Moss Table Runner

Moss Table Runner


The other day one of the twins had her tooth pulled.

It was traumatic.

And I’m not talking about her.

I thought that they were going to have to give me anesthesia.

I crossed and uncrossed my arms about 500 times and fidgeted in my seat and clenched my teeth and involuntarily flinched at every move the doctor made.  All the while…..trying to appear calm and reassuring and completely in control whenever she happened to catch my eye.


I’m a mom….remember?

Completely in control…..sitting calmly….

…..unknowingly eating an entire container of tictacs.


And when it was over, I held her in my arms.

And brushed her hair off her face.

And wiped her tears away.

And promised her a million and one chocolate milkshakes.


Then she dried her eyes and proudly carried her tooth home.


Later that night…..I overheard the bits and pieces of a whispered conversation.

“Do you think the tooth fairy will know to stop here and not the doctor’s?” one twin whispered to the other.

The conversation continued until I heard the age-old question that has been asked since the beginning of tooth fairy time.

“What does she even do with all those teeth?”

Her sister shrugged and said, “Someone told me that she makes furniture with them.”

“Furniture?  With teeth?  Really?” the tooth owner replied.

And then there was silence.


As if the thought of teeth and furniture was almost too much to comprehend.

And then the sounds of quiet giggling filled the air as they both drifted off to sleep.


But the story doesn’t end here.


For when the tooth fairy made her nightly furniture pick-up rounds she found this note:

Dear tooth fairy,

Are you a normal person?

Check yes or no.

PS  If you aren’t comfortable with that question…..don’t answer.


The tooth fairy read the note….smiled….checked yes….

…..and then promptly made the tooth into a “wing back” chair. 🙂

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How to Make a Moss Table Runner

1.   Patiently listen to a tooth fairy-furniture story.

2.  Purchase moss ribbon at Wal-Mart

I know.

I said Wal-Mart.

And it was only $2.00/roll.

You will need six rolls for this project.

3.  Cut a piece of cardboard the desired length and width for your runner.

4.  Weave moss ribbon in a checkerboard pattern.

5.  Hot glue the woven ribbon to the cardboard.

6.  Trim off excess.

7.  Then follow along with my I Heart Moss Pinboard for a lot more moss inspiration.


PS  I think the runner would look amazing in the living room on the side table next to my new wing back chair. 🙂

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  1. I always believed the tooth fairy made cobblestone paths with all the teeth but I see she has gone into the furniture business. Next we’ll be seeing her at the fairy markets.

  2. Would you mind telling me what department you found the ribbon in at Walmart? Thanks!

  3. Hahaha….this story cracked me up! I guess I never questioned what she did with all those teeth…but it is a good question! I love this table runner….and I’m so sad, because our Wally world doesn’t carry that moss ribbon….BOO….and it would be fun for so many things! Your runner is gorgeous! Thanks for the tale! ~Tammy

  4. I love the furniture idea. My kids thought she planted them and grew flowers in her garden (I may have told them that). Ahem. The thought of all those teeth is kind of gross and doesn’t bear too much thought!
    Your moss runner is so pretty! For some reason, fake moss makes me sneeze, but I will enjoy looking at your runner 🙂

  5. As always you have found the perfect way of sharing a charming story and making us feel a part of it so completely… You have a beautiful way with words!
    Thank you for making me smile… and reminding me about that wingback chair I have in the basement…

  6. *whew* When I saw the title, I thought you used real moss.
    Which, once upon a time, I did. Thinking I was being all trendy and whatnot, I carefully harvested moss from beside a country road–moss is not easy to harvest!– and laid it flat in one of those big underbed boxes. I brought it home and arranged it carefully in a circle in the middle of my little round tea table. I placed some birds nests and fresh flowers and more on top and it was beautiful and fresh and all nature-y. I loved it.
    And that night when my husband came home from work, I expected to hear how great it looked (even though he never really notices stuff like that) and all I heard from the living room was “What are all these bugs doing in here?”

  7. That is too funny, I love hearing your stories 🙂 And the moss table runner looks great!

  8. Cute, cute story- I remember those days! I love your moss runner, too. It looks so Springy and nice- xo Diana

  9. Ok, I was totally picturing you at the dentist fidgeting and worrying….your such a sweet mama! And looks like you got a better deal with that moss ribbon from Wal-Mart than the other ribbon? ~ Kim

  10. I think sometimes those experiences are much much harder on us as parents…
    I love this moss runner! I’m pinning this! There’s only 1 problem, I won’t shop in a Wallmart for many reasons.. But I might just have to!
    Happy Easter and as usual great post!

  11. I’ve seen the moss ribbon at our Wal-mart and thought it would be neat to use in spring projects. You actually did it. My projects often don’t get past the thinking stage. Love that runnerl!! I was happy to hear of the girls whispering and giggling about the tooth fairy. I needed that after feeling your pain at the dentist . Our children’s pain is the toughest pain to deal with, isn’t it? You’re a good Mama…

  12. You write such cute stories. I never heard of moss ribbon but I love it and the runner too!

  13. Gotta love the tooth fairy! Wonder how Mother nature feels about being able to buy moss in a ribbon form at Wal mart? Enjoy your weekend…and may you have a wonderful Easter! 😉

  14. What a great story! I remember those days, even at my age! I always wondered the same thing. Lol. Love the runner! I used to do so many things like this when I had my business. However, when mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, I didn’t have time to do those things anymore. But I love seeing the creativity in you and so many others! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  15. This runner is the most fun and fabulous project I’ve seen in ages! (PS: I hope you blog your new wing back chair. 🙂

  16. Love this idea! Oh so cute on the tooth fairy 🙂 Pinned

  17. Cutest Mom story ever, to go along with a super cute table! I would have never thought to try moss with black & white, but in my book black & white looks fabulous anywhere anytime so why not! The pops of red really make the table too.
    Thanks for sharing the info on the moss ribbon, Wal-Mart, really! Who would have guessed!

  18. You forgot a step: sweeping and vacuuming up all that moss.

    That stuff is messy to craft with. Beautiful, but messy.

    PS-please ask the tooth fairy if she has any tricks for fixing broken, first baby teeth. Someone was playing with his after it fell out, and it broke. So I’d be careful sitting in that wing chair. 🙂

  19. Such a sweet story! The letter is too cute! Your twins are so precious but that’s no surprise with a momma like you! Love the runner too! Hope your family has a wonderful Easter! ~~Angela

  20. What a precious story and you have decorated your home with pure magic! Love the use of moss and your previous post on the living herb wreath. I think that just maybe – all sorts of fairies live in the beauty of your lives!

  21. Perfect – my girls need a wingback tooth chair to go with their tooth coffee table!

  22. That is so ironic that you wrote about the tooth fairy this week! My kindergartners wrote about what the tooth fairy does with the teeth too!

    Some answers…She puts them in her tooth pile. She decorates the outside of her house with them. She puts them in the sky and they become stars.

    Out of the mouths of babes! Happy Easter!

  23. I heard she made jewelry…Kind of creeps me out! The moss runner is perfect for the Seattle area; we grow it profusely:-D My only problem is there’s no Walmart around, but I’ll look at the Ben Franklin and see if they have something. Happy Easter and I think you need a couple of milk shakes also for surviving the ordeal as a mom, XOXO

  24. That is the best story ever!!! What sweeties!! My kids us those notes if I am on the phone circle yes or no:)

  25. Love your stories..The “Moss” table runner looks great.. Fun idea..Happy Easter

  26. I can see you in the Dentist office and know just how you felt. Have a wonderful Easter.

  27. I love this story and I would have been a figet too when your child is getting that done. Love the toothfairy note….adorable. This is just priceless! Happy Easter.


  28. KariAnne-
    You did it again! I love this idea! I have a great distaste for the W store, but I think that I will venture in today to get me some moss ribbon! So simple, yet amazing for an Easter Table Centerpiece! You are such a crafty smartie! PS-sharing on My Craft Channel’s FB page (because everyone needs to see this) and I am really loving your blog makeover. Did you do it or did you hire out? You probably did a post about this, and I missed it. If yes, just say duh Tausha! OK, I will shut up now! Have a wonderful Easter my friend!

  29. We had a whole ‘nother conversation here when the youngest swallowed his tooth and that letter to the tooth fairy was creative to say the least.

    Easter Blessings,

  30. Did you wear a bobby pin to the dentist? It so would have made all the difference! 🙂

  31. Ooooooo . . . . . I like this. And it’s not just EASTER-Y, it’s SPRINGY! I like things I can leave up longer, which is why I don’t decorate for St. Patrick’s Day . . . 😉 Although had I known about the moss runner . . .

    I’m glad your girlie did well with her tooth-pulling. I loved the tooth-fairy quiz. A case of “like mother, like daughter?”

    Happy, happy Easter!!

  32. Happy Easter, KariAnne! Wonder what the twins will write to the Easter bunny?

  33. Such a sweet story, Karianne! And your runner is such a fun idea! Thanks so much for sharing!

  34. You are such a good Mama!!! We all feel their pain, don’t we? I won’t tell you about when the first biy breaks their hearts……………..OMG! I love the runner and am going to walmart to see if ours has the ribbon. We had ALOT of real moss at the old house but after reading the other comment….no way:) Have a beautiful and blessed Easter with your family. XO, Pinky

  35. I would’ve guessed milk glass. Just love the Tooth Fairy survey they crafted too! Too cute!

    🙂 Linda

  36. lol…poor baby…um I mean KariAnne. 😉 I know it was traumatic! Those twins…sigh…they are the best! Love the moss table runner, you knocked it out of the park again!


  37. this has to be one of my favorite Spring time posts. Simply lovely.
    Great idea Kari!
    Have a wonderful Easter,
    Leslie (aka Gwen Moss)

  38. Sigh… memories. They no longer loose teeth, and they go to the Dentist/Dr. alone now. ohmygosh!! When did this happen.
    Cute story 🙂
    Luv the moss runner. WalMart, who knew!
    Happy Easter.
    Luv Gee

  39. My FAVE part (well. aside from the woven moss ribbon runner) is “If you aren’t comfortable with that question, don’t answer.” I smiled. A lot. 🙂 In fact, I might have outwardly giggled a bit. Because while I do not know your precious twins, and have only seen pics of them – I can imagine them being exactly like their mama. Vibrant and spontaneous and full of life. And manners. Cause while they dearly wanted to know the answer, the Tooth Fairy’s feelings were ever so more important. I LOVE that. As to the wing back chair… that one gave me the heebie jeebies a bit. No thanks. 🙂 Happy Easter, my friend. xxoo

  40. I’m so thankful that the tooth fairy knew to come to your house and not the dentist’s office. After all, If she had gone there, she’d have missed the tooth, and the note, and your cool moss table runner. Honestly girl, you find he best stuff at Walmart. And really…tooth fairy furniture….who knew? I’ll bet that it takes a really long time to complete a sofa. Happy Easter! xo

  41. ROFL… kids are amazing aren’t they. I so miss those “kid” moments since mine are all grown up now.

    Thanks for sharing the moss project I was wondering what to do with that stuff!

  42. We had a very similar situation when my daughters had to have a tooth pulled and the tooth fairy left her a very special note on official tooth fairy letterhead, telling her how very brave she was and what a special tooth it would be now. She was delighted. I love your story as well and what a delight it must be for one to have the other to chat with every night before bed time. Twins are great! Happy Easter!

  43. I loved not only the tooth fairy story but the moss table runner. I got a giggle out of the note to the tooth fairy. That is just like something my daughter (now 24) would have done. And obviously the tooth fair has excellent taste since she turned the tooth into a wing back chair.
    Loved this post, your posts are always so well written.

  44. Wal-Mart! No way! I need to get my butt over there and get some of that!

    Happy Easter! 🙂

  45. Oh, if there were a Blog Fairy, I’d be writing to thank her for sending me to Thistlewood Farm that first time. I love stopping by here for a visit. You always make me smile and chuckle with delight, Kari Anne. Love the Tooth Fairy quiz, and am happy to know that the Tooth Fairy does indeed make furniture. Best wishes for an Easter weekend filled with joy! ~ Sarah

  46. PS.
    Oh, I forgot to say how much I like the moss table runner idea. I may have to go by WM today, and I never shop at WM. ‘-)

  47. Too funny! I love reading your posts, they always put a smile on my face. Love the runner, very pretty.

  48. Such a delightful story! I love the quiz ~ only from kids can we get absolute “real” I think. You’re a wonderful Mom!

    Love the moss runner too. My favorite combo is black and white and I always love red! Your table looks so festive ~

    Happy Easter!

  49. Save that note! I have 4 grown children and I kept all their teeth separately witty the notes they wrote. Hilarious!

  50. Lovely moss runner and fun story about the tooth 🙂 I’ve been wanting to do stuff with moss but it’s all so expensive at Joann’s. I’ll have to check walmart 🙂

  51. You’re a good mommy. I know the tooth fairy took the trauma into consideration.

    I Have always wanted to do one of these, KariAnne. Was it very messy? Sometimes just thinking about messy stops me in my tracks.

  52. Well you know, I spend my days with 22 six year olds…I should have started writing down the hilarious things they say years ago. This year has been particularly entertaining, they crack me up everyday. They were having a discussion (ok argument) about the tooth fairy the other day, they always come to me to settle said disputes. So this time it was, “Mrs. Henry, isn’t it true that if you wake up while the tooth fairy is in your room, she sprinkles fairy dust over you so you don’t remember seeing her, and you still get the money?!” In all my wisdom, I was like, “uh, yeah, sure….” I mean seriously, how do they think this stuff up!? You should have heard the one the same day when one of them said he knew how Jesus died…then proceeded to tell the other children, “he got ran over.” He then got a SERMON from the little missionary in the class who in no uncertain terms told him that Jesus most certainly DID NOT get ran over…he died on the cross for our sins…He SUFFERED!!!!! Hand on her hip, finger waving-whole 9 yards!!

  53. This is wonderful!

    I’d love to have you link to Seasonal Sundays. The link goes up on Saturday at 7 pm.

    – The Tablescaper

  54. Poor little sweetheart…don’t you just hate to see them cry…breaks a mom’s heart. Love the whispered conversations between little ones and so happy she could giggle after having her tooth out. Your girls sound as creative as you 🙂

    Moss ribbon into table runner…you’re amazing!

    Have a blessed Easter, KariAnne.

  55. So bloody pretty the red really stands out

  56. Beautiful story and sweet girls. Love the table runner. Every time I do something with moss, I make such a mess. Maybe the ribbon is not so messy. Will have to give it a try.
    Blessings and Happy Easter.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  57. I have a book from my oh, so long ago childhood, about the Tooth Fairy. It explaines what she does with the teeth and how she sorts them, etc…. At the end of the book the question is asked why does the Tooth Fairy like teeth so much? And, according to the book, it’s because she doesn’t have any of her own! 🙂

  58. Crackin’ me up again, Karianne! 😀 I didn’t know moss ribbon existed (there’s SO much I don’t know) but I love the runner!


  59. Karianne:

    I love, love, LOVE this post! You are so creative and witty (yes I said witty – even though I know that sounds like a little old woman word – I’m really not THAT old).

    I’m so glad you and your daughter survived the procedure…and I’m absolutely amazed at the thought of tooth furniture (yikes!)

    Where do children come up with this stuff?

    Have a blessed Easter!

    Patty O

  60. Love the idea of a moss table runner. Looks so springy! I will have to go and get some. I can relate to the tooth story. I have twin grandsons who are almost four. I can’t even imagine Hope you have a wonderful Easter. Loving your blog.

  61. This could be one of my favorite stories of your kids….and I know that you have carefully tucked that note away along with the other wonderful treasures of your children…I still have my “folder of special notes” of my son’s … he has no idea…waiting for the right moment to give it to him…and I think that moss runner would look great next to that “pearly white” winged back chair!

  62. Oh I just love this Karianne! Such a great use of the moss ribbon. I must go get some! 🙂 xo, Kimberly

  63. Aww! Loved that story. I’d have to check “no,” if I was being honest. 🙂 (“normal?” hahaha.) I hope she’s feeling better and proud of her bravery!

  64. Oh my goodness, I love this and your kids are just too cute! So glad I stopped by, this totally made me smile!

  65.!! Was wondering what you were gonna do with that incredible moss ribbon!! 😉