One Day I’m Going to Live In a Mansion

One Day I’m Going to Live In a Mansion



Yesterday was crazy hair day at school.

Just in case you hadn’t marked your calendar yet…..crazy hair day falls somewhere between crazy-sock day and crazy-dress-up-like-your-favorite-book-character day.

And let me tell you…..

….it can get a little crazy.

I spent all morning trying to create a hairdo for one of the twins that was a cross between a waterfall and a faux hawk…..with a mouth full of bobby pins…..

….wishing I had gone to beauty school.

Twenty minutes….a can of hairspray….a double twist on the hair ribbon and two extra helpings of patience later….

…..I watched at that faux-hawk-waterfall twirl its way to the bus stop along with her sister.


And then the house was quiet.

And in all that quiet….I poured myself a cup of coffee….cleaned up the bobby pins…..

……and started planning a little spring decorating in the kitchen.

I searched the blog for spring and decorating and table and kitchen….and as I read….

….I discovered this story from long ago lost in the pages of the blog.

I had forgotten all about it.

And I laughed out loud when I read it….and I hope you will too.

So with a few minor edits…’s the “Honey” story for an encore performance.


The other day as I was working on some projects around the house… of my tiny blue-eyed blonde-haired twins turned to me and pronounced in a voice as clear as a bell…..“Mom….when I get older I’m going to live in a mansion.”

I smiled to myself . “ Wow….a mansion…..that’s fancy.”

“Yep,” she continued. “And it’s going to have pink daisies……

……and a make-up room.”

“A make-up room? “  I laughed.  “You’re going to have that much make-up?”

Undeterred she added,  “And I’m going to wear high heels and call my husband, “Honey.”

I paused for a moment to give these future plans and dreams my complete and undivided attention.  “What? You are going to call your husband…Honey?”

“That is so sweet.”

She promptly rolled her eyes at me and made a face.


“Well….I don’t think I’m going to call him that all the time.….just sometimes… you and dad.  ”

Then with a big grin…..she laughed.

“I like when you call dad…..”Honey”

I smiled and turned back to the unfinished projects…..and started counting my blessings.

1.  The winter snow had almost melted.

2.  The sunshine was warm and I saw a few blades of grass and spring was just around the corner.

3.  My daughter was going to have colored flowers and a make-up room in her future.

4.  And she knew how much her parents loved each other.


All was right with the world.


And then…..through my dreamy haze of blessings…..I heard her sister chime in.

“She’s right.

You call him, “Honey” all the time.

You always say….”Honey….can you hang this for me?”

And  ”Honey….can you build this?

And “Honey….can you help me….I need to put this on the blog?”


You know those crazy hair wearers…..

……they’re a really tough crowd.  🙂

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  1. How absolutely precious with a side of sass : ) LOL!!! I see the twins personality threw this adorable little story!!! Thanks for the morning smile…just what I needed and by the way…the clip of Spring Decor is gorgeous and oh the fleur de lis…GORGEOUS!!!!!! Sending hugs and wishes to you and yours to have a wonderful day!

  2. That is soooo funny!! I call my hubby Honey — never by his first name . What is so hilarious is that my daughter –the first born — called her daddy “Honey” cuz that’s all she ever heard me call him. Forty four married years later he is still my Honey. Isn’t love grand???!!!!!

  3. Hi, Karianne. What a sweet story to kick off the morning.

    Your girls are so cute (and observant too). Funny what they pick up on, isn’t it?

    Love all the pretty details and vignettes in your home. Just lovely and it’s always a pleasure to pop over, see what you’re up to and share a smile.

    Have a great day,


  4. Ha! I can totally relate, I seem to pull out the “honey” card at those moments as well 😉

  5. Your stories always make my heart smile…..

  6. You make me smile — every morning. Thanks Bunches!

  7. I love it! The story as well as your mantle. The “honey” comments remind me of the owners on Lady and the Tramp. The dogs call them “Dear” and “Darling”. It is sad but I do not hear or say those sweet words like in the past. Thanks for the reminder and the challenge to do so as children are always picking up on something we say or do. But I think I am more of “darlin” type of gal! Thanks for smile and make today a great one!

  8. This is such a cute story, Karianne! My husband and I have always called each other “Honey” and “Sweetheart.” I guess it sounds kind of corny; I usually don’t give it much thought because we’ve done it for so long. But you make a good point that it lets your children know their parents love each other. And as a parent, that makes me VERY happy. 🙂

    Have a wonderful day!

    Big Hugs To You,


  9. Awww, that is a sweet story! My daughter was calling my husband ‘Babe’ for a bit. Lol. She is 5 and thought it was quite funny.

  10. Cute story…even mixed with sass! Your girls are something else! I’ve always called my hubby “honey”…but, especially when I need something done…hehe! 😉

  11. Guess they’re just helping you to ‘keep it real’. Kids are good at that.
    Love your stories and thanks for the reminder that its time to ‘spring up’ my house.

  12. Love this story. I used to teach preschool. I had 3-4 year olds and they told the greatest stories. It was always funny and HUMBLING to watch them play school and see them mimicing me.


  13. So cute! We had pajama day yesterday. I am sure crazy hair day is just around the corner. I love how kids pick up on little things. Sometimes I think my kids don’t pay attention to those things but believe me – they hear everything! So sweet.

  14. Love it! When writing I always refer to my husband as Big Daddy. We do have our nicknames, but in general it’s ‘BABE come help me’…… for either of us! So, if you call the Mr. ‘Honey’, inquiring minds want to know what his nickname for you is!

  15. At least you ask nicely, and from all you write, you really do love him. They know the truth.

  16. Yesterday was crazy hair day at our house too! One of them had a faux hawk that was blue on one side and pink on the other, the oldest had his baseball number stenciled in hair paint on the back of his head. Crazy!! Loved this post, I use Honey all of the time too…what else would we call our Honey Do lists? Baby Do? Hubby Do? Doesn’t have the same ring to it!!

  17. We have crazy hair day next Friday at my daughter’s school. Fun fun! I really enjoyed reading your blog today!

  18. Grammie to 5 Beauties :

    “Honey” is the best name ever for ol’ Mr. Sparkling Eyes! So delightful when you write little snippets of your family life. Just reading about it makes me feel happy and – well – I guess loved!

  19. Love your blog but today, I really loved your post. I envy your storytelling abilities. You could also be an author or a Journalist.

  20. Barbara Bussey :

    Beautiful, as always!

  21. I’m smiling. Great roll model for your kids.

  22. Love this story…out of the mouths of babes…thanks for sharing! Beautiful photos, too, Karianne!

  23. Karianne,
    I knew that I could come by here and find a another wonderful story and I did. The HONEY story has made a great start to my day…thanks so much for sharing it with us.


  24. Don’t you just love how little ones dream? Brings back such great memories and makes my heart happy! Thank you for sharing this precious story again, KariAnne. It’s a great reminder of how quickly our little cherubs grow and to cherish those moments 🙂

  25. Love how they keep you in check!

  26. Teresa Fields :

    So funny. Children help us keep life real!

  27. Tina Matteson :

    I love this story! And the vignette in your pictures.

  28. This made my day! Such a cute and adorable story!

  29. What a cute story..Kids!!

  30. Love that the kids pick up on these little things. My husband calls me Be (pronounced: Bay short form of French Bebe). Now our 4 year old has started calling me that when he really wants my attention.

  31. Okay… I am so going to start using “Honey” now. It seems to work really well for you!

    On a side note, I have a corner in my kitchen exactly like yours and now I’m sooooo tempted to paint out my brick. I have been pondering it forever, but I’m not sure my “Honey” will approve – he loves the red and people often comment on how much they like it (even though that is the only corner in the house with any red right now, which is why it bugs me). So, in place of that fab board you have with the Cranberry bread recipe, I have a black distressed buffet, which I have also been thinking about either distressing in white or grey….so tempting to do it now but so much work and convincing. I’ll let you know if that word helps me out! lol

  32. Karianne,
    I like the dark wood in your photos. Looks very nice.
    Your twins are funny! My husband and I call each other Dear even when we’re sort of disagreeing on something. ‘Well, Dear I told you the car needed gas!’
    Christine the other car. 🙂

  33. This is one of my favorites from you.
    I had to turn a 10 yr old boy in to a cocktatoo one time. Lots of crey paper ( spelling) a old sweater and yellow knee socks. Teacher said to my son “your mom really got into this”…… priceless

  34. So sweet- love it! And the pretty pictures 🙂


  35. Very sweet story! I know I always pull “honey” out of my hat or “pumpkin”, “sweetie”, “pookie bear” just to name a few…..especially whenI need something done! LOL! Thank goodness they still work!~~Angela

  36. Ahhh…yes I giggled—and remembered back in time when to my girls at kindergarten age, crazy hair day meant putting a zillion of those little bow barrettes in their hair—and then I was thinking I wish my recipe for my favorite cookies was at least painted on a cupboard door for I lost it and last week I had to resort to help from the above daughter who had it in an old email sending it to her ol college roomie–and then I let my mind wander on, yes your little girl was so very wise. She’s going to live in a mansion someday!!! Prepared just for her. Jesus says!

  37. What a sweet story! I’m sure mine will say the same things, I’m always asking my hubs to help me out with projects. 😉

  38. Love your conversation with your little one about Honey! Little ones are influenced even when we don’t realize it. My six year old granddaughter told me the other day that she doesn’t go anywhere without her little purse full of her “make up.” This, I am certain she has learned from her mother, who loves her makeup, too!

    Your spring shelf is so very pretty!

  39. Your girls have your big dreams and big hearts full of love. They will carry that with them always and I’m sure…call their “Honeys”, honey!

    You might get a laugh out of this…I still do many years later. My five year old son announced to me one day, “Mom, when I grow up I want to be able to fly.” And I said, “Oh, like an airplane pilot or astronaut?” And he said, “No, just be able to fly through through the air by myself.” And he is still a dreamer!


  40. How very sweet…..and, they see and hear all. Ha! Kids don’t miss a thing.

  41. Angela Gabhart :

    “Honey”, don’t forget to include pictures of your beautiful landscape as you dream of Spring!!! 🙂 I always enjoy you bringing some Kentucky into my day!!! (Can you tell I’m homesick?)…

  42. A good example of a happy and healthy marriage is one of the best things you can show your kids. My 25 year old daughter told me once that she is looking for “the kind of relationship that you and dad have”. I hope you and your Honey have a great weekend.

  43. Good Morning Kerryanne, Don’t you love it when children express their feelings. They sound like they’ve lived in love, and recognize it. Good job, mom. And your house is lovely, always enjoy your decorating. Have a great weekend.

  44. I am laughing over here. That was an unexpected twist! You are such a great story teller.

  45. Lovely story. Just goes to show that it’s those everyday things we don’t think about that make the most difference to little guys.

  46. I so love this story…another one to document in their “memory book”…

  47. Yep. It’s hard to keep from issuing “honey dos” I try to at least have a few “hi honeys” each day that don’t involve asking him to do something!

  48. That is sooo cute! It’s amazing how our kids hang on to everything that we do and say…and this story confirms how impressionable they are when they’re young. I loved reading it…makes me long for the days when mine were young and living at home.
    Debbie 🙂

  49. Hi KariAnne,

    She is already living in her mansion with you and your family, she just doesn’t have the makeup room and the husband! I have to tell you, the full picture of your white chimney with the plate rack and bench is pure inspiration for me. I am loving it so much I saved the picture to my computer for reference while working on our family room. Thank you for the lovely story and great inspiration.
    Hugs, Lynnie

  50. I don’t post much but I always read your posts… and this one…. I had to comment…. this story was so warm and sweet… so touching… and it reminded me of my daughter who is ten….. who has similar dreams of living in a mansion someday. I think that the things our children say to us when they are young and innocent is a true blessing amongst other things. Your twins sound so smart and so alert to their life and the two parents that obviously make sure there is lots of love in that house that they are growing up in. Kudos to you and hubby! Love the photos too…. and thank you for making me smile today.
    ♥ Jo’s Scrap Shack ♥
    ♥ Shop 3 Twenty Crafts ♥