When Life Hands You a Story (and a Podcast)

When Life Hands You a Story (and a Podcast)

office desk

Today I’m trying something a little different.

A little scary.

A little random.

I spent yesterday taping a podcast.

I know, right?  A podcast?  A little totally out of left field.

I was speaking last week in Virginia and talking decorating and telling stories to the most wonderful group of ladies.  One of the ladies reads my blog and she told me she loved reading the stories online, but hearing me tell them gave another dimension…

….and she suggested I tape a podcast for all of you to listen to.

wooden bowl with flowers

So I thought about it all the way home from Virginia and then I came home and did a little research and figured it out and bought a headset and sat in front of my laptop and taped one.

Here’s the disclaimer, though.

It’s a little rough.

There’s no intro.  There’s no editing.  There’s no script.  There’s not one fancy thing about this entire podcast.


It’s just me and a microphone.

Sharing my heart.


I’m a little nervous for you to listen and hope you don’t think it’s silly and fingers crossed you like it (because if you do, I may tape another).

Just click on the button below to listen or you can click here.

PS  If I tape another I’d love to add a few questions to the next podcast.

If you have any questions or anything you want me to talk about just leave it in the comments.

PPS  Thank you for listening. 🙂

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  1. Love you Karianne! Love hearing your sweet voice again. Your stories really are sweeter in your voice. Miss you. Love the podcast. Well done, keep doing these, awesome. Love you girl, xoxo Wendy @ frontporchmercantile.com

  2. That was awesome ? I have always believed in having the things you love and that make you smile around you it never goes out of style ? loved the first podcast look forward to more. Love the accent so cute!!
    Have a great day it’s 10:47pm here in Tasmania Australia so night from me.

  3. Wow, that was awesome…you did great! So nice to hear your voice and I look forward to more.
    And by the way I love that story about your Dad, Miz karianne.
    Blessings to my favorite rock star….have a great day, little one.

  4. Perfect! The lady was right!

  5. Yea! You did great…so glad you talked about decorating with what you love. What has put me over the edge are real estate agents who come in your house when you are thinking about selling,and tell you to practically strip it of everything and make it “clean”. A friend had to put her things in storage and now her house is echoing. Also was told to remove a small wooden cross because it may offend buyers….really?? Happily, she refused.

    • Yes, realtors suggestions can really leave you scratching your head. We were told to trim our shrubs into a squared off shape because it was more contemporary!

  6. Thank you for you! Just love hearing you talk to us. You will need to share a pic of your super cute headset with us! Look forward to hearing from you again.

  7. Oh Karianne, what a beautiful and touching story. Telling it in your sweet voice and hearing the love in your voice makes it more of a treasure. I could listen to you all day! I see lots more podcasts and (would love videos) in your future. You have inspired me from day one, your encouragement has set me on this blogging path and, even though its hard work , I love it. Whenever I get frustrated I go back to your blog and read one of you posts and it always lifts me up and inspires. You are an amazing storyteller and the way you weave your family stories into blog posts is magical. Congrats on your first podcast Rock Star!
    Karen at The Nested Design Company (formerly the decorated nest)

  8. That’s my favorite story of yours!!
    Your Dad would be very proud!!!
    Please, please continue!!! xoxoxo

  9. Oh, this was a wonderful story and you did an excellent job on the delivery! You sounded just as I pictured in my mind when I read through your stories. I look forward to another episode!
    All my best,

  10. We’re looking forward to having you in the shop on Saturday! I think your podcast captures your bubbly personality perfectly!

  11. I loved your first podcast! BUT!!!! I want to know the color of your headset and outfit. Is is red to match your lipstick? I can’t see you in pumpkin orange 🙁 I know I”m nosey but since you mentioned it twice — I have to know 🙂 Now, I want you to know you did spread joy, although I did tear up when your dad’s tree died. I enjoy listening to you talk – I start smiling right away. And you are the rock star — looking forward to podcast 2. Sending hugs!!

  12. You could talk about digging a ditch and I would listen and love it. #fangirl


  13. Yes! Yes! More podcasts! It was so nice to hear your voice. ? You had me all teary eyed with your story.
    You have a gift of telling stories and sharing from your heart. I just love that you share it with us.
    So, you say that you had the cutest headset that matched….I just want to know were you rocking the red lipstick too? ?

  14. Marianne–

    NICE JOB!!! I think you give us an idea of what you’d be like in person! I’ll be listening next time with coffee and color swatches!


  15. Lynn in Florida :

    Well, just when I thought I couldn’t love you anymore……your sweet voice does indeed make you that much more special! Karianne, like no one else in the blogging world, you bring little rays of sunshine to my life each day! Your spirit, your loving heart, and all that you are makes this world a better place…your daddy’s halo topped tam-o-shanter is bouncing around, as he dances and beams with pride for his sweet Karianne, I am quite certain! Love and blessings!

  16. You sound just like I imagined sweetness and light.You bring joy to my other wise boring life .I share your blog with my BFF of 52 years and we both laugh and talk about your stories and love all your ideas and your home you share with us.Love this podcast just keep them coming!

  17. Awesome podcast Kari Anne, I love podcasts because I can shop online for my clients and listen to you at the same time (multi-task!). You made me laugh and I loved your message. For a future podcast, I’d love to know how you do it all. My kids are grown and out of the house, I have a big dog and husband but basically I’m on my own and I find it hard to find time still to take a shower and get the dishes done while working from home and blogging occasionally on a daily basis. Do you have a schedule? I am amazed at wives with young children that do it all. (I was the mom that dressed my kids in purple on St. Pat’s Day, totally forgetting it was a special day at school. Things like that. Maybe I’m not meant to be organized but I thought by now I’d know how to get it together) Just wondering, Thanks for any insight you can pass on one day 🙂

  18. I absolutely LOVED your first podcast. It’s nice to put a voice behind the blog and you sound just as inspiring and fun as the words you write each day. I’d love to be your next door neighbor and run over for coffee right now 🙂


  20. Well done precious friend. You know what I like the most? Hearing your voice reminds me of how much I smile and laugh when we are together and it inspires me to put on MY joy and spread the love to everyone that I come in contact with today. We really can make the world a better place if we just will.
    Love you.

  21. I loved your first podcast! I loved that it wasn’t about perfection but it was about taking us for a walk on one of the joy trails of your life! We so enjoyed the walk! Keep walking and “talking”! ?BTW, your blog is also one of my favs!

  22. Your enthusiasm so evident in your blog is even more pronounced in your podcast. You should do more!

  23. You’re a natural! I love this story and to hear you tell it was just priceless! Yes, yes, yes! I couldn’t agree more about using what we love! Isn’t that what home is about? Thank you! And thank to the lady who suggested the podcast idea. I love it!
    Happy first day of November, KariAnne!

  24. More please! I’ll get on the joy trail with you any day.

  25. Karianne, you did a great job on your first podcast. I loved hearing your story about your dad and his tree and your closing message. So true. I almost felt like I was listening to an old radio show, like what our parents heard when they were growing up. It was quiet, just you and me, and we had a great time. Thanks so much for sharing.

  26. I loved your first podcast! Thank you for being real and unrehearsed! I’ve always thought of what your voice may sound like and now I know! It’s wonderful, happy and so friendly! I loved your story and your message. Thank you for making my day!

  27. Lived hearing your voice since you weren’t at fall market in Houston. Have read the tree story before but enjoyed it again. Love your blog. Love your home and all your ideas!!!!

  28. Christopher Otterbeck :

    Loved having my morning coffee with you! Keep the podcasts coming, you were wonderfully rock starish!

  29. So enjoyed hearing you this morning while getting ready for work! You are a joy!

  30. Enjoyed hearing your wonderful story about your dad, his tree and the gift of the bowl. Look forward to your next podcast. Great job!

  31. Wonderful! Your story in your voice is powerful. Looking forward to more!

    I loved every minute of it, KariAnne. Listening to you share the story really did reach me in a new and very uplifting way…like KariAnne with extra sprinkles on top! I’m still smiling…

  33. I’m very happy to put a voice on what you write ! You’re very lucky to have had such a nice family. I think your father’s tree was a maple (that’s the one that drops those “swirly” things). I didn’t even know what a podcast was …. now, I do ! All my affection from France.

  34. I loved your podcast! More please. . . Tell us what it’s like to have twins. . .do you ever have to talk your husband into helping you with a project or does he just jump in. . .what’s it like in your home when it’s just you there. . .do you really not cook. . .was it scary writing your first book. . .love YOU!

  35. Sherry Fisher :

    Loved it!! Your little voice is as sweet and cute as your little face! You are a natural speaker. More, please 😉

  36. Sweet friend, is there nothing you can’t do? I loved the podcast. I remember reading your tree story in one of your blogs, but I loved hearing you tell it! KarieAnne, you have been gifted in so many ways! Looking forward to Podcast number two!

  37. Rowena Philbeck :

    Loved your podcast! I can hear that you must have lots of your Dad in you. You seem so upbeat and fun and you can hear it in your voice as well. Your such a highlight for everyone. Love your decorating and all shows in so much of what you do. The story of your dad and the tree is awesome. The simple things to me are so much for valuable like that piece of tree. Beautiful story.

  38. A friend came into my house for the first time a few years ago and said “If I saw 20 houses, I would know immediately which home was yours. It is such a reflection of YOU.” It was THE nicest compliment anyone has given to me about my home…ever. The personal items we decorate with (like your bowl) tell our story. Great job rock star! You hit it out of the ballpark! Loved your first podcast. Go Cubs! 😉 (Illinois…you know)

  39. Loved it! I’ve read the story before but this was different and sweet, and I love knowing that your dad lives on through that wonderful giving tree. I’m betting we’d all love a photo of that color coordinated headset!! 🙂 Thanks so much for this…I’ll keep listening if you keep making these. Sometimes I think simple is better and I loved the idea that here I am, sitting in my dining room, surrounded by my planner and my slimfast and my cell phone and my to-do list and my work and you’re just here with me, telling me a story like we’re old friends. You’re telling me that I’m a rockstar. On this morning, I needed this. Thank you friend!

  40. “talking with talking sprinkled on top”

    That is such a cute quote!

    So nice to hear your voice. Keep up the podcasting, girl!

    Randi 🙂

  41. Cindy in Oklahoma :

    I love your voice and this beautiful story. There is no doubt your dad was the best. Just look at how his children honor him….

    That tree? Had to be a maple tree. We used to gather up as many “helicopters” – that’s what we called them – as our little hands could hold and throw them up in the air like confetti.

    More Joy Trail podcasts, please…

  42. That was very special. Kind of brought out some tears and joy. Thanks

  43. I very rarely leave comments on any blogs, but couldn’t help but do so here today. I sat and listened in the quiet of my home so intently that it brought me back in time to my Grandmother reading to me at bedtime when I would stay at her home or or my 5th gr teacher reading an amazing & ever-so-mesmerizing story to us that we never wanted her to stop or sitting in church listening to a good sermon preached on a Sunday morning. Thank you! It was so very enjoyable & fun to “get lost” for a brief moment this a.m. before starting my busy day! I will have to say though, that your voice in my head was not the one I heard in real life. You know when you hear a radio personality’s voice & then you picture what they look like in your head & then when you see them in real life, you think, “No, you aren’t supposed to look like that!” Well, it was like that for me, but opposite, as I know what you look like! Not that your voice was bad, of course! It was ever so sweet & easy to listen to. I just thought you’d have more of a Southern drawl!! ; ) As a person who lives in a 1907 home & has a passion for all historic homes alike, I’d love to hear a little about the history of your home, how you and your husband found it and why you decided to buy it. fix it up & raise your family there! Thank you again for the brief but wonderful escape this morning!

  44. Loved the podcast……..do more, do more!!!!

  45. Awesome job!! Loved it!!

  46. Love, love, love “hearing” your stories…Please keep doing this!

  47. That was lovely and you did well too♥

  48. Absolutely adorable! I loved it SO much!

  49. You are such a genuine person. I loved the podcast! Keep up the good work Rock Star…..Rebecca

  50. Teresa Gonzales :

    Wonderful-it was just like riding in the car with you telling the story. Perfect way to start a Tuesday.

  51. KariAnne, I really enjoyed your podcast and hope you make it a regular feature.

    I always love hearing about your dad, but I think this is the first I remember hearing he wore a Tam. It really added to my mental picture.

  52. Perfection! The lump in my throat is huge. Thank you!

  53. I’ll have to listen to it when I get home, but I have to tell you that it warms my heart to know you are nervous about stepping out of your comfort zone…yet you still do. I really want to branch in to videos and did one the other day only to discover my camera shut off before I was through. Ugh. I will try again though!

    I can’t wait to listen to it over my lunch! Fun!

  54. More podcasts please!! I loved it! Perfect food for thought while I’m eating my lunch. I also really liked the length. I follow a few other podcasts and truly believe brevity is key. Thanks for the inspiration for the rest of my day!!

  55. Jenny from Wisconsin :

    Glad I happened upon your podcast 🙂 You brightened my day!

  56. KariAnne, I just loved hearing your voice! It’s so much more personal, homey, and made it seem like we really were right there with you. I loved hearing you talk about your dear Dad. I could hear in your voice all the love you have for him. I wanted to reach out and give you a hug. My dear Dad has been gone for 14 years. He was wonderful and I loved him so much and my memories of him are so precious just as yours are too. Thank you for that. The miles between Kentucky and Michigan seemed so much closer after hearing you today.
    Thanks. Have a joy filled day. ?

  57. I love it so much!!! I love hearing your voice and hearing your beautiful laughter. Thanks so much for sharing your life. Love you, dear friend.

  58. Love the podcast! Please keep the podcasts flowing. Yes! You are rocking the podcasts. Love you Marianne. You made many world’s shine brighter today!

  59. What a sweet, sweet story about family, specifically about your dad! And I loved your first podcast!! Podcast or written, though, I love them all. I come from a family of ‘shorties’ too. My dad was only 5’5″ and my son is 5’3″. In fact, non of us in my immediate family are tall. Oddly enough, though, my great grandmother, my grandfather and my mother’s sister are (were) all 6′! My mother, who took the decorating advice she found in magazines a little too literally sometimes, read once that pictures should be hung at eye level. So anyone taller than 5’3″ that entered our home always commented on how low the pictures were hung. It was especially noticeable in the Victorian with 9′ ceilings we lived in LOL. It’s those memories, her hope chest and her artwork that are precious to me.

  60. Good morning KariAnne!!!
    Thank you for coming to visit me in my home today!!! I so enjoyed sharing coffee and apple pie with you, and loved listening to your story about your special dad and his.tree, and the beautiful bowl your sweet brother carved for y’all to have a forever reminder of your special memories. Those “piece of your heart” accessories are some of my favorite things to use in decorating my home.
    I loved your podcast, and look forward to another!!! And a video would be great too, as we all would love to see your sweet self with your coordinating headphones!!!
    Have a wonderful day Rockstar!!!
    With love from Cate

  61. Karianne I guess spell checker doesn’t think outside the Marianne box…yet. When “Karianne” / “Kari Anne” becomes a household name Google’s spell check will get it right. Maybe the checker was channeling Gilligan’s Island?

  62. Karianne, that was an outstanding podcast!! Your big heart, your passion for life, and your generous spirit come through so beautifully!!! I can’t wait for many more podcasts by you in your color-coordinated head set. ?

  63. Loved it! And learned how to properly pronounce your name! Is it strange that I will now imagine your voice when I read your blog? Do other people do that? Anyway, great story – as always.

  64. Awesome – great job. The lady was right – hearing you speak it really adds another dimension. but, I’m going to challenge you to go one step further – we want to see you. I read another blog and she does a coffee chat once a week – a little random and therefore super fun. Makes you feel like she’s sitting across from you and just chatting. I’ve looked at the Youtube videos of your TV appearances and you would be a Rock Star!!!

  65. I so remember that time. And, you know that I always feel Dad sentimental. I know your father is strutting around Heaven busting his buttons proud of his family. You are all his joy trail.

    My daddy would have been 86 years old October 30. He died at the too young age of 55. I will miss him forever.

    And, Miss KariAnne, you must be knowing I love your very first podcast. Miss you.

  66. Joy Trail! Love it.
    Also, you could post a picture of you taping your pod cast on FB so we can see your rockstar headphones!
    Great job….truly.
    Thank you for the joy trail.

  67. Debbie Esparza :

    You absolutely knocked it out of the park!!!! I loved your podcast! Cannot wait for the next one. Thank you for sharing your father with us, what a lovely man he was, and you were truly blessed having him as your dad.

  68. Girl you are SO TOTALLY on to something here!!!!!! A thousand times YES!!!!!!!
    Podcast away!!
    I LOVED hearing your voice and inspiration within the 4 walks of my home today. It was like you were here with me and today I really needed it!
    ? B

  69. I knew your first podcast would be wonderful and I was right! I can’t wait to subscribe and hear more from you Karianne!!


  70. It was wonderful to be able to hear your voice! Sending you love from Oklahoma, Karianne!

  71. Thank you. It was Perfect. Warm and Sincere and Straight from the Heart. Made Me Smile. I’m Still Smiling. 🙂

  72. Loved your first podcast Karianne! It was great, however, because it is only audio and not video, we can’t see how your fabulous new headset matches your outfit! So……….I think it is time to look into some video equipment. 🙂 My friend and I attended your demonstration at the Country Living Fair in April and you were so bubbly and sweet in person. Lookin forward to next podcast…….or video. Keep sending us down the joytrail and inspiring us.

  73. Absolutely loved hearing your voice today!! Stay joyful, you’re the Rock Star!!

  74. THE BEST PODCAST EVER!! One on one, heart to heart!! Thank you so very much! Blessings to you and your family!

  75. Cute! Really Good.

  76. Hi! Great job, loved the podcast! I remember reading the story about the tree and the gifts made from it on your blog, but I really enjoyed hearing you tell it. It is a rough world out there and we can all use a little joy, so thank you so much for sharing it today. Hugs to you!

  77. Karianne…. Keep ’em coming!! What a sweet voice you have!!
    Thank – you for sharing such a heartfelt story!! How tender and moving!

  78. Loved it! I’m late responding (cause I had a doctor’s appt. this morning and missed this) and had to scroll REALLY far down to comment:) You have a great podcast/radio voice. I bet your kids loved having you read to them when they were little-sweet, soothing and expressive!:) Loved your Dad story and I know that bowl means the world to you. I lost my Dad last month, but he had a wonderful 90 years of life♥

  79. OMG, Karianne, you are adorable! Your voice totally matches your personality. Although I do recall reading the story of your dad’s tree, I so much enjoyed listening to you tell it even more.

    Thank you, great job and may this be the first of many more to come! 🙂

  80. Karianne,
    I remember reading this story and enjoying it, but your voice lends so much more emotion and I vote that you continue to tape more podcasts! You did such a great job.

  81. Julie Veldman :

    I so loved hearing your voice today and you sounded exactly as I had imagined!!!!! I think your message was right on with decorating with the “trees” we already own. Please continue the podcasts because you too are a rock star!!

  82. In the words of Oliver Twist, “Please, sir (or ma’am), can I have some more?” You really rocked your first podcast. You should have included a photo of the bowl made from your father’s tree on this post. I hope you will create more podcasts from time to time. Everyone needs a little joy trail….

  83. Loved the story and the “happy” in your voice !!!!!!

  84. I loved listening to your voice telling the stories! Please keep doing this.


  85. Wonderful job! The uber talented Ms. Karianne has just found another talent. If I had some sprinkles I’d be throwing them in the air for you and making my own little joy trail with them. I love your story about your dad, and I hope this podcast will be the first of many!

  86. What a wonderful story about your Dad’s tree.
    Thank you for trying to do a podcast………..good for you!!!!
    You are a natural!

  87. KariAnne, you know I already love you but listening to your podcast just solidifies my admiration for you.
    I too lost my dad when I was young and your story gave me goose bumps. So glad we both had amazing dads in our life.
    p.s. You are just amazing and I’d love for you to stop by my house each night a read me a ‘nightly podcast’ before bedtime.
    pps. thanks for spreading joy today and always!

  88. Very brave to try something new.
    Just loved it.
    Love all the way from Tasmania, Australia.

  89. You should call it “Thistle Talks”. You have a great laugh!

  90. Wow! Just got home tired from work and what a treat!! Keep it up Karianne!! Love it.

  91. I have a five month old kitten who likes to sit on my lap while I’m sitting, using my computer and he enjoyed your audio blog as much as I did; more, please.

  92. Thanks, and Way To Go, KariAnne! Your joy comes through even more when you’re actually talking to us and telling your stories! Doubtless, all who hear your voice won’t be able to help but be “infected” by your genuine happiness and then also have a better day just for listening! (And – for free – nonetheless!) You lift us up with your tales and now, your “in person” enthusiasm. For those of us who’ll never meet you, it’s just like we’re enjoying coffee (or sweet tea) right there with you… More! More, please! PS – If those little swirling things coming from the tree are what I think they are, the tree woulda been some type of maple… (They’re fast growers, too!)

  93. Beautiful! Just plain beautiful. Keep talkin’ !

  94. KariAnne, your posts have always been a treat to read, when everything settles down and I can relax at the end of the day. What a pleasure to hear your voice, it was like having you here, sharing a cup of tea. I hope there will be many more!

  95. That was AWESOME! Keep going!

  96. Judy from Minnesota :

    Thank you for the JOY TRAIL, loved the podcast. You always, always jog memories I have tucked away on a shelf. You are an amazing lady with a huge heart. Please do more podcasts, you are so real, so natural, so sweet !!

  97. Michele Riggsbee :

    LOVED IT! Thanks for always being a bright spot in my day!

  98. Just how freakin’ adorable are you anyway, KariAnne??? Too adorable for words, quite obvs! 🙂 I’d say that, judging from all of the glowing reviews here, your first podcast is an overwhelming hit and I can only agree with this sentiment! Listening to this podcast made me feel as if you and I were sitting face-to-face with our coffees and maybe some apple pie and just dishing…that’s how you come across…like a good friend with a good heart…and you truly do leave a joy trail with everything you do! I soooooooo hope that you will make this podcast a regular feature and I know that’s a lot to ask of you because you are already such a busy lady, but I think I can safely speak for everyone when I say that getting to hear your touching stories in your own sweet voice is an incredible spirit-lifting experience…one that I’d love to repeat if you’re up to accommodating!

    Thank you for taking this leap and for sharing it with us, KariAnne…I am soooooo excited…not only for you, but for all of us…I think I’ve already put a dozen or so holes in my ceiling jumping for joy with this news! *YOU* are the rock star, KariAnne and we all adore you! <3

  99. Oh bless your heart that was amazing, you are a NATURAL! You sounded like you’ve been doing this for years, so comfortable and chatty and cozy to listen to! Loved the story about your sweet daddy, and your brother, he must be a lot like your dad, how totally thoughtful and loving to have saved that precious tree in such an amazing way! Praying God blesses every step of your journey sweetie!

  100. I love your blog but I LOVED your podcast! It was so nice to hear your voice tell this precious story. Thank you for sharing.


  101. Karianne,
    thanks for the bright spot!
    You are the rockstar that gets me going in the morning with my cup of coffee!

  102. Loved it! It was like talking (ok, listening) to a good friend on the phone.

  103. Karianne- seriously. This was the best ever. Loved ever heart felt moment. Whoever planted this seed saw you down to your toes. YES! The podcast is the next level! And for you it flows with ease because it’s who you are…a storyteller…and we all know that even though we hear your voice in the blog…stories are always better when we hear the storyteller. 😉

  104. Happy stories from happy people make the world go around !
    Always a joy to read and now we can hear you as well.
    Blessings to you from me ……enjoying a glorious Autumn morning in Worcestershire, UK

  105. what a beautiful idea! we all need a little joy and I just loved your story. I always listen to podcasts when I cook so I hope you do more. I agree that we should decorate our homes to tell a story…I’ll always have my Oma’s table sitting beside the couch even after a designer tells me it is not the right height…Lol…I think it’s perfect

  106. You give so much love and joy each and every day! I loved hearing your sweet voice!

  107. Hey Sister!

    Thanks for starting the “Joy Trail”. Please, please, please, be sure to continue it.

    We NEED it.

    You’re rock-star story teller.

    Coordinating headset or not, you gotta keep these going. : )

    Thanks for being the sweet, crazy, rock-star you are.


  108. Beautifully said – no edits needed:). Keep rocking your joy trail!

  109. I love it! It’s fantastic to hear your voice put to your story! Would love to hear more podcasts.

  110. Oh Miss KariAnne….love that sweet voice of yours. Your podcast was so meaningful. I LOVE the Joy Trail you are creating and I think that is what you should name your podcasts.

    I love this story about your dad and the bowls that your brother made. My dad passed away 34 years ago tomorrow on my mom’s 62 birthday. She is gone now too…so many memories. He was only 60 when he passed and over the years my mom passed along special items that were his. When my oldest was confirmed, my mom gave him the pearl tie tac my dad wore on their wedding day. Fast forward many years later, my son proudly wore that tie tac on his wedding day this past June. My kids only know about my dad through memories we all share.

    You are right…it’s memories and those simple items that touch our lives every day that count.

  111. You sound just like I imagined! Podcast and you were made for each other. xoxoxoxo

  112. You are so cute. Thanks for sharing your stories and your joy, we certainly all need it these days! I’ve read your blog for years and have always enjoyed it. Thank you!

  113. Loved it 🙂 you were awesome’

  114. Thank you!! It is such a pleasure to hear your voice.

  115. It was like you were right here beside me!!! Your voice adds so much!!!

  116. Teresa H. Fields :

    From one KY girl to another – THANK YOU! Your words were just what I needed this moment today. I could write a book here of the things I thought of while you were speaking, but will refrain – LOL. Just know I was encouraged. I love the podcast. One short and sweet, can easily listen while doing other computerish or house things. I like that it encouraged me to imagine the picture of what you were talking about. More podcasts that might make me think rather than see “things” for my life and home. Blessings to you, you sure blessed me.

  117. KariAnne, I can’t believe it. I was just reading about how to do a podcast. Then clicked over to read what you’re up to and it’s podcasting!!! Very cool. Plus we can podcast in messy hair and paint covered overalls! 😀

  118. What a great first podcast. Hope you continue it,definitely put a smile on my face.
    you have a very sweet voice that totally matches the way you write your wonderful blog. Keep on rockin girl!???

  119. Love the podcast!!! Talk about bringing your beautiful storytelling to life! It’s a whole other dimension. I’ve always loved your stories in the written word. But I’m smitten, it’s almost like reuniting with a long lost friend. Please continue them!!!

  120. Lynn Heinrichs :

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