A Little Hope From a House

A Little Hope From a House


If you’ve never met me before…

….there’s one thing you should know.

I’m a jumper.

A feet-firster.

A yesser now and a thinker later.

An “of course I canner” and a “I got thisser.”

There are days when I wish I thought a little more and looked around and held my finger up to the wind and thought about it before I jumped.

But I can’t help it.

It’s how I’m made.

So when a year ago, my friends, Dana Tucker and Nancy McNulty of the PR firm Forest Home Media called and explained that they were putting together a project in Nashville called House for Hope in conjunction with the builders from Carbine and Associates to benefit children’s charities….

….I didn’t pause.

I just jumped.

Even though I’d never designed a room from a blueprint before.

Even though I’d never worked on a room in a showcase house before.

Even though I usually shop the side of the road and so everything on a dime and starting from scratch with the ability to choose beautiful finishes was a little bit above my paygrade.

Here’s me.

I know….right?

Can we still be friends if I tell you that I started yelling and dancing when I saw the sign and got out and started taking pictures of it and calling all my friends….

….and entertained the entire building community?

Tuesday was the first day I got to see the actual room.

The space that I’d planned and dreamed about and hoped about and finger crossed about for the last year.

I walked up the stairs with my heart beating so fast I knew the room could hear it.

I turned the corner and walked into the space and looked around.

My first thought was….”Hello space….you look so much bigger in real life.”

Not like a little big.

Like if this were prehistoric times…the room would be a Tyrannosaurs Rex.

Here’s one side of the space with the flooring stacked in the middle.

I’m putting a conversation area with chairs and a table over on the left.

Here’s the other side of the room with the area where a long farmhouse game table will go with the coolest chairs you have ever seen.

My husband is building the table.

He has to.  I couldn’t find a table big enough for the space.  It’s going to be 10 feet long by 4 feet wide by 40″ tall.

Here’s the opposite side of the space with a powder bath on the left and a closet with super cute built-in’s on the right.

In the center there’s the prettiest cabinetry in white with beautiful hardware.

And a sink that the angels are literally singing about right now.

Here’s a close-up of the sink.

I love the contrast of the metal with the countertops.

The countertop I chose is called Aurea Sfumato

Here’s a close-up of the surface.

It’s from OHM and it plays on cararra and Calcutta quartz looks.

I love the clean look of the surface with the cabinetry and sink.

Here’s the ceiling fan I chose for the room.

It’s from Ferguson and it’s so pretty and I love the contrast of the dark wood with the space.

I knew I needed a built-in for the space and I’m so happy with how it turned out.

Plenty of storage and the television can be seen from all the different angles of the room.

You can see the size of the room from where I marked the center.

And now?

I’m onto decorating.

So of course I started with a sectional.  Not just any sectional.

This amazing, incredible, awesome sectional that was donated to the room by my wonderful friends at La-Z-Boy.

When I saw it, I KNEW it would be perfect.

Here are the measurements.

It’s called the Collins Sectional.

And here’s the actual layout of the sectional.

You can design it different ways, but I thought this arrangement would work best for the space.

I’m pairing it with this rug (in an 11′ x 15′ size).

Wayfair and Birch Lane are sponsoring the rug for the space and I chose an amazing option. It’s called the Willem Rug.

It looks faded and vintage and yummy and it ties in all the elements of the space and brings out the wall color.

The room is painted SW Conservative Gray.

Yes, please.

It’s a gray with a hint of green that plays off the rug and the sectional.

There are so many other fun plans I’m working on for the space.

There are giant over-sized games that will hang on the wall and decorating with words and textiles and pillows and baskets and cutest soap containers you have ever seen.

We are completing the room mid-February and the house will be on display March 4-12 in Franklin, Tennessee.

And the best part?

The very, very, very best part of the whole project besides rugs and sectionals and ceiling fans and farmhouse game tables….

….is the difference the proceeds from this house will make in the life of a child.

Here’s to houses that dream.

Here’s to making a difference.

And here’s to jumping for hope in 2017. 🙂

PS  Tickets will go on sale next month and I’ll post all the details then.

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  1. This house is lucky to have you! Congratulations!
    I’m looking forward to seeing the final reveal.

  2. So excited to see the final design knowing this house will be turned into a lovely, warm home by you. You are the perfect person for this project.

  3. Marka Bennett :

    Would love to see this house plan, but can’t find it on the builder’s website. Do you know if it’s available?

  4. This house will be such blessing! I will anxiously wait for the reveal.


  5. What a wonderful project! And how fun to work on it! I love your choices and the feeling this room will have…can’t wait to see more!

  6. Yea, congratulations! It’s going to be beautiful. Please tell me why you selected a sofa sectional which is beautiful over two sofas. I am asking because I am debating this very thing for a redo at the lake. I loved following all your fun adventures.😊

  7. Can’t wait to see it!!! I wish I could visit Tennessee in person but alas, too far. Good luck with the project although you won’t need it. Everything you do is spectacular!!!

  8. That’s why we love you! You’re a jumper, a risk taker, impetuous, adorable! Nothing holds you back. I do wish I had your courage and stamina!! I can’t wait to see the finished house. The countertops are gorgeous. Sfumato means smoked in Italian — I love all the beautiful grays. You should be dancing — fantastic work! Sending hugs!

  9. This is why you are so loved. You are an amazing women with incredible talent. Already I am in love with the room, can’t wait to see the final reveal. HGTV are you watching 😉

  10. Jenifer Scherlin :

    Happy Thursday!!
    Please answer a design question for me.
    How do you determine how large a rug to get for your room? What are the ‘rules’ for distance from walls, sofa legs, etc. ?

    Thanks so much!

  11. Just beyond fabulous!! Can’t wait to see the finished room!

  12. Congratulations!!!! What a fabulous opportunity and project. Your design sounds amazing and I am sure it will be.

  13. Jumping for hope!! Jumping for joy!!
    Jumping for you!! Congratulations!!
    I simply can’t wait for the reveal!!! : )

  14. If you meet Franklin interior designer Dana Dashiell, give her a hug for me! She’s a Symsonia girl, like me! We went to the Parade of Homes 2016 and saw her show house, which was wonderful! I would love to see yours! That sectional is positively yummy, and totally my dream couch! Love it, and love the cause it benefits!

  15. can’t wait to see the table your husband will probably do a beautiful job

  16. Teresa Gonzales :

    I would be jumping around and taking pictures too if my name was on the sign! You have to be so proud. Can’t wait to see how it turns out-with you it will be fabulous. Already love the foundation items!!!!

  17. I’m in love with that fan – and it’s on SALE!! Thanks for the head’s up!

  18. Oh my goodness! SO fun! It’s going to be SO beautiful Karianne!

  19. Oh the fun you are going to have!

  20. Congratulations!!!! How exciting for you, I can’t wait to see you put your touch on it. You GO!

  21. YOU are such an inspiration and your blog is a joy to read. Thank you.

  22. So excited for you and cant wait to see the finished product. And where did that to die for fan come from? Good luck, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

  23. That’s so exciting/cool/awesome!!! I love the choices you’ve made and the details sound amazing! I cannot wait to see the finished product. You go, rockstar!

  24. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!! To see this in person. Thanks for jumping in friend. xoxoxoxo

  25. Everything is just beautiful! You are doing a great job.

  26. Giant area to take on! Good luck. Look forward to seeing the reveal


    KariAnne, there would be no one better to just jump in and take on this big project. You are doing a fantastic job and it will just be beautiful once it all comes together. You are one special gal with such a big heart!

    Bless you!

  28. Maggie Nelson :

    I can’t wait to see all finish! Seems like you are having so much fun and it will look great!!

  29. Jackye Vondenstein :

    Absolutely beautiful…especially to benefit children’s causes! Is St. Jude hospital one? Your design is awesome!

  30. So exciting! And I’m close enough to Franklin, TN that I might be able to actually see it. You’re so the opposite of me, who frets and worries and tries to solve every potential problem before committing…..until the opportunity is gone or I’ve lived with undone projects for years. Wish I were a little more like you!

  31. So interesting! It really is enormous. A bigger canvas for your art.

  32. What a wonderful project to work on. I know you will do great!
    A minor comment about the blog post though – the font used with the arrows is a tad difficult to read.

  33. Gloria Donohue :

    Please please make sure the finished table will fit through doorways! We have had to attach legs on-site! Congratulations!

  34. We are all excited to see the finished room! Looks great so far and I love the exterior of the house! Sometimes you just have to jump in!

  35. What an amazing opportunity ~ of course, they chose you!
    And of course, you jumped right in!!!
    Can’t wait to see the finished home …
    But it is already a dream ~ just. as. it. stands. now.
    And happily, it will help fulfill dreams for children through the charities it will benefit.
    Following along, always … kj

  36. Lanita Anderson :

    What a wonderful project! Congratulations on being one of the designers! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what other ideas you have and how you make it all come together! Blessings, friend!

  37. What a great job. You sure are a talented lady.

  38. Rebecca Turner :

    How exciting! It’s going to be so you…and so perfect! A wonderful combination of style and comfort. All for a good cause. Smile!

  39. Karianne, your room is huge! I too kind a sneak peek when we did our vignette shoot. It’s going to look fabulous! Can’t wait to see that table!

  40. What a wonderful project….of course you had to jump in! Can’t wait to see the finished Room! 😉

  41. Wish you could invite your “fan club” here to cheer you on on the last 24 hours of your project. The finishing touches & your choices will make it a fabulous place to call home. Most of us only dream of being creative few days a year, you live it.

  42. This is SO EXCITING!!!! Congratulations!!!
    It already looks fantastic (everything you chose)!!!
    I can’t wait to see it ready!!!
    I love the colours!!!
    Have fun, darling!

  43. What fun! Congrats on being selected to participate in this wonderful project. How much fun to decorate an entire room from scratch! With someone else’s $$ for a great cause. Can’t wait to see the results.

  44. Was there ever really a doubt, Miz karianne? This project was right up your alley, girl! Make ’em proud. Make ’em proud.

  45. You are so talented and have such an amazing generous spirit! It looks like it will be a gorgeous room. You are making such a positive difference in our world. Best wishes!

  46. KariAnne,

    I just shed literal tears in the middle of Starbucks. Not only are you out there being fearless and diving in and doing all the things you love to do. Not only are you doing beautiful things with this house, but I can just tell that you have the biggest heart. Your enthusiasm and gumption have touched my heart. What you’re doing with this house — That’s my dream. I’m nowhere near ready to tackle that big of a project, but you give me hope that one day I will be. Thank you for your story. Thank you for your kindness. And most of all, thanks for sharing your big heart with all of us. <3

  47. Yes- you got this! Can’t wait to see!

  48. Ha! You’ve gone all JoJo (Joanna Gaines) on that house! And I love it! I can hear your joy. You are in your element….creating. Can’t wait to see the room come alive.

  49. I can not stand the anticipation, so excited to see the end result.

  50. What is the color of the sectional? Everything sounds fabulous!

  51. Carol Wellein :

    Very cool. I have painted our dining room and kitchen with the exact same color, Conservative Gray. I love the color and it looks great with our white cabinets and black granite. Great choice.

  52. Finny Stilley :

    I can hardly wait to see the results! I am also excited to let my daughter know about this. (she probably already knows). She is a design student at O’ More College of Design in Franklin I’m coming to see her in March, but it will be after the 12th … 🙁. I know the room will look great!

  53. wow – just wow!! I can’t wait to check it out – especially since it’s in my neck of the woods. Plus, to know that the proceeds will minister to one child’s life gets me all teary! So beautifully special.

  54. Leslie Watkins :

    Love all of it! Wish I could have videoed you entertaining the building crew! I can’t wait to take the tour…I will be so filled with joy and screaming on the inside for how proud I am of you and where this journey is taking you! Love to you, my friend! You are rocking this one!

  55. Now I know what to call myself: a jumper!!!