Before and After Southern Fixer Upper

Before and After Southern Fixer Upper


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A long time ago in a land far away called Alabama (total aside:  don’t you love a story that starts like that) I met one of the most inspiring women on the planet.

And more importantly, I met her house.  You can read all about that here.  It’s been a journey of love and inspiration and joy and courage and now the house is finished (and I may have helped just the tiniest of bits along the way).

This is one of my favorite before and afters of all time.


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Meet My Laundry Room (and a Giveaway)

Meet My Laundry Room (and a Giveaway)


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Meet my laundry room.

We’ve had some adventures, my laundry room and I.

There was the day I added too much soap and the floor and carpet were covered in bubbles.

There was the time someone threw a mud covered shirt into the room and it flung mud all over the walls.

There was the time a stinky sock got stuck behind the door and I thought I needed to call an exterminator.

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The Pride That Went Before the Fall

The Pride That Went Before the Fall


If you are new here, let me introduce you.

This is my living room.

It’s showing off right now.  It’s been clean for about five minutes and it got a new rug and some new pillows and it kind of thinks it’s all that.

But you know what they say about pride.

It goeth before a fall.

Because this weekend I walked into this room and found this….Continue reading

The Day My Shutters Went All Gone With the Wind (and a 40% Off Coupon)

The Day My Shutters Went All Gone With the Wind (and a 40% Off Coupon)


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When I was little my sisters and I used to play Gone With the Wind.

Or some facsimile there of.

We’d walk around in fancy costumes that came out of a barrel of old prom dresses some brilliant person handed down to us and wear hats and sip tea and pretend we were waiting to make clothes out of curtains.

I was in charge of everything.

So of course….

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Happy morning.

I’m sorry it took me so long to get here.

I was talking to my mother.

Sometimes I get on the phone with her and it’s hours before I even come up for air.  We talk about family and teaching and funny stories and opinions and things that make us laugh and things that make us cry and why pumpkins are amazing.

And when I got off the phone this morning, one thing kept dancing around in my head over and over and over again.

When did she get so smart?

I think it happened when I wasn’t looking. 🙂Continue reading

My Nine Favorite Online Classes and a Little Lifechanger

My Nine Favorite Online Classes and a Little Lifechanger


Have you ever heard of Skillshare before?

I just discovered it.

And just between us  it’s a little life-changing.  It’s kind of like the first time you used your DVR.  You were about to watch the Real Housewives of Somewhere and your friend calls to see if you want to go out to dinner and you really want to, but you also want to see if one of the housewives figures out that the other housewife has been talking about her before their trip to another country and then you remember out of the blue that you can PAUSE LIVE TELEVISION.

It’s that kind of life-changing.

Skillshare is full of class after class of the most amazing things.  Like cake decorating or crafting or felting or drawing or painting or sculpting or taking pictures with your iPhone.

And the best part?

Are you ready?

Are you sitting down?

Want to try it out? You can click here to sign up today and get your first 3 months for just $0.99.

See what I mean?  Totally, utterly and completely life-changing.

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Love and Milestones

Love and Milestones


In orthodontic news, last week the twins got braces.

It’s kind of one of those milestones in life.  You know.  Like taking your first step or losing your first tooth or the first day of kindergarten or memorizing the multiplication tables or learning how to ride a bike.

Except maybe not as fun.

They were so excited about the new adventure.  They counted down the days and talked to their friends about rubber band colors and grinned at themselves in the mirror and tried to imagine what they would look like with braces on.

And then early one morning they arrived at the orthodontist’s office….

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Super Easy Grape Jelly Recipe (and a Giveaway)

Super Easy Grape Jelly Recipe (and a Giveaway)


I remember when we planned the jump from the city to the country and I spent hours with my friends talking about the future….

…waxing poetic on country life.

I couldn’t wait to have a little house on a prairie.

I told everyone I was going to grind my own wheat and grow cucumbers and tomatoes and squash and bake with fresh herbs and raise horses and have chickens and farm fresh eggs and can my own preserves.

And nine years later?

One out of eight isn’t bad.Continue reading