Seven Creative Projects for Your House (Just Add Glue)

Seven Creative Projects for Your House (Just Add Glue)

Krazy Glue Design Book

At the beginning of last year (total aside:  doesn’t it seem weird to be referring to 2015 as last year when we were just such close friends) .


Focus, KariAnne.

Sorry about that.

I was chasing rabbits.

Let me begin again without the random interjection (and please know I just started singing School House Rock).

At the beginning of last year, Krazy Glue approached me to create a dozen or so projects for them for their yearly design book.  And so I glued and cut and created and styled and photographed project after project and sent them off for publication and then partied through the rest of that wonderful year known as 2015.

And then this showed up on my doorstep.

I thought it might be fun to share some of the projects that I created and photographed for the design book.

Here are seven of my favorites.

Driftwood Mirror Project

Here’s a drift wood mirror I created.

This photograph does not even do it justice.

The patina of the wood against the mirror is so pretty.

DIY found here.

Wood Slice Clock Project

Love this wood slice clock project.

And yes.

It works.

DIY found here.

Cork USA Project

An entire America cut out of cork with tiny push pins and yarn and string marking states I’ve visited.

Yes, please.

DIY found here.

Family Tree Project

Simple family tree project.

I cut all this out with scissors.  Great idea for a special birthday or anniversary.

DIY found here.

Steampunk Monogram Project

Don’t you love going all steampunk on your monogram?

Oh good.  Me, too.

DIY found here.

Copper Hardware Bookends Project

Add a little industrial farmhouse to your organization this year.

Or maybe just your bookends.

DIY found here.

Hardware Chess Set Project

And my favorite project of all.

A chess set out of hardware.


Knights and bishops and rooks and pawns out of nuts and bolts.

You can see even more projects on the Krazy Glue project page.

Happy 2016.

PS  Which one is your favorite?

This gluing mind wants to know. 🙂

simply eclectic fabric

PS  Tonight’s the night. 🙂

I have dozens of cookies that look like the fabric and tons of fabric I’m giving away.

If you are in the DFW area, I’d love to meet you!


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  1. Are you saying you have been in North Dakota?

  2. Oh to be in Texas with you! Two more inches of fresh snow this morning.
    Have fun you local design star!!

  3. I love the map!!! Headed out the door to get my supplies so that they will be on-hand for the next snow day. 🙂
    Thanks, KariAnne!

  4. Lanita Anderson :

    I think my favorite would have to be the Family Tree – so simple and pretty, not like the typical family tree designs that look so “busy”. Thanks for sharing…. Happy New Year!

  5. Barbara Moore :

    I love the clock… and the mirror…. but the chess set is just plain genius. Have a great day!

  6. Catherine McD :

    I have to say my favorite of the ones you showed is the hardware chess set!!! And the pipe bookends are a close second!! Probably because I love piping and have always loved the hardware section of Sears and Home Depot – all those little jewels with such loads of possible uses other than their intention! Your ideas are fantastic! Good luck tonight, have a blast, can’t wait to hear how it goes!!!

  7. You are an author and certainly a superstar! So Proud of and for you! Eat a cookie for me please! Go knock their socks off… You will.❤️

  8. Hi Karianne, I love the Krazy Glue ideas. They’re oh-so creative and the chess board pieces are pretty amazing.

    Good luck at the fabric launch. The fabric is lovely. Another exciting venture.

    Have a nice weekend.

  9. Could you be more genius? I think not.

    The driftwood mirror 🙂

    Good luck tonight!

  10. First off……’ve got me singing School House Rock too! I know them all. My kids are 27 & 24 so I’ve been singing them for years! These crafts are great. I love the clock the best.

  11. Love them all but tops on my to-do list are the family tree and mirror! Can’t wait to start them! Praying you have a safe and happy trip to Texas and back to Kentucky. I think two of the sweetest words in life are “going home” no matter how great a destination has been…!

  12. Catherine McD :

    I know I just commented above, but I just visited the KrazyGlue site, and I spotted your additional projects instantly. Your style precedes you!!! Love love the wood shim American flag and metallic clothespin wreath! Congrats on being asked to design for this publication!!

  13. The clock is my favorite. I have a friend from Switzerland who makes hot plates from her wood pieces. Thank you for sharing your gift of creativity. God blesses both of us with it.

  14. Yvonne Shafer :

    Simply radiant! Love all the projects and especially the chess set! But where is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan? I live in southeast Michigan but love the UP. Keep creating!

    • That was the first thing I noticed, too! Da Yoopers will be unhappy to be left out. (That’s the nickname for people living in the UP–get it? UP … Yooper … ).

      I love the Family Tree. Brilliantly simple and simply brilliant.

  15. Cork map for me please!!
    Simply brilliant, cousin to
    splendid and lovely!! : )

  16. Love them all, but I’m with you – that chess set is the bomb! Love it!!!

  17. How can we get the Krazy Quick Book? Each project is just a good as the next. Love them all. Good work KariAnne!!

  18. Love the cork map! Then the family tree, then…..Great or should I say splendid job. Want to do the map for my great grandchildren to learn about their travels and this wonderful United States we live in.

  19. Where can we find your fabric? Love, love your blog and style.

  20. Teresa Peters :


  21. This is just awesome, KariAnne! Such wonderful projects! I am in love with the cork map! You did such a great job for them!

  22. Good Luck Tonight! I know it will be fabulous! You need a pin for Idaho…I’ll just wait, patiently for your arrival 😉

  23. Driftwood Mirror!

  24. Not gonna lie…I am so copying the idea with your monogram tied to the chair. You are a ROCK STAR. Wish you lived closer so we could hang out drinking sweet tea with our red lipstick. I so enjoy your blogs every day. What a treat to read them! You are my virtual BFF! (I will stop typing now before I scare you) 🙂

  25. I like the family tree but I am adopted so it wouldn’t work to well with me.

  26. Brillaint! I love the cork map. You need to come to Raleigh, NC to add to your visited cities/states and maybe have a chance to visit with some iced tea, too! Love all your creations so much!

  27. First, congratulations KariAnne on the Krazy Glue feature and second, have a great time tonight (I would love to see those cookies). All of these projects are fabulously creative but if I have to pick a favorite, it’s that chess set!

  28. I noticed you have not been to Indiana, so you and your family are invited to my humble abode!!! We are just across the river from Louisville but it counts!!! I would love it and we have a farm so we are always home!!! Really!!!

  29. I love the family tree! Do you have one hanging in your home?

  30. Love the chess set but can’t find the dyi link for that.

  31. Love the family tree, any chance you could put the template on your website?

  32. These are simply brilliant ideas, KariAnne. Thank you and Happy New Year, Ardith

  33. KariAnne your driftwood mirror is my favorite and I did something similar to that using old lath board out of my son and daughter-in-law’s house.

  34. Hey Karianne, It’s a toss up between the clock and the family tree. In all truthfulness , I wouldn’t turn any down. You amaze me. Love,Sue

  35. These are great projects!! My favorite is the family tree.

  36. Oh, all of them are fabulous but the chest set! That is my favorite. Oh I wish I were close enough to pop over to McKinney this evening; would love to meet you. Alas, too much happening for me to drive up. Boo. Come to Austin. 🙂

  37. Oh my you just gave me the perfect idea for my sons birthday. News Years goal to make all my kids a hand made gift this year. My son loves chess! Where can I get the DIY instructions for the chess set?

  38. Such creative ideas!!! Hope your Texas fabric launch was a great success!!!

  39. Hi Kari Anne, I love the chess set and would like to make one for each of my kids. Do you have the instructions somewhere?

  40. My favorite is the driftwood mirror! I’ve been collecting driftwood when I go to the beach. I might need to try this! Can’t wait to hear about your weekend! Wish Dallas wasn’t so far!

  41. The Chess pieces!!! Are you kidding me? Sheer genius. What I wouldn’t do to wander inside that creative mind of yours. Well done!