A Little Farmhouse Decorating With Friends

A Little Farmhouse Decorating With Friends


When my children were younger it wasn’t easy to decorate.

I had four little people under the age of six.

I’d add a pillow.

They’d un-pillow it.

I’d fold up blankets and put them in a basket.

They’d un-blanket it.

I’d stack books with metal spheres on the coffee table and they would un-coffee table it.

It always takes a little longer when you are decorating with friends.

And now?

Now my kids are older.

They don’t really un-decorate any more.

Now, instead of taking away the decor, they add to it.

They add plates of pizza crusts and water bottles and homework and almost empty bowls of honey nut Cheerios.

They sprinkle the room with shoes and coats and basketballs and baseball bags and sweatshirts and stinky socks.

Yesterday, as I picked up the room and straightened the pillows and stacked the pizza plates and gathered up the water bottles…

….I realized that all those days of decorating with extra help were over.


Until I started adding a little farmhouse decorating to the master bedroom.

Everywhere I went.

Every jewelry box drawer I closed.

Every shade I opened.

Every pillow I fluffed….

 ….eight furry paws followed my every move.

They followed me as I made the bed.

They followed me as I straightened the ottoman.

They traveled from room to room with me as I tweaked and fluffed and moved accessories all around the house.

They even helped me un-decorate a little here and there.

They stayed with me every decorating step of the way.


All that activity wore them out.

Bonzai climbed up into his bed.

And Buddy?

He took a nap in the hallway.

I guess he wanted to guard the door….

….just in case I needed any more help. 🙂

PS  I just added these amazing tufted chairs to my Painted Fox shop.

I love the tufting on the back and the sides and the texture of the material and the distressed finish on the legs.

And the best part?

They are extra comfortable.

Perfect for watching all things Victoria.

You can see the shop here.  You can see the chairs here.  Use the code HELLOBEAUTIFUL to get 25% off right now with free shipping….

…just in case you were decorating with friends, too. 🙂

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  1. This is such a lovely room and your pup is gorgeous. Have a great weekend.

  2. Barbara Bussey :

    Beautifully written and photographed as always. Cherish these times!

  3. Your post made me smile! So true. My children are grown up but I have 2 cats now. As soon as I change the bed they magically seem to know & appear.Changing a duvet cover is a nightmare! 🙀

  4. Lisa Montgomery :

    Love the peaceful and calming atmosphere of the bedroom!

  5. Great post, as always! Love the chairs!!! I love the companionship of my pets too–they follow me around all the time. Have a wonderful weekend….

  6. How do I get to Painted Fox??!

  7. Your assistants did a great job! Our assistant, Bowser…a cat, was helping my hubby fix a cabinet door. Bowser opens the door….goes in, and can’t get back out! We are back to putting child locks on our cabinets…gotta love helpers! 😉

    • Sigh. One dog, one cat. Cat can open anything that isn’t locked. Opens closed doors for the dog. Dog will tote, carry or drag anything the cat can’t move by herself. The cat will jump up and procure or knock down anything the dog wants and can’t reach. And they both love, love, love to “help” me and/or the hubs with any and all tasks and projects. They both delight in hiding important things so their two legged pets will play the hunt and (sometimes) find game with them and provide us with some excersize. Their concern for our health is touching, lol! They are a terrible twosome!

  8. This post warmed my heart and made me smile! So sweet! ❤️

  9. Well, I was going to beg you to post a picture of an eight-footed furry friend. I thought it might be a humongous spider. *shudder* I do miss the undecorating and even the added decorating. I love it when they come and everything is wild and the rooms seem to come to life. The fabric of the chair is gorgeous. It would look great in our family room. 🙂 Have a super Super Bowl Sunday Weekend. Hugs!

  10. I have 8 Maltese paws that help me as well! They fit well into my color scheme. It is a great club that we belong to!

  11. Oh, I remember those days! April’s favorite thing after going through her books was to read a mazagine in the liverloom. Translation: ‘read a magazine in the living room,’ which essentially meant I’d be picking up mazagines all over the liverloom floor by the time she was done. But I knew I had a little book person on my hands, which made me very happy. Now, my present little friend (of the four-legged variety) is too short to ‘un’ anything, thank goodness, but I’ve had animals that would. Especially the larger ones. I cherished their company, though, and I know you do too. When the kids are at school and hubby is at work, their company is priceless. By the way, love, love, love the new chairs! I’m like you, though, it could be the most beautiful fabric in just the right style but if it’s not comfortable, it’s not going home with me. 😉

  12. And…someday soon you’ll have empty nest
    like me! I’d go back to when they were little
    and un-decorating everything in a heartbeat!!

  13. I have followed your blog for the longest time and I have never knew about your Painted Fox Shop!😳 I mean I think I read that right. You added those chairs to YOUR shop. I was scrolling through and noticed a few things I saw when I tagged along with my decorator friend at the Dallas Market. I fell in love with everything but there was a dog paper towel holder that kept me up at nights. It was so cruel I couldn’t buy anything😂 When I started recognize things I instantly jumped to the kitchen section and my heart stopped when I found it!!! I am placing an order for sweet Bart today🎉🎉. I love your shop!!!!

  14. Didn’t think your room could look prettier! Those armchairs are so elegant.
    I have a question regarding the rug, though. What type of rug is it and where did it come from? Well, two questions, then!
    Have a happy Friday!!

    • Jenifer,

      It’s a seagrass rug and I got it at Home Decorator’s Collection.

      You can just search seagrass rugs for all the different options!

      Hope this helps!

  15. Betty C. Fassett :

    I love the bird pillow, where did that come from.

  16. Love those furry fuzzy 8 paws. Nothing like those kinds of helpers !
    I lost one of my beloved Golden helper about 3 weeks ago. He was only 6 years old. Broken hearted. Still crying. Still have my other Golden. Give your furry friends a big hug and kiss. Enjoy them !

  17. It is poignant when our children grow up, thank goodness for pets!

  18. I have 2 fur kids that like to follow me around the house when I clean and decorate too. If I turn around too quickly I will (and almost have many times) trip right over one of them! Eventually they figure out that I’m not doing anything that involves (a) leaving the house without them or (b) getting them a treat, so they usually go lay down somewhere nearby so they can still keep an eye on me, lol!

  19. No matter how crazy my day my be, I always try to take time to read your posts. They’re always beautifully written and photographed. you have a wonderful way of drawing me in and I feel as if we’re two friends talking away. What a gift you have 😉

  20. I too decorate with friends. Two sweet fur babies that always look at me like “not again.” Oh well, at least I like the changes.

  21. Love those chairs and that gorgeous room…but truly those eight paws of help are the sweetest.

  22. Ann Geistfeld :

    That is BEAUTIFUL so peaceful.
    Can you tell me what your paint color is?

  23. Your prices for your store items are very high. In fact I have several of the items and yours are doubled. I just love so many of them, but too too high.

  24. Bonnie Schulte :

    Making memories..it is, what it is all about..Always, always love your post, this one hit the spot..(on my heart of memories…

  25. Gorgeous chairs, I love the arms, and as always, I swoon over your master bedroom.

    Love those pups…truly our best friends!


  26. Aw, your furry friends are so adorable. Mine follow me too and keep me company. It’s so nice. I love your pretty room! And those chairs! sigh. Last time I tried to put something light colored in the farmhouse, I was told it wouldn’t do. He was afraid he’d get it dirty. Sadly, he was right. I need darker colors. But I can dream!
    Have a wonderful, happy week! Hugs,

  27. As always, I love your stories and the way they go right to our hearts. Those chairs are beautiful, KariAnne and look so pretty in your space. And I love that your little furry friends joined in the decorating!

  28. I really like your taste and style. I would be interested in getting involved with what you do in some small aspect.

  29. Your blog helps to take away the worries of the day. Thank you.

  30. Lovely room and chairs. Thanks for sharing at the #InspirationSpotlight Party @DearCreatives Pinned & shared.

  31. Love the chairs- Are they FIRM? The bad part about buying furniture online is that you can’t try them out first! I can only sit in very firm chairs!

  32. Beautiful space! I constantly have at least 4 furry paws, sometimes 12, that help me decorate. And clean. And cook. But I would never trade it!
    Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!

  33. I’m currently living in a repeatedly un-pillowed and un-blanketed home:) At least it’s getting better every year! Your room is absolutely beautiful. I love how light and bright it is!


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