Painted Furniture Project and Are You Smarter Than a Seventh Grader?

Painted Furniture Project and Are You Smarter Than a Seventh Grader?

HomeRight Thrift Store Project

I decided yesterday that I’m officially not smarter than a seventh grader.

Have you seen their math?

I was barely hanging on when we when through long division with decimals.  And my eyes started crossing when they said the word fraction.

But now?

Did you know that sometimes 2x x 4x can equal 8x?

But not always.  They were trying to explain to me that sometimes it can equal z.

Or maybe another random letter of the alphabet.

painted bed with stripes project

I stared at the equation and listened to their explanation and tapped my pencil a few times and smiled encouragingly.

Like I understood.

And while they were solving the problem I looked ahead to the next couple of chapters to see if it all got a little more reasonable.

It all looked to me like martian.

If martians spoke greek.


I watched as they finished their homework.

Two curly blonde heads bent over the paper diligently applying all that wonderful math knowledge to x’s and z’s and y’s and multiplying and dividing and coming up with answers that looked amazing.

And then they handed in their papers for me to check.  I looked at the papers and looked at them and smiled.

And told them that maybe we should wait for their father to come home. 🙂

painted bed project

I’m much better at painting beds than math.

Here’s a little project we finished over the weekend for the new room change-up.

Let’s look at where we started.

Bed before

This is the before of the bed.

I found it at a thrift store several years ago as part of a matching set for only $30.00.

We had painted it brown and put a vinyl monogram on it.

You can see it in the original bedroom….here.

Bed project before

Over the years it had gotten a little scratched and dented.

Our family’s specialty.

And it was time for a make-over.


Paint Sprayer Base


I started the project with the paint sprayer HomeRight sent me.

I just started using the paint sprayer recently.  It literally cuts the painting time in half and the finish looks so professional without any brush strokes.

And it’s so easy to use.

It came with a sprayer part that looks like this.

HomeRight Paint Sprayer

HomeRight Paint Sprayer Project

You fill up the jar with paint.

We added white paint with primer.  Just basic white paint from the home improvement store.  I used a satin finish because I didn’t want it to show all the imperfections in the bed.  Satin makes everything look a little smoother.

Next, you screw it onto the sprayer.

Bed project paint sprayer

This is the base of the sprayer (with a space for an extra jar of paint so you don’t have to stop and refill) that attaches onto a very, very, very long hose which attaches onto the sprayer.

That’s it.


You plug it in and spray the paint onto your piece of furniture.


HomeRight Project Thrift Store Bed

We sprayed two coats, letting it dry between coats.

Then we taped off the bed with painter’s tape and painted the stripes with SW Mindful Gray.

I love how the bed turned out and so do the mini thistles.

And just between us…..there was a little math involved in figuring out the spacing between the stripes.

Luckily there wasn’t an x or y in sight. 🙂

This post was written in collaboration with HomeRight.

All opinions on paint sprayers and lemons and projects are completely my own.

For more information, see my disclosure page.

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  1. Holy Moly Karianne, that transformation is amazing! I just had a Color Workshop in town last night talking about how to transform Grandma’s furniture – I wish I would have your before and after photos for additional examples. I just love your project, beautiful!

  2. Ohhhhbbhhhh, sooooooooo PRETTY!!!!! I love this! Great job.

  3. What a beauty!!! Fresh and beautiful.
    By the way , I love it when you reveal what you’ve paid for an item. This time however it makes me a little sick and jealous. Scored now , didn’t ya?

  4. I’m not usually a “gray” person, but this is stunning! Nicely done. Thanks for your painting tips.

  5. Love it and love the bedding too.

  6. A D O R A B L E transformation!!!! I’m with you, I’ll take painting furniture any day over math! Let’s face it, there has to be SOME of us who just keep the world beautiful!

  7. That is amazing! Love it!
    You can never go wrong with SW Mindful Gray.

  8. I think the “Thistlettes” are very lucky
    to have your for a mom!! Love, love!!

  9. Loved this post. First, with twin 7th-graders math in my house, I am VERY grateful that their father is the head of a math department. They FaceTime him with any homework questions on the days of the week when they are with me (co-custody deal). Mind you this is done often! Next, I LOVED your bed. makes me want to run out and buy that sprayer today. I do have a bed to paint and you have inspired me. I too may be math challenged but can paint a bed. 🙂

  10. Wow Karianne, this is an amazing transformation. I would never have thought this was the same head/foot board. I love that you shot the finished bed outside.

    Easy, since you spray painted it outside, right?

    Lovely picture and beautiful styling. Super job all around.

    Now, I want to look around my house to see what I can paint-lol.

    Enjoy your weekend, Lisa

  11. Haven’t commented in awhile….but I still read your blog faithfully..
    you see…I’ve had foot surgery and the meds taken … one
    needs to read a loopy message.
    On the mends now…..still need to sit….and have to say….your blog posts
    are like a well needed visitor at just the right time!! 🙂
    Your bed turned out just awesome.
    I bet your lil Thistles are jumping with joy over them!!!
    Wishing you a super great Fall Weekend!

  12. The beds look wonderful! What a transformation. I’m so close to getting a spray painter and I think you’ve just convinced me. And may I just say how grateful I am that math homework is never going to haunt me again! Good luck with that.

  13. This turned out so cute, Karianne…and I love that scratch and dent is your family’s specialty lol.

  14. I love the transformation of this bed. Awesome! I can relate to the math. Years ago I was called in to sub with another sub in a team teaching class. When it came time for the math, neither of us had a clue and we had one of the smarter kids explain it to the class. This was 5th grade!

  15. Beautiful!! And also the bedding- I know the girls love it all!

  16. LOVE the bed! The sprayer is so tempting. I have this simply delicious desk that has been waiting in my shed all summer to be painted. How easy is the sprayer to clean when you’re done? Your vision of “after” is always spot on. Who needs a mom that’s a math whiz when you can do transformation like this? lol Have a great weekend.

  17. LUV!!! Makes me wish I had little girls living at home 🙂
    My son is redoing his room with a ‘little’ help from Mom. A light grey with stainless and black accents. Very manly!!
    I majored in math back in the day!!! In my teaching days I even did remediation math for 8th grade. BUT geez… this ‘new’ way of doing math blows my mind!!! Gimmie a paintbrush and canvas.

  18. This bed is super cuuuute! Love it!

  19. I just love you Karianne! Your humor, your sweet spirit, the way you love your family and, oh yes! Your design expertise and style! The bed makeover is beautiful! Well done!

  20. Very pretty. Love the vertical strips…I’m over the horizontal trend. I’ve added a paint sprayer to my Christmas list. Math…ugh. All I can say is that our 8th grader is now in Advanced Math getting high school credit in 8th grade and my husband and I look at each other when we “help” him study and wonder…”Whose kid is this?”. If he didn’t look just like us we would think he was switched at birth because math geniusness doesn’t come from us. Nancy

  21. Love spray painters.. Once you get the hang of one you are good to go. Love the colors. Grey is one of my favorites. Love the outdoor shots too. Have an amazing weekend.

  22. I’m awful at math…. maybe I could have figured out the stripes, but not the x and y stuff. z? whoever heard of z in math? hehehehe

    Lovely job on the bed karianne! Everything’s easier with a Homeright paint sprayer!


  23. Love how the bed turned out!

  24. I’m wondering…for parents only mind you…is there a math homework app? Well…there should be! Cute bed! 😉

  25. Wow! I love the bed and your choice of linens is perfect. You had me in stitches over the math homework. I was looking at my grandsons math homework a few weeks ago and he was asking me if it looked right……he’s in 7th grade! My grandmotherly answer was “if you did it it has to be perfect”.

  26. Rowena Philbeck :

    Love the bed. So pretty and doesn’t even look like the same one. Great job!! I have the exact tan laundry basket in the picture. My dad had it when I was growing up. Its really old. Probably over 55 years for sure. I love mine and its in my guest room.

  27. I love this bed then and now!!! Can’t wait to see it all together and the other one too!!! No pressure!!!

  28. I love the bed — it looks like it has my name on it. I don’t care — you can put me in the attic, or the pantry or even your laundry room. I promise I won’t get in the way. The sprayer is really great!! If I start painting furniture again I am definitely going to get one. And who is to say the m + j doesn’t = q?? Did you sneak into the bedroom and Google the answer?? I am waiting for what the answer is– nosey mind wants to know. 🙂 Big hugs — have a great weekend.

  29. adorable bed…so cute. and i think, in my utter math-less mind, that numbers and letters should NEVER mix. why don’t they just tell you what that letter means for heaven’s sakes. crazy.

  30. LOVE LOVE LOVE the bed!!!! And I’m going to have to look into that paint sprayer!!

    Happy Weekend!

  31. Donna Doble-Brown :

    WOW! This came out GORGEOUS! Makes me want to paint something . . . .

  32. Paint in the right hands–well, yours, for instance–can transform almost anything! That bed is totally adorable, Karianne. And that paint gun looks like too much fun! Have a great day, friend!

  33. Just gorgeous, KariAnne. This is one of your best furniture transformations yet. Enjoy your weekend!

  34. Fabulous makeover! I love how you styled it outside in the yard! Super cute. As for math, my hubby is a high school math teacher, so we have our bases covered with the kids, but I also have this great app that is free. You might find it very useful. You might even jump for joy when you start using it.

    It’s called PHOTO MATH. It’s free. You scan the problem in the book and it will show you the answer with steps. It is truly amazing!

    PS….I am not smarter than a 7th grader either. My certification only goes up to 6th grade. {wink, wink}.

  35. Here’s a little math lesson…please indulge me.

    F + P + K = !!!

    Let’s break that down.

    You have this piece of furniture with lovely bones that you want to makeover with paint but you also need a little magic and that’s where the K comes in…K stands for KariAnne! Once you add all those together you get awesomeness beyond belief!!!

    Hope that helps. 🙂

    This bed is really and truly soooooooooo very beautiful…I’d have this in my room if I only could, so no doubt your daughters are quite excited about it! You may not be the one to go to for math problems, but you sure are the one to go to for the perfect furniture makeover! And, actually, your math looks fine to me…those stripes are perfectly spaced!

  36. Love the bed. And the linens.

    Oh, 7th grade math … my son is in “advanced math” and we went to a meet-the-teacher thingy earlier this week. The math teacher will have these kids for 2 years. She said that some kids are in the class because they are smart and get good grades, and some are in there because they are “math-smart”. She went on to tell us that the kids who are just, you know, run-of-the-mill smart will struggle next year when she has them do 3 trimesters worth of algebra in 2 trimesters, but those darn math-smart kids won’t struggle so much. I have a sneaking suspicion next year will be filled with math angst. I’m not sure my son has the proper genetics to be math-smart, at least from me!

  37. I absolutely love the new look on one of the mini-thistles bed….It was such a treasure to find a pair at such a reasonable price and the before look was cute too! It’s fun to see things change as kiddos grow up…can’t wait for a blog on the finished project….and…..I’m so glad my girls are grown and not needing math papers checked….I’m better at a painting project too! Thanks for sharing such a sweet project…enjoy your weekend.

  38. Love the makeover you gave the bed!! It’s beautiful and sweet!!

  39. Keri Anne this bed is just gorgeous, and I had so much fun reading your post!! You’re a talented DIYer and writer, thanks for sharing!!

  40. Can’t wait to see the finished rooms! Feeling just a little sad though, that the girl’s will no longer be together. It had to happen eventually (sigh). It will be interesting to see how they like having their own spaces.

  41. The bed has certainly received your special touch and over the top finish. So with you about math. I did take Algebra and geometry way way back when and actually did well but it all looked like a foreign language when my boys needed assistance. Like you, thank goodness, my husband was the math champ for our boys. Thanks for the chuckle this morning, vacationing in Hawai’I but still needed my Karianne fix. Aloha!

  42. Beautiful! Liked it when it was brown, love it now! I need to get one of those sprayer thingies.

  43. Absolutely a gorgeous transformation, I would have not known those were the same beds. Beautiful job.

  44. You are a very cheerful blogger! I can totally relate to the math confusion as I have twin boys in 7th grade. We wait for Dad too ….but I can paint all day! 🙂 Thanks for the happy post – I really enjoyed reading it!

  45. 1x + 1x = 2 beautiful beds!
    Did you paint them the same?

  46. SO adorable!

  47. ps – math has changed a lot since we were kids. last night, my 6th grader’s homework talked about answering the questions with words, symbols and numbers. what the what? it wasn’t even a story problem. i thought we used numbers in math! 🙂 and last year, there was “casting off the 9s.” o-k-a-y…

  48. Love the new look!

  49. So pretty!

  50. I absolutely cannot wait to see this in the made-over room! It is gorgeous! Have a wonderful weekend!

  51. Love your project and your story. I am watching my grandson struggle with algebra. It is a killer. So many seventh graders in pain!!

  52. I’m curious what you used to disguise the box spring. LOVE all the colors with the white and grey!

  53. Christina in FL :

    X = bed, Y = paint, Z = HomeRight Finish Max Pro, K = Kari Anne
    Awesomeness equation: X + Y (Z)
    Super results and you can turn it into an equation! :))))
    Yes, my brain hurts a wee bit. lol

  54. My son is in the middle of x, y and z math too, and I’m lousy with letters that are supposed to be numbers. We homeschool, so I bought a video curriculum that explains it to him, so I don’t have to! 🙂 The bed looks awesome! I’ve gotta get me one of those sprayers. I have an air compressor with a sprayer attachment, but the thing weighs about 100 pounds, so I never use it.

  55. Love the bed!

  56. That looks fantastic!
    And, I may have to look into that sprayer. I have one but you have to dilute any paint and it’s a pain. Thanks for the insight!

  57. I sympathize with you about math. They really have changed how they teach it. When my son was in Algebra, he was struggling, so I worked with him every night. His teacher counted his homework wrong, even though he had the right answer, because his worked showed that he had learned it the way I had been taught! Crazy!

    Love the bed!

  58. WOWZAS!!! Your bed transformation is amazing!! You have the greatest ideas… Stripes!!!

  59. OMG.. that´s a really great makeover…….
    You are welcome to join my BlogParty
    Hugs from Håkan in Sweden

  60. What a sweet bed! I am definitely not a Math girl but am pretty good at what a call “girl math” – bringing home something that cost $24.99 but letting the husband know it was “a little over $20″… (and lest you think me completely dishonest, he has been on to my “girl math” for years : )