elmer's Glue

3.  Trace each letter with glue.  Don’t add too much, just a light bit of glue on the letters.

4.  Apply jute twine to vase.

Work one letter at a time.

You will want to hold each letter in place for about 30 seconds until the glue sets.

I used painter’s tape to hold it in place until it set.  Let glue dry and remove the tape.

simple vase with jute twine letters

The project was fun and the possibilities are endless.

Good thing I had that theory so you never even noticed the misprint.

And if you did…..

….please don’t “bello” at me. 🙂


disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Elmer’s.  The home of the amazing glue.

All thoughts and misprints and ideas and theories are completely my own.

Please see my disclosure page for more information.

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  1. You had me at “hello”! Love! : )

  2. Bello!! How are you today 🙂 Sounds like you’re perky as usual. *sigh* I do the same thing — admit a mistake before any notices. I don’t know why we do it. It could be that it won’t seem like so much of a gaffe if I admit to it. 🙁 Your flowers are beautiful, the frame is gorgeous, and your vase is adorable. It is a wonderful topic of conversation. Have a wonderful day — gib hugs !

  3. Oh!! I forgot to add – I would have never noticed the bello until you pointed it out 🙂 See it’s the chandelier.

  4. Love this one! The possibilities are endless:) Lots of words come to mind!

  5. Hi, Kari this is very original, your floral arrangement,…..

  6. I love that – so cute and original!

  7. Rowena Philbeck :

    Very cute and love the idea. Great for parties too.

  8. Miz karianane that’s really cute, easy and quick….lots of words could work on this vase, and I think it will be a fun winter project for me! Thanks for sharing

  9. We are the king and queen of pointing things out when they are not quite right. It must be a coping mechanism….like if we show them, then the person won’t be all like, “Wow, I can’t believe they forgot to grout that tiny 3 inch section of tile. Or jeez, what slobs, they didn’t hang all the coats just right with matching mittens.”

    I am going to stop doing that. Tomorrow. Maybe.

    xoxo, Trina

  10. Pretty cute!! I have to clean blinds but did you see the chandelier in the dinign room??? Ha!
    You’re a hoot Ms. KariAnne…..

  11. What kind of flowers are they? Sooo pretty!!

  12. I thought it was “bella” which would have been perfect too! (See, pretend you meant it to be that way. “Gap, what gap? That’s the new trend!”)

    • I thought it said “Bella” as well. My daughter’s name. Perfection in my opinion. Nicely done.

  13. Good morning and “bello” to you!
    Super fun idea 🙂

  14. You are so darn creative! I love how you make the sophisticated out of the simple and out of materials that are readily available to us all (even those of us in the remote parts of Nebraska). 🙂

    As for the “bello”…it brought tears to my eyes because my grandma used to always answer the phone with, “Yellllllow.” 🙂 Bello…hello…tomato…tamahto. Have a wonderful day!

  15. Love the way you are.. Helps others not be so intimidated by your amazing talent my sweet friend. Thanks for making
    Me ok
    Giggle too!

  16. I think we want to show others that we are not perfect and that we all “fit” in together nicely…

  17. That is one beautiful floral arrangement and such a fantastic chalkboard!

  18. The only problem with this project is when you are in Walmart and remember that cute vase Karianne made and decide you need to by some jute twine along with your package of strawberries and your Mayballine mascara you will need to ask three different store employees where the just twin is because the first two will have no idea what jute twine is. Then they will ask you to describe it and you will say “you know twine. Who doesn’t know twine? The brown fuzzy string that you wrap packages in.” And they will stare at you and not know what you are rambling on about and you will need to go to hardware and find the oldest man who works in the store and ask him. And he will bring you to the clothes line rope and you will say “no, that’s for a clothesline.” But below the clothes line rope you will spy the jute twine. You will buy three bundles in different sizes so you will never again have to ask someone under the age of 30 (or maybe 40) for twine.

  19. You can always turn the “o” into an “a” and then it would be bella, which is “beautiful” in Italian. I think that would fit you and your home perfectly!!! 🙂

    As for the missing piece of crown molding, that is something that sadly, we all do. I saw someone do a whole discussion about it. He called it “the missing tile syndrome”. I try not to focus on what’s missing but I am afraid sometimes I am as guilty of it as everyone else. Here’s the link if you are interested:

  20. bella + hello = bello (hello beautiful!)

    See, fixed!

    Bello, KariAnne! I love everything about this project and everything about the photo…lovely vase, beautiful flowers, and a knockout of a blackboard! Once again, my imagination soars! Thank you for that!

  21. I totally get what you’re saying. We live in our houses and we see the imperfections and to us they are magnified because they are not “perfect” or finished. Most people don’t notice half the things we fret over in our homes. Especially to someone visiting our home for the first time, there’s too much to take it to notice the little things (unless there is a giant gaping whole in your living room wall, then. well. captain obvious, haha. Otherwise most things go unnoticed.

  22. I can so relate, 🙂

  23. The vase is too cute!! So are you…and honest. That’s why we love you!

    Jane x

  24. Hello, my friend. Love the vase. See if you turn it just so, it looks like “hello” and not “bello”. I think I want to do one! Haha, I know what you mean…please look past the dust that no one noticed until I pointed it out and swiped my hand through it (I know – stupid, right?) or ignore that mistake I made painting…NO, NO. Look instead at this beautiful and successful project. Maybe we’re trying to make others feel more at ease? 😀

    Have a great weekend, Karianne.

  25. Usually, I think you give wonderful advice, BUT since my beautiful glass chandelier (purchased on a trip to Italy) is currently residing ON my guest room bed, I am choosing NOT to follow you this time. Seriously, it fell 25ft. to the dining room table below, a couple of weeks ago. It fell because the certified electrician we used 10 years ago to hang it, apparently did not understand the correct way to install a chandelier and/or the hardware required to support it’s weight. The good news is that no one was home when it happened and the chandelier experienced minimal damage in the fall. So, Karianne, I will NOT be pointing out the empty space above the table where a chandelier should be!!

  26. Summer Vacation is really making me lazy and
    I have not commented til now on how much I
    appreciated your brother’s wonderful most
    awesome talent in his Pallet wood creations…
    your carpet sewing….that was so great..
    and now your wonderfully good creativity
    of your jute hello vase!
    Just Love It!
    What an incredibly super great idea!
    Thanks for sharing it with us!
    Wishing you a super relaxing summers day!

  27. OLAH! See… I didn’t even notice “bello”! I thought you created a new font;) Have a great day!

  28. Thanks KariAnne …… I’m so relieved to find out I’m not the only one who has this pointing out the faults problem …..
    I love your jute twine. vase writing…… great idea…
    Hugs… Barb xxx

  29. I would bet that the actress Maria Bello would love this personalized vase! Have you seen Coyote Ugly? I wish I had the guts to dance on the bar! Your flowers are lovely…not to mention how you rocked that chalkboard arrow! 😉

  30. You remind me of another thing we should never do, which is apologize for (fill in the blank, a sore throat, not knowing the material)…at the beginning of a presentation in front of people. Yet I always do…it humanizes us. (is that even a word. Popping in to say “bello” my friend. Love everything that you do! I’m in KY at the moment and it is absolutely beautiful down here, will be down here more often too!