What My Coffee Filter Whispered To Me

What My Coffee Filter Whispered To Me


Have you ever seen something on Pinterest and become obsessed and think about it all the time and you knew that you had to create it yourself?


It wasn’t a DIY.

It was just a picture.


So you climbed the craft challenge mountain and tried to create it on your own and it didn’t work the first time so you tried something else and then that kind of worked and then you finally figured it out…

….and emerged victorious and showed that craft who was boss.

Oh, good.

You, too?

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My Best Piece of Blogging Advice (and an EXCITING Announcement)

My Best Piece of Blogging Advice (and an EXCITING Announcement)


I never met a piece of encouragement I didn’t like.

Especially when it comes to blogging.

Everywhere you look there are posts telling you to do it this way and make sure you write it that way and make sure you have alt tags and SEO and keywords and pictographs and clever titles and rooms that look like they stepped out of a magazine and pictures that will be pinned a zillion times on Pinterest.

And if you don’t?

You’ll never succeed.

Or so “they” say.

That’s why I’m so happy they asked me to be a mentor at Haven.  That’s why I can’t wait until July 20.  That’s why I can’t wait to encourage and uplift and listen and talk and laugh and explain why “they” forgot to mention….

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DIY Vertical Succulent Garden

DIY Vertical Succulent Garden

disclosure:  This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.

If you’ve ever wanted to become fluent in teenager-speak….

….I have a new vocabulary word for you.


It’s super versatile and can be used as a noun, an adverb, an adjective and an interjection (and sometimes more than one in the same sentence.

Legit as a noun:  That vertical succulent garden you built is legit.

Legit as an adverb:  You are legit planting succulents on the wall?

Legit as an adjective:  Are you serious?  That is one legit succulent garden.

Legit as an interjection:  You built a garden on the wall where you planted succulents?  LEGIT!

And sometimes all of the above:  Legit?  You planted that legit succulent garden?  Really?  You are legit DIY’ing and that is legit.

You’re welcome.

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The Day I Wore Frayed High Waters

The Day I Wore Frayed High Waters


This Saturday I took 21,000 steps.

It wasn’t that hard.

For every step I took, I took two steps back.

It was a day that nothing went right.  I got lost on the way to the ballgame and yelled at the general population of the car and sunburned the tip of my nose and discovered that wood bees are not your friends and dropped my phone which now has a giant crack in it held together with scotch tape.

And to add insult to injury?

I cut off the bottom of my jeans to make them fray and misjudged the length and now I’m wearing frayed high waters.


Am I the only one?

Just in case you had a rough weekend, too….

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Random thoughts on a Saturday morning:

1. We lost a baseball game last night.  I heard more of that silent sadness on the way home.

2. The peonies are about to bloom.  They are one of the most beautiful flowers in the universe.  It’s so sad they only stick around for five minutes.

3. Just when I think the roads in Kentucky can’t get any prettier, spring shows up.

4. You will not believe what I found by the side of the road.

A piece of wood that looks like some pilgrims dropped it off.  I’m drying it out and spraying it off and planning the best project ever with it.

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The Secret to Painting a Floor Cloth for Under $25

The Secret to Painting a Floor Cloth for Under $25


Have you ever noticed what’s old in decorating is sometimes new again?

Kind of like stirrup pants.

A long time ago in a land far away we rented our first apartment.  We showed up with a 12-piece place-setting of china, crystal stemware, enough silverware for a small hotel, a really nice coffee maker and stacks of towels…

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Every Muddy Foot Should Know Its Worth

Every Muddy Foot Should Know Its Worth


Several weeks ago these mud-covered feet got asked to a dance.

They belong to my youngest twin–my tiny, blue-eyed, blonde-haired, tree climber.

A dance?  In middle school?  With a boy?  With awkward moments and disco balls and blaring music and watered down punch?

When did that happen?

She was just climbing trees and walking the dog and decorating her room with post-it notes and having tea parties with spotted elephants.  I wasn’t sure that I was ready.  I wasn’t sure that I was prepared.

But she was.

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Creating a Vertical Succulent Garden With a DIH Workshop

Creating a Vertical Succulent Garden With a DIH Workshop


What is it about succulents that makes us smile?

The tiny leaves?

The different colors?

The layers and layers of texture?

Whatever.  However.  Whyever.

Succulents rule the world….

…especially when you use them to create a project like this.

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