Monogram Welcome Mat

Monogram Welcome Mat


I made a monogram welcome mat the other day….

…..and I cried.

I couldn’t help it.

I was printing and taping and cutting out letters….

…..and watching the first episode of the new season of Duck Dynasty.

Please tell me you watched it.

Romeo and Juliet have nothing on Phil and Miss Kay.



I cried when she walked up and held his hand.

I cried when she looked at him with a pert little smile and told him she would love him forever.

And as….he stood there…so tall and bearded and stoic….and told her he loved her right back….I cried and cried and cried.

Tears rolled down my face as I watched.

There wasn’t a 24 piece marching band or yards of tulle or a red carpet or doves flying into the air….or all the things that romantic weddings are made of.

Just  a river bank and family and friends and two dogs walking the bride down the aisle.

Just two ordinary, simple, every day people who have cooked and made duck calls and lived and loved each other for half a century.

Just a couple standing strong and firm in that love and the promise of tomorrow.

Just love.


Monogram Welcome Mat


Ikea Mat for $1.97

Painter’s Tape

Black Spray Paint


Step 1:  Print out letters on computer

I printed out the letters in Baskerville Old Style.

The W was printed out at 650 and the D and the K were printed out at 450.

monogram-welcome-mat-project Step 2:  Cut out letters

Sit down in front of the first episode of the new season of Duck Dynasty.

Cut out the letters leaving an outline.

Laugh when Si drinks from his tea cup at the wedding.

monogram-mat-project Step 3:  Tape off border

Put one row of tape around the edge.

Put another row of tape about an inch or two inside.

Start crying when Miss Kay gets out of the car and starts to walk down the aisle with her two dogs and the ukele strums and the only unbearded son who is the preacher starts talking about their lives together.

Try to guesstimate the correct tape spacing through the tears.

monogram-welcome-mat-diy Step 3: Center the outline of the letters in the middle and tape

Place the letters in the center of the mat and completely tape off with painter’s tape so that only the parts that should be spray painted remain.

It took me a while.

I kept stopping to watch the romance unfold.


Step 4:  Spray paint the mat

Tip number one:  wait until your tears are dry you can see clearly.

Tip number two:  do not spray paint at an angle…spray paint directly so that it doesn’t spray under the outline of the letters.

Tip number three:  don’t over spray in one area.


Step 5:  Peel off tape and let dry


And as I wiped my tears away and Jace tried to go fishing in the middle of the wedding….and I took the my new monogram welcome mat over to the back porch of the gatehouse….two thoughts kept turning over and over in my mind….

….I am in love with love….

…..and I totally think my husband would look really cute with a beard. 🙂

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  1. I cried too but just assumed it was because of the pregnancy hormones! It was such a sweet episode…I died laughing when Phil told Si that he had never stood in front of the “Crack House”…one of my most favorite DD yet!
    I love this mat…maybe I’ll try to recreate it this weekend! Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  2. Love this mat! I would have had a total crying tantrum at the details of even cutting out the letters….no patience here..
    Amazing job! Happy Friday!

  3. I have only watched a few episodes – clearly I need to get with it! Love the mat!

  4. I have it taped – I need to watch it! I love them. The mat is great also and looks so easy!

  5. that episode and your mat make me happy, happy, happy! we love duck dynasty around here. last february on our aborted trip to vicksburg we headed over to west monroe and duck commander…even parked next to si’s truck! we didn’t see any of “the beards” but are planning on going back and taking granddaughter taylor who is a huge DD fan.

    great job on the mat…i need to make a new one for our porch.

  6. I blinked about 15 times rapidly when I saw the price that you paid for that mat.


    Can we get an Ikea here, please?

    The closest one is 240 miles away. In another state.

  7. Aw, now you’re making me cry! The mat is lovely.

  8. Love Duck Dynasty. And I loved when Ms. Kay said “I loved you when you were young and weren’t so nice and I love you now”. You hit the nail on the head, it’s not about the romantic stuff it’s about two people and what they built together. Such a great show.

  9. You’ve already got me watching the Hallmark channel…I don’t think I’m up for Duck Dynasty! Have a great weekend! 😉

  10. Love the mat….love Duck Dynasty!….The “real deal”….Have a great weekend!!

  11. Love the mat!! What in the world printer do you use that goes to 650 in size?? I need one of those.

  12. I watched it. It was so sweet and they were so cute! And I love the mat too.

  13. I cried too! Those were the sweetest, most sincere vows ever spoken! I LOVE DD! I keep all the episodes and watch them over and over! DD proves its the little things and loving each other that are the most important things in life. So, I’ll get all the supplies I need to make your lovely mat and watch ‘Till Duck to us part” again! Thanks KariAnne this made my day!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    June G.

  14. I need the Mat~! thanks so much for the detailed instructions..

    I dvr’d the DD wedding and I’ve cried all 5 times I’ve watched it..

    love those folks..

  15. KariAnne,

    Sweet story and post. Love how your inexpensive mat got a great custom look.


  16. I taped the show and have watched it a couple of times. Another one of my favorite parts was when Phil told Miss Kay she was his best buddy! Just LOVE that show!!

  17. I just recently started hearing about that show. It sounds so sweet. I love how you weaved your tutorial around the show…now I think I need to see it…and maybe make a doormat! Have a great weekend!

  18. I cried too! The rest of my family laughing at me didn’t hinder the sweet moment.

  19. I Love the mat and I love Duck Dynasty! I cried a little when Ms Kay said “I loved you when you were young and not so nice and I love you now”. OK maybe more than a little. My youngest said “mom are you really crying” Boys they just don’t get it.
    I’m going to a wedding in October and this mat will be a perfect addition to the gift.
    Have a great weekend!

  20. This welcome mat is fabulous!!! LOVE IT! You have the magic touch! It is so customized and on the flip side…inexpensive…now that is the perfect blend! I love that you love your show so very much : ) but as you most probably have guessed…not one that I watch : ) hugs and love!

  21. OMG…you just made me cry girlfriend! I can’t see the screen to type. I missed DD somehow…was probably already in bed…going to find it now. Love the mat and you!!! Call me!!!

  22. The door mat looks great!

    I love Duck Dynasty. Isn’t Miss Kay the coolest?

  23. I so cried. It was so great!! I’m so happy I’m not the only one because my kids thought I was silly. But I tell you what, I’m pretty sure my husband had a little twinkle of tear in his eye too. What a sweet, loving couple with a great family. They are lucky to have each other and we are lucky to have them. 🙂 To make us cry and to teach us that yes, it’s good to pray as a family and to disagree with each other but to love each other anyway. Fun stuff. Thanks for this!

  24. Never heard of DD guess I’ll have to research it..I’d be right there with you..Love the mat..good job

  25. there’s a slideshow on the internet that shows all the DD guys WITHOUT their beards…so handsome!!!

  26. Karianne, I cried too! It was just so sweet! Can’t figure out why I like that show so much but I love that family, all they stand for and represent. Thanks so much for telling us you cried! Makes me feel so much better. LOL!
    And I love the welcome mat. I’m always up for another monogram. 🙂

  27. I can’t relate. I only watch Mad Men and Walking Dead. Degenerates and Zombies are all I care about. Give me a good bloody face that half falling off, and I’m there.

  28. I know nothing about Duck Dynasty, but I do know that I love how your welcome mat turned out!

    🙂 Linda

  29. I loved how the girls took over the wedding plan – and dragged their men right along with them! 🙂 Yep, they’re all “whupped,” and I think they like it that way!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the mat. And I’m GOING to get to another IKEA. I’ve only been to one in my lifetime, in Cincinnati, and it was almost a spiritual experience – almost like that first glimpse of Main Street, USA in Disney World, but not quite. 😉 I wonder if you could do the same with stenciling?

  30. I love Phil and Miss Kay, and your mat, too! 🙂

  31. “You’re my best buddy.” could sweeter words EVER be heard from someone you love? I think not. Yes I cried too. Who would thunk at the inception of this show that we would come to love this family so!

    Anywho, you must have received my vibes telepathically..I’ve been looking for a new door mat to go with our freshly painted home. When I found nothing I liked I remembered seeing these DIY monogrammed doormats but did not know where the plain door mat could be found. I should have known my beloved Ikea had them. And for so little moola! Thanks for this post! I’m off to Ikea now! See ya!

  32. The new mat looks terrific. Thanks for the detailed instructions.

  33. I don’t watch tv so just learned about this show.

    So many peeps are talking about it.

    Maybe I will see it one day, but probably now knowing my aversion to tv.

    I DO watch our flat screen – but it is dvds or YouTube or Netflix………

    By the way your monogram mat is AWESOME, as are most of your great clever crafty ideas, KA!!

    Our monogram is mMm – mmm, can you imagine? So would make a weird statement on a doormat, as in come on in the food is good, or worse: “Come on in, we’re cannibals and will eat your deliciousness for dinner.”

    I gotta pass on this but what a GREAT thrifty hostess gift for shower gift, huh?

    Have a super wonderful fabulous tear-free weekend, you sweet sensitive lady.


  34. That was one of the sweetest weddings I’ve ever seen…love your beautiful mat, too, Karianne!

  35. Love, love, love your new mat. I need to do something like that for our porch. But, honestly, the Duck Dynasty men make me ill. I don’t understand why anyone likes that show.

  36. Cute story! I have not gotten on the Duck Dynasty band wagon…..I need to!!! Have a blessed weekend~~Angela

  37. I didn’t cry…but my HUSBAND (who’s entire family is Monroe Louisiana born and bred) did!! And now we have an idea for a Halloween costume…. (shh, don’t tell.)

  38. I LOVE your blog, house, and ideas — also your spirit of sharing thoughts.
    Love you and Miss Mustard Seed. Thanks.

  39. I have never watched Duck Dynasty, but I think I may have to take a peek at it. Silly me, I thought it was about a group of men duck hunting. Loved the doormat!

  40. I had to scroll really fast through this post because I have it recorded and haven’t watched it yet! Love the mat! We were at the fair the other night watching a concert (Foreigner)…long live the 80’s…anyway, two rows in front of us was a man who looked like Uncle Si…seriously. He stood up and put on a “manny-belt” (guy speak for fanny pack) and it has two small canteens on either side…I really really wanted to ask him if he had tea in there!! We all kind of looked at each other and giggled. Have an amazing weekend KariAnne!

  41. It’s the only reality tv show I watch – love it! Cute doormat!!

  42. I just started watching DD this summer. I think I have watched the season premier at least 3 times. Their vows are the best. It is so refreshing to see a family that loves one another and prays together. Thanks for the door-mat tutorial. What a great idea!

  43. I love that you love Duck Dynasty!

  44. I love you mat! You did a great job. But the verdict is out on Duck Dynasty. I have watched several episodes and tried my hardest to like it. But many have told to hang in there so that is what i must do. Just hate being out of the Duck Dynasty loop!!

  45. Gosh…I am SO out of the loop…….Love the mat….never watch Duck Dynasty. My pastor looks like those guys (with a more neatly trimmed beard) so I see him every week……am I in beard overload? Resistant to societal pressure? In denial? Do I need a 12 step program?

  46. I cried too…so hard. I just love them and their family! Duck Dynasty is a must see around here. I knew that I liked your blog and your design, but now that I know you like Duck Dynasty? well that is just the bees’ knees! Love the mat and have to get to IKEA again. Our closest is an hour away, BUT they are now building one in Miami, FL and I will only be 20 minutes away!! Yeah!!!!

  47. Love Duck Dynasty! My husband and I sit and giggle and adore it.

  48. My friends keep telling me I need to start watching Duck Dynasty as I always have my tea with me wherever I go. I assume there is someone on the show that does too. 🙂
    Love the mat, I wonder how long that paint lasts when it is used…hmmm, we will have to try it and find out.

  49. You are such a riot!!! LOVE the mat. Looks great! Have a great weekend!

  50. Love how simple this is and yet so fabulous!! My kind of DIY!! Thank you Karianne for another dose of your brilliant creativity!!!

  51. I totally teared up just reading this! I too am in love with love..

    And now I need to go Monogram a mat!

  52. I got my Cowboy to turn the T.V. from Cops to Duck Dynasty just in time for the wedding. I cried and cried too. It was so precious. I hate that I missed all the planning and such that went on ahead of time, but I guess that’s why they have reruns. Love the welcome mat and I’m trying to decide whether to make one now or to wait until my Cowboy and I make it official. Thanks for sharing

  53. With – maybe I can convince the producers of Downton Abbey to release the new season early … Well at least you’re not watching Honey Boo Boo (yet)!

  54. I cried tooo!! My hubby was looking at me like- are you for reals? Yes. Yes I’m for reals! I LOVE me some LOVE!!
    Your mat is adorable:)

  55. You are just the cutest thing that ever was! Love your romance with romance!

  56. First of all, super tutorial. Pinned, can’t wait to try it, but I’m a little nervous about spray paint. I have a probably with getting an even coat, and not making a mess.

    Second of all, I totally agree with you about those two! They make me look forward to having grandchildren and sitting at home with my sweetie. I hope that we can love that way after 40+ years. I love how he always grumbles to the camera about her Miss Kay ways and then dotes on her and adores her despite them. They are a good role model of a couple for reality TV!

  57. Hi … The content of your blog is very good.
    Allow me to leave a trail.
    Thank you.

  58. Okay- You have reeled me in- Guess I am going to have to watch Duck Dynasty. lol LOVE your welcome mat…even it is a little salty in some spots! xo Diana

  59. Love this! We desperately need a new welcome mat! And I watched the new Duck Dynasty too. It was so freakin sweet!

  60. I totally cried too…like UGLY cried! I love Phil and Miss Kay! I adore the quote I saw roaming around Facebook or Pinterest or social media in general that “the world needs more Phil and Kay and less Kim and Kanye”. They’re so adorable and in love and it shows! Now I’m crying again! Love the monogram mat!!!

  61. Love this post…..keep them coming! Love the mat AND your decorating style. You inspire me! Many blessings to you on this fine day….