Interested in Being a Honorary Pinner?

Interested in Being a Honorary Pinner?

gray and white farmhouse kitchen

photo credit:  RTM Connect


Do you like kitchens?

Do you like Pinterest?

Do you like Hometalk?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you have come to the right place!


Hometalk Kitchens Honorary Pinner


Hometalk is looking for 10 bloggers to become honorary pinners for their Kitchen Pinterest board.

As an honorary pinner to the Hometalk Kitchen Board, you will be able to pin what inspires you about all things Kitchen (and get a really cool gift, too)!


Here’s the details:

(1)  Follow Hometalk on Pinterest.

(2)  E-mail Hometalk at with a link to your Pinterest profile and a few lines about why YOU would make the perfect Hometalk pinner!

(3)  If selected, you will receive an e-mail from Pinterest letting you know you’ve been accepted, along with an e-mail from the team 🙂


Good luck and let’s get pinning 🙂


PS  I am part of the Hometalk Ambassador team, but the opinions I have expressed here are 100% my own.  Please see my disclosure policy for more information.





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  1. I’ve been trying to avoid pinning kitchens because I’m just so far away from starting on mine! I don’t want to get myself started or I might not be able to stand it! What a great excuse to pin gorgeous kitchens anyway!

  2. This is a great idea!!!…..Would love to do this, however, there are so many master pinners out there!!!….Just pinned your kitchen!!!

  3. Hi KariAnne,

    I have sent my pin board profile to Hometalk. I am not one of the big bloggers, but am planning on working one more posts. We did renovate our kitchen 3 years ago and I am going to be doing a post about it in Sept. I have been on pinterst for almost a year so I do have many pins and use it daily.

  4. If you happen to get large amounts of money and/or yummy treats in the mail do not be alarmed. I am just BRIBING you. 🙂

  5. I just sent off my email! I would have so much doing that. Thanks for letting us know!!!

  6. only if the job comes with a company car and health insurance! 🙂

  7. I already pin..I have a kitchen board…I enjoy it but I don’t want it to get complicated and I don’t need anything that will keep me on my computer any longer than I already am…Sounds like fun though..

  8. hi there my friend! how goes it today : ) i am a pinner for the garden but to tell you the truth…I sure wouldn’t mind doing the kitchen in addition to 🙂 much more my “area” oh me with back thumbs! but i still enjoy doing it…so if you would like me to…i am here for you! catch you later my friend — i am trying to play catch up and not doing exactly a brilliant job — but i wanted to come and visit you and this was the post so i said sounds GOOD!
    sending hugs and hope you are adjusting to the no kid time during the day…hugs…

  9. sounds like a fun job! Not exactly in my time allotment right now but I’m happy for the 10 that get chosen!!

  10. Thanks for the opportunity KariAnne! I’m sooo curious about how many people are offering the service to Hometalk. I’d love to be picked. 🙂

  11. Kari Anne, I LOVE your kitchen (and the rest of your lovely home too). But I just have to know where you got your kitchen chandeliers. I have been looking for something similar and yours have just the combination of bling and shade.

    Thanks for your reply in advance.

  12. Wow! Sounds so fun!! Thanks for letting us know!!
    LOVE love love your kitchen!!

  13. I’m holding out for the honorary taste tester for the food board.


  14. How I would love to have a large eat in kitchen like this one and not my tiny little one that you can’t swing a cat in………….well not without ending up with cat blood all over the walls and everywhere else………….lol