Love You to the Moon and Back

Love You to the Moon and Back


love you to the moon and back sign We have a new addition to the farmhouse.

A tiny little Yorkie with the sweetest brown eyes and furry brown hair.

And like all really good dog stories, we didn’t find him, rather, he found us.

He needed a home when his owner fell ill and couldn’t care for him any more.

bon bon

He’s almost 10 years old and a little timid and shy and scared of his own shadow.

I don’t blame him.

I understand.

He’s been through a lot.  He had to leave the home he loved and his whole world was turned upside down in a matter of weeks.

wooden sign tutorial

He spent the first two days sleeping on a blanket, just recovering.  Sleeping and eating and then sleeping some more.

We understood.  He needed time.  So we bought him a special bed and let him snuggle in for a long winter’s nap.

Every now and then, he would timidly peek his head out of the bedroom, as if to check us out.

Looking at us.  Trying to decide if he wanted new friends.

love you to the moon and back

And then yesterday something wonderful happened.

I was in the kitchen at the computer editing photos.  I looked up from the computer screen to see him  trepidatiously making his way across the kitchen floor.  I sat down on the floor and waited.

“Hello friend,” I said and held out my hand.

Slowly he came towards me.  I didn’t move.  I just waited.

Closer and closer he came.

Stopping and starting and stopping again to cock his little head to one side, his bright brown eyes never leaving mine.

wooden sign tutorial diy

He approached my hand and sniffed.

And sniffed again.

I scratched his ears and he closed his eyes and climbed into my lap and settled in as if he belonged.

Which of course he did.

Love you to the moon and back little Yorkie.

Welcome home. 🙂

wooden sign diy

Want to make your own wooden sign?

Here’s the Reader’s Digest version.

It’s as easy as a trip to the craft store and a little vinyl and paint.

wood sign with vinyl letters

1.  Frame a piece of wood

You can see a tutorial I wrote for the frame I made just like this for another sign….here.

Purchase a vinyl saying at a craft store.  I bought this one at Hobby Lobby (for 40% off).

tutorial for wooden sign

2.  Stain the wood and apply the vinyl

I stained the wood, let it dry and then applied the vinyl.

I made sure the vinyl was adhered to the wood.

wooden sign tutorial

3.  Paint the wood

I painted the inside piece of wood (not the frame) with SW Mindful Gray (of course).

Then I let the paint dry.  After the paint was dry, I peeled off the letters.

It’s a wonderful feeling when you peel off those letters and see the beautiful stain underneath.

Almost as wonderful as sitting in the middle of your kitchen floor with a dog snuggled up in your lap with your heart beating a little faster….

….and a goofy smile on  your face. 🙂

diy tips and tricks

And now here’s some other fun projects and tips from some of my favorite bloggers:




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  1. I was in tears reading this. I had a Yorkie named Gingersnap..Miss her terribly.
    This is one lucky “pup” to be loved so much by two families.

  2. awwww Lucky dog!:)

  3. I LOVE this story and thank you for giving this precious pup the love and patience it deserves. I don’t know if ever visited and read about our fur babies. They just want love and our two get plenty


  4. Thank you for giving this little Sweetie another chance for continuing a good life. I just adopted an older girl and so I can so relate to holding your breath while they decide if you are an ok person! Doing a happy dance for you! Enjoy this little bundle of fur and bless you for taking him in!

  5. Your heart is bigger than you are! I know the love of a re-homed dog and it’s just wonderful that you are providing this for your Yorkie. You rock!

  6. June Gerstner :

    As I sit here with my cup of coffee checking my emails, my arms are wrapped around my 5 lb. Yorkie, Taffy, who is 12 years old. She has her nose tucked in the crook of my arm…you see it’s still too early for her to get up!

    Congratulations on your new addition; you can look forward to years of wonderful yorkie kisses.

  7. Thanks for rescuing and being so patient and kind to a pup who needed you so much. At some point, you and your family will also realize how much you needed him.

  8. What a sweet story! So glad this little guy has another loving home to be a part of. Love the sign too! This is brilliant! I don’t have a Cricut to cut all those great cut outs others use for signs so this is such a great idea!

  9. That is one lucky wee dog…thank you so much for taking him in. The pounds are full to overflowing with discarded older dogs, which is just heart-breaking. There is not much in life that’s more rewarding than to give an older dog (or two) a loving home for their twilight years.

    I love this blog,…..came across it only recently, and it’s like a breath of fresh air – creative and “real:” thank you.

  10. TOO CUTE! I’m dying for a little “purse” dog, but Chris said nothing else can live here unless it pays rent 🙁

  11. What a cutie! What is his name? We had a yorkie, Bailey, and loved his so much. He gave as much love to us as we got from him.

  12. Karianne,

    I love this sweet story. It absolutely illustrates the heart that you have. Thanks for taking in this sweet pup. I’m glad he feels at home.


  13. Yep! That sweet baby will run your household soon…waiting for new posts of how he’s made a place in your heart…13 years with a cairn made owning another impossible when she left us…a member of the family she truly was…included in family photos, Christmas cards and a place in our hearts! Terriers are like that! ❤️

    • Hello! We have a cairn/miniature poodle mix named Frostie who is the best dog we have ever had. Have time to play and walk her and of course, love her to pieces. Sorry that you lost your dog. Get another. They are all different.

  14. Love the dog story and the painted/stained lettered sign! Thanks for sharing….


  15. Your story brought tears to my eyes. We have a little yorki-poo who will turn 10 this year. I can’t imagine her having to leave her home! Bless your heart for taking him in. He will bring you much joy.

    Love the sign!!

  16. You are such a kind soul. I love reading your posts, you are a great writer. Keep doing good stuff!!

  17. I cheated. I couldn’t stand it and I rushed to the end of the story to make sure your new addition was okay.
    Now he will live happily ever after. 😉

  18. We adopted a kitten from a shelter 16 years ago.
    For a solid week, she hid, only venturing out to eat.
    The next week, she was due for her first vet visit.
    Once on the exam table, this frightened, little creature
    snuggled up to me for safety. At that moment, we
    bonded…she realized I was has her “mom” and protector,
    much like your heart-warming kitchen floor story.
    Also, I’ve always, always, always wanted a Yorkie!
    Love your sign and all you do, friend. : )
    p.s. Yes, we still have her, her name is Misty.
    p.p.s. What’s your little guy’s name?

  19. Precious pup! We have two adorable Yorkie pups, the little girl only weighs three pounds! And she is three years old. Both of them also found us, as they were “owner surrender” to the vet. We love them so very, very much. Along with our other two rescue dogs. Their love teaches us about loving unconditionally. Thank you for sharing your sweet story and picture with us. Love your blog.

  20. Christopher :

    So sweet, there is nothing better than having a pup in your lap I say! What is his name?

  21. Thank you for your kindness and love for such a dear sweet pup…..He is truly fortunate to find you and your family!☺

  22. Okay, you totally had my mascara running down my face first thing in the morning. Guess I will have to touch up the job I just did. But, I am alright with that because this was worth it. What a sweet story. Love. It comes in many forms.
    Michelle from

  23. Kathie Grignon :

    Great story and happy ending for all. Thank you for getting my morning off to a positive start. Also thank you for proving that style, compassion and creativity can all coexist peacefully with four legged friends.

  24. Gail Alsobrook :

    What a beautiful story! We have a miniature poodle we rescued 5 years ago, Zeke. He along with our other poodle, Abby, whom we’ve had for 7 years, are both good for my soul. Zeke, however, had a rough life before he came to live with us and knows I am him mother!

    Pups return the love they receive!


  25. How nice of you to take in the little Yorkie. I’m sure he will return the favour with lots of love!

  26. Carole Renzullo :

    what a lucky little dog….we have adopted kittens for years and now it makes me want a little wee dog as well…they fill our hearts with so much love.

  27. Love the sign, but oh my your new little friend is just the cutetest.

  28. Congratulations on the newest addition to your family!
    Your story found me a little misty eyed after reading about it all!
    Your little doggie guy found the most perfect home to be in!
    Oh the adventures he’s going to have this legg of his life left!
    So Love the Love…..and thanks so much for sharing it all with us!

  29. I LOVE this story! Your new little family member is adorable! How wonderful that you were able to give him a new and loving home! So many people leave elder pets behind and they really are pretty special!

    I love the sign as well, that book Little Nut Brown Hare has always been a family favorite!

  30. I’m sure those brown eyes were the deciding factor! After a few days with your and your children they will be twinkling.

  31. I am sitting at my computer with a cup of coffee which is now filling up with tears. When God made you ( and of course your mom an Dad) he perfected the kindest sweetest person I read about every day. What a lucky Yorkie – hope to see your pics of him. Thank you for being what you are – he will know he is yours in no time. Love from Betty in Ontario,Canada.

  32. This phrase holds a special place in my heart. I would always say this to my children when they were little. One night when saying it to my then 3 year old…he replied “That’s the biggest love I ever saw.” It was so cute, I had to call my mother and tell her. He overheard, and apparently was very pleased that I thought it was so cute, because that night when I told him “I love you to the moon and back” he replied again with “That’s the biggest love I ever saw.” It became our thing. He’s starting to outgrow it now that he’s nine, but it will forever be special to me (and I’m sure to him as well.)

    Thanks for sharing, friend! xoxo

  33. Love the yorkies-they have peculiar personalities, at least my two did!
    But I loved them so much. I plan to rescue another one instead of buying
    a yorkie-glad this yorkie is yours now. Congrats!

  34. Ann weisman :

    Lucky you! And you got some more “twinkling brown eyes”. Have a wonderful time with your new family member. Your life just more and more interesting

  35. Sherry Fisher :

    He’s so sweet Karianne, what a wonderful, loving new home he has!

  36. Kari Anne….what a heartwarming story! Rescue pups are the BEST!!! They’ve usually been through so much, but we are able to give them a life they deserve!!!! Your family will be blessed over & over again! xoxo

  37. What a lucky little dog to have found you and your family.

  38. What a sweet little dog and a sweet family to take him in! Thanks for the sign diy! LOVE that saying!

  39. Doggone it!! Every time I open your post I might as well have a box of tissue close by. If there are typos in here it is because my tears are veiling what I see. I love animals, you see. And I’ve been there — not lately but I still remember the wonder of acceptance and love. Your house will fill the little puppy with so much love he will truly feel like a prince. Your family is truly blessed and it seems that love is limitless — the more we give, the more we have to give. And boy, the rewards are so awesome. Love you to the moon and back — everyone should feel that way. Big Hugs!

  40. I am so happy this older fellow will have a stable and loving home. I know your heart just sank when that sweet baby crawled into your lap. Happy, happy, happy!

  41. What a sweetheart (and so is the puppy)! Bless you for taking him in and giving him a loving home.

  42. While preparing for the untimely death of my beloved 10 yr old chihuahua, Nellie, who is suffering renal failure and barely holding on, this story brought tears to my eyes. What a lucky little dog he is to have found such a good second home. Thanks for sharing!

  43. There is a special place in heaven for people that rescue animals. Good for you and good for him!

  44. I LOVE this sign! It’s something I tell my grandkids all the time:) Definitely something I’m going to have to try. Thanks so much for the constant inspiration, KariAnne!

    And I love the story of your new little “sweetheart.” I’ve always wanted a yorkie, especially a little guy that’s needing a home. That’s what I was looking for when we got our big “sweetheart Charlie” – a golden retriever that no one wanted, and I’ve never regretted a moment of him being a part of our family.

  45. As I have seen on some car bumpers around Baltimore, “Who Rescued Who”? Mazel tov to the addition!

  46. Now that is one sweet, lucky little dog!!! He will be a fabulous addition to your wonderful family. LOVE the sign and thanks for the tutorial!!!

  47. A Yorkie! We have two. You and your family will be so happy with yours, especially once he/she is used to Thistlewood Farms.

  48. This is the sweetest story. I have such a soft spot for little dogs…and it sounds like your yorkie is going to be just fine. Your patience and kindness is what did it…lucky dog, lucky family. Your sign is perfect. ~Ann

  49. Oh my goodness! He is a little slice of Heaven. We have two sweet yorkies. Both are sort of rescued like yours. They are such a wonderful breed. Once you have one, you’re never the same. Please keep the yorkie stories and pictures coming. Blessings!!!

  50. Hi KariAnne, It’s wonderful that you gave this little guy a new loving home and the time to adjust. He already started to love you right back.
    How is the sweet kitty doing you took in last year?

  51. Kari Anne

    As always you have the most amazing and beautiful projects! They always look so perfect! I am getting ready to start hosting a new link party with Refresh Living starting this coming Tuesday @ 7pm CST. We would love to have you join us!

    Thank you!


  52. Cindy in Oklahoma :

    Your two are so lucky to have found each other! It still makes me cry to think of my yorkie…. hands down everyone’s favorite dog ever… he loved to snuggle on the sofa with me in the evenings, which made it awfully hard to ever get anything done… (smile) Enjoy!

  53. Awww! So sweet! I love these kind of stories! Your little sweetie will have such a special place in your loving home! Thank you for being willing to open up your heart to him!

  54. I just love yorkies. We are the proud parents of Paris,Bella,and Diva. I am so glad that this little guy has a loving new home. Yay!!!!!

  55. You will fall in love with your little dog! We lost our 14 year old Yorkie-poo last year. She had so much personality, and yes was shy when she came to our house as a pup. I did not ask hubby about getting her cause he’s a big dog kind of guy, but he quickly fell in love with our little Nikki. She made up tennis ball games with him when he was on crutches recovering from surgery. She was so smart and loving. We both work far from home but considering to get another Yorker-poo. We miss her so much.

  56. Oh, Karianne…….your Soooo lucky he found you! Our little guy, Elvis, found us eight years ago……he was only five months old and our daughter had to give him up for a job opportunity across the country. They are the most precious of fur-babies! He will bring you so much love, and now he has a brand new family with four wonderful kids to play with! Enjoy!


  57. Great idea ! I will diff have to try this I just started signs in this technique !

  58. Karianne, sniff sniff, this post is just so beautiful, sniff sniff, I can almost feel the warmth of that little guy on my lap as I read this. Thank you for sharing such special moments. Sniff sniff sniff…..BLUBBER!!!
    (great DIY also) 🙂

  59. Love this story. We have had dogs “find us” in the past. Nothing warms your heart more.

  60. Thank you for rescuing that precious dog. I love the sign idea.

  61. How adorable and lucky he is to have you and your family to love him! I love how your sign turned out and am off to Hobby Lobby to get my own vinyl “Love you to the moon and back”. I’ve been wanting to make a sign with this saying forever for my sister-in-love and this will make it super easy! Thanks for sharing!!!