Fruit Roll-Up Ribbon Cake-12 Days of Christmas Day 7

Fruit Roll-Up Ribbon Cake-12 Days of Christmas Day 7

Fruit Roll-up Ribbon Project


What do you get the person who has everything for Christmas?

Do you know someone like that?

You know.

The person with enough candles and bath soaps and picture frames and gloves and scarves and turtleneck sweaters to fill a storage unit.

That person.

The super-hard-to-buy-for-person-because-they-have-everything person.

Why not give them the gift of time spent with you?

A cup of coffee.

A little conversation.

A shared inside joke.

And a piece of cake all tied up with a Fruit Roll-up ribbon.


Fruit Roll-Up Ribbon Cake


Present Cake with Fruit Roll-up Ribbon

(just like a fondant ribbon cake…..but way better tasting) 





White Cake Mix

White Cake Icing

Fruit By the Foot Fruit Roll-ups (Strawberry flavor)




Unfrosted Cake


Step 1:  Bake cake

Bake cake according to directions in a standard loaf pan.

Remove from pan and let cool.

Cut in half.

Each cake mix will make two “Present Cakes.”


Frosted Cake


Step 2:  Frost cake

Using the white icing, frost the cake.

Quick tip:  I used a flat cake spreader dipped in hot water to smooth out icing.


Ribbon On Cake


Step 3: Lay base layer of ribbon cake

Cut two strips of Fruit-by-the-Foot Strawberry Fruit Roll-Up.

Lay each strip on cake in a cross pattern.
Cut ribbon


Step 4: Cut bottom of ribbon

Using a knife cut the excess ribbon away at the end.

Tuck any the ends underneath the cake.

Fruit Roll-Up


Step 5:  Cut strips of Fruit Roll-Up

Cut 4 strips of Fruit Roll-Up approximately 6 inches long

Fold each strip in half and stick the ends through a toothpick.


Ribbons on Cake


Step 6: Add folded strips to top of cake to form base of bow

Insert all folded strips on toothpick into center of cake.

Form a cross and turn diagonally to fill in space between each of the ribbons.

Quick tip:  If you want a little more height, add rolls of Fruit Roll-Up at the base of the ribbon.


Layer of Ribbon


Step 7:  Add next layer

Cut 4 strips of 5″ ribbon.

Fold and repeat step 6.

Turn this layer in a different direction than base layer.


Fruit Roll-up Ribbon Project

Step 8:  Continue adding layers

Repeat step 7 until bow forms into desired shape.

To finish off bow, form a circle of Fruit Roll-Up.

Add to toothpick on the very top.


Fruit Roll-up Printable

Step 9:  Add tag

For the perfect message topper you can simply print off one of these free printables I made just for this project….HERE.

Or you can add your special message for that special someone.


I know they will like it.

Your person who has everything.

After all……who wouldn’t like to have their cake……

……and eat it with you 🙂

PS  Do you have sticks or branches or anything wood-related in your back yard?

I have a plethora of them and wait until you see what I did with all my sticks over at Infarrantly Creative!

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See you tomorrow for Day 8!

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  1. Wow, that looks yummy! I hope I can find the supplies for this cake over here, because I so want to make it.

  2. I’m thinking of making a “how to embellish a box cake” type recipe in the next couple of weeks. Sometimes, that’s all you have the time or desire to do…and there’s no reason it can’t look awesome….like this one!

  3. Too cute! What a clever idea….I think I could do this! Have a happy one!

  4. Cute cute cake.

  5. I’m sweet on your cake…and your blog too!

  6. Okay, KariAnne. You are amazing. Wow! This is so pretty. By the way, I would like mine with my cup of coffee – right now. Do you deliver?

    Don’t forget that it is Holiday Treat day at Pink Saturday.♥ And, this is definitely a treat.

  7. That really takes the cake …
    and you know how I feel about the word plethora!

  8. That is so pretty! I can see that as a beautiful cake for bridal or baby showers, too, with the appropriate color of “ribbons”.

  9. Kari….that is the cutest cake….”YOU take the cake”…. I can see so many ways to use this package of goodness …
    Hopping over to see your plethora of branches….

  10. So glad you posted this yummy idea- what a ‘cute” present for a friend who has everything and as always you make it seem so simple. Have a “sweet” day. Hope all your problems are a “piece of cake” and remember that you “take the cake!”

  11. So, plethora is the word of the day? Really cute cake idea! Who would of thought…another use for fruit ribbon! And that wreath…great use of twigs…think I’m going to try that one! 😉

  12. What a SWEET idea, Karianne!!! You never disappoint. I will now run over to see what you have done with sticks:) XO, pinky

  13. KariAnne! You take the cake with his one! That is adorable and something I know I could actually do. Sometimes I look at things on Pintrest and other places and have a panic attack just thinking of all the steps it would take for me to replicate the project. You are like the Goddesses of super cute DIY projects and gifts that are not only amazing but also easy to replicate. I want you to know that these projects you share are appreciated so much by yours truly. Can’t wait to see what you do with all of your sticks and stuff ’cause I have plenty here! Have a great day!

  14. I love this, what a great and clever idea. It turned out beautifully.


  15. A very cute idea Karianne, My grandkids would love to eat that ribbon! Sticks, did you say a project made with sticks? I’ll go check it out now. Joyous Wishes, Linda

  16. Adorable! After years as a pastry chef I REALLY don’t like piping bags anymore so this cake is perfect C:

  17. This is brilliant!! What a great idea! And it could be used on a large scale, too . … 🙂

    I loved that you used the word “plethora.” Off to see the sticks now . . ..

  18. Oh my goodness you’re kidding me… this is fabulous and the PERFECT hostess gift as well! Thank-you!! It’s really gorgeous!

  19. Oh, Karianne! I am holding a holiday gift wrapping party next week and this will be a perfect dessert! 🙂 Elena

  20. A very sweet and attractive idea and who doesn’t have people like that to gift each year? After all, we live in North America where we all have plenty.
    Hugs, Cindy

  21. Seriously!? This is fabulous. The fruit roll-up ribbon is GENIUS!! Wow. I’m putting this idea in my back pocket.

  22. you amaze me.
    fruit roll up cake? you’re kidding.


  23. Cute and clever! Everyone loves sweets at Christmas! What a great project. =)

  24. That may be the best bow ever. My 13 yr old loves to bake and she was having a bit of a sad day until I showed her this. So cheerful!

  25. So cute! This is the most clever idea! Adorable!

  26. What a “sweet” idea, love how it looks, what a great presentation!

  27. That’s a wonderful idea! Thanks. I would never have thought of the fruit roll-up ribbon.

  28. I love this but I simply refuse to use an Allen Americans ruler to measure my roll-up strips. They beat my Wichita Thunder on Saturday night! Thanks for the great idea though. I have two daughters that will be getting cake presents!

  29. Roll me up baby. That’s a blessed keeper.

  30. I loved this the first time I saw your tutorial at IC … just a festive idea. Thank you so much for joining the party!