Ribbon Button Basket

Ribbon Button Basket



I was so hoping today was National Basket day….

….and we could celebrate together.

I mean….after all…..May is full of holidays.

There’s No Socks Day and Star Wars Day (may the fourth be with you) and International Tuba Day and Buy A Musical Instrument Day and No Dirty Dishes Day (my personal favorite) and of course….Memorial Day.

But I didn’t see National Basket Day on the calendar.

So let’s start a trend.

Today…..May 6, 2014.

I’ll show you a basket idea I just made…and you can tell me if you even like baskets and if you’ve seen any cute basket ideas lately and what kind of baskets are your favorite and what you use baskets for and how you decorate with baskets in your home and we can discuss all things basket….

….and celebrate together. 🙂


Ribbon Button Basket









Step 1:  Choose your ribbon and your buttons

I found this burlap and satin ribbon at Hobby Lobby.

If you get some….be sure and use your 40% off coupon.

The buttons were from a thrift shop up on Cape Cod.

(total aside:  somehow just saying that statement automatically makes the buttons cuter)


Step 2:  Thread a needle and knot the end

When you first start…you may want to tape the ribbon to hold it in place.

Figure out your button spacing on the ribbon.


Step 3:  Sew the button onto the basket

Start from the back and sew the button and ribbon together to the basket.

It’s easy to find a space to sew between the woven layers of the basket.

Continue sewing until you have firmly attached the button and ribbon to the basket.


Step 4:  Repeat step three for the rest of the buttons

Continue to sew the buttons around the perimeter of the basket until you have the pattern completed.


And just in case this is the point where you roll your eyes at me and tell me you don’t sew….

….here’s the no-sew option alert.

Just hot glue the ribbon and buttons onto the basket.


Don’t let a little sewing come between you and a cute project.

After all…..

…..it’s National Basket Day.  🙂


PS  Just in case you were celebrating….here’s another basket project for the road.

PPS  If you want some more fun ideas on decorating with baskets….check out my post over at Lamps Plus.


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  1. Now, aren’t you clever! Your baskets are just awesome and I think you’ll win the grand prize at The National Basket Day Celebration. Great ribbon, it’s chic~

  2. Very, very cute Kari….just marked the calendar so I do not miss the National Basket Day next year!….

  3. Very pretty way to embellish a basket, Karianne! Simple and inexpensive, too!

  4. I ADORE baskets!!! You can never have too many baskets–my kids will fight me on this, but they’ll learn someday I’m right. 🙂

    I’ve had my students read articles on the origins of May Day and Cinco de Mayo this week, but I was not prepared for National Basket Day. We’ll have to read your post as our daily reading. Just so you know, you have some serious sequential text organization going on there, KariAnne. 😉 Good job!

  5. Baskets are definitely one of those things you can never have enough of! Love how you prettied yours up – I need to go get myself some of that beautiful ribbon. Happy Basket Day 🙂

  6. Yay! I’m on my way to buy another basket! After all it is National Basket Day!

  7. I love baskets! I loved a book Sweetgrass by Mary Alice Monroe about how the south has a tradition that may die out. It is making baskets out of sweetgrass. Great read to help all celebrate Basket Day! Cause heaven knows, as well as those of you that are getting to know me, I will not be makig any baskets! Oh I love my crafty friends!

  8. Very cute idea!! Even I can do this:) I have some buttons from an old jumper- bunny, chick, bird- would be cute on a basket for my new granddaughter’s room!! Thank you!

  9. I love your Oxford Street sign! My husband and I lived on Oxford Street in Druid Hills/Atlanta in-law apartment when we were first married in 1988 and he was still a student at Georgia Tech. What fond memories your sign brought back!

  10. Love, love, LOVE this. My daughter calls me a basket hoarder, she just doesn’t understand the need to hide stuff in a cute way. Of course she’s still young enough that all the closets in her house aren’t overflowing yet. I can’t wait to get started making my baskets even cuter.

  11. I even GOOGLED “National Basket Day,” and it tried to give me “National BASKETBALL Day.” Sigh. You are the first, then! Today, May 6, will hereafter be known as “National Basket Day!” 😉

    Cute project! I can sew a button, but my first thought was, “But couldn’t you use GLUE?” LOL!

    THE SUN IS SHINING! Can I please move my library OUTSIDE??? 🙂

  12. Donna Elizabeth :

    Love the basket!! Thank you for the tutorial and I have that very same milk glass luncheon set! ~ Donna Elizabeth

  13. I’m down for National Basket Day! That’s a cute idea! 😉

  14. I have many baskets in all sorts of sizes and colors, this would help make them coordinate better, I do believe. Thank you, great idea.

  15. I love this!!! So many vintage buttons were passed down to me from both sides of the family. I have been trying to find ways to use them – instead of storing them in an old tin.

  16. I Love Baskets and use them for so many things, other than a Bow I never thought of Decorating them~ Thanks Kari!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  17. Yes saying you got them up on Cape Cod makes them extra special! Yes I love baskets! I am still in love with paint dipped baskets! Too cute!

  18. Your posts always make me smile! I love baskets, especially wicker ones. However my daughter has an aversion to wicker. She doesn’t get the whole basket love thing. I always have an extra supply of them in my storage area because you never know when you’ll need a basket. I also agree that anything with the words Cape Cod attached to it is instantly cuter and stylish!

  19. Well darn I should have known about this holiday. I am a basket hoarder! Love the added embellishment and btw, that first comment makes absolutely no sense.

  20. i’m an EOBL (equal opportunity basket lover)…remember the painted baskets i made a couple of years ago where i taped off the bottom half and painted them white? loved them then, love them now!

    happy national basket day!

  21. Ahhh! I absolutely love baskets! And I really love your ribbon basket… all the possibilities and themes that come to my mind with this project! Super creative. =)

  22. what a pretty idea! I too have a serious basket addiction, it’s really becoming a problem 🙂 when I shop, it’s the area I gravitate to the most.
    your tutorial is a great way to personalize them, thanks so much for sharing!

  23. Thistlekeeping is my therapy…like sports watching is to my husband/kids…like a good cup of coffee on a mentally foggy day. Ahhhhh…thank you sister!

  24. Beautiful! Love that burlap and satin ribbon – going to have to check for that next time I’m at Hobby Lobby (which is rare… Not). I’d be thrilled if you’d link up at this week’s Off the Hook!

  25. Such a cute detail, KariAnne! (And thank you for that no sew option!) 😉